Back in the days, cars running on water rather than petroleum fuel seemed the invention of the future, but with hydrogen or water-powered cars such as the Toyota Mirai or Honda Clarity, it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Who wouldn’t agree that these giant motor vehicle manufacturers with all their R&D’s cannot lack behind in vehicular inventions?

stanley meyer's water fuel cell
Stanley Meyer and his car.

The first commercially hydrogen-fuel cell car came out in 2015 which was manufactured by Hyundai.

But, here is the catch; In the year 1990, an American named Stanley Allen Meyer claimed to invent a water-fueled cell technology which Meyer said could be used in cars so that gasoline fuel would no longer be required.

Stanley Meyer’s background

Born on August 24, 1940, and joining the military after graduation, Stanley Meyer applied to Ohio State University. He was always determined to build something innovative. Meyer’s twin brother Stephen Meyer quoted “We were always building something, We went out and created our toys”.


After his education, Meyer owned a number of patents, roughly 200,000 which ranged from baking to oceanography and even cardiac monitoring. Patent Office gave Stanley Meyer’s patents a special preference as they believed his work was “ahead of its time”.

Stanley Meyer’s Water Car

In the year 1975, when Saudi Arabia was cutting off its oil supply to the United States, oil prices drastically increased and the U.S was running out of oil. This all resulted in many corporations going bankrupt or losing money. Demand for new cars dropped almost to zero, something had to be done quickly.

Stanley Mayer then decided to develop a car of his own that would revolutionize the entire automobile industry and end up U.S oil crises.

Stanley Meyer water car
Stanley Meyer with his water-fueled car

In an interview, Meyer said that “It became imperative that we must try to bring in an alternative fuel source and do it very quickly”. He knew an alternative fuel has to be developed to save the U.S to run out of oil and the automobile industries going bankrupt which was keeping an entire economy on wheels.

Meyer soon developed a hydrogen-powered car, which he claimed will change the world, and no more gasoline fuel will be required, which was abundant.

stanley meyer water fuel cell
Stanley Meyer’s Water fuel cell concept. via Wikimedia Commons

Meyer’s Water fuel cell worked by splitting atoms of water. The hydrogen was then burned to create energy which would power the pistons to move and eventually make the wheels turn. The remaining oxygen was thrown away through the exhaust, which doesn’t emit any harmful emissions to the environment as compared to the traditional petroleum-powered cars.

With that mechanism applied, emission from mainstream automobiles could have been eliminated and the threat to the environment like global warming could potentially be decreased.


Meyer, after a few months of development, built a buggy that was powered by his water fuel cell engine. It worked like it was supposed to be. He showed off his invention across the United States and one of those some people witnessing Meyer’s invention were Professor Michael Laughton, who was the Dean of Engineering at Mary College of London, Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin who was a former controller of the British Navy and some other high achievers were there.

Anyone who witnessed this invention of Meyer’s was amazed at how revolutionary the entire concept was.

Conspiracies Against Stanley Meyer and Lawsuits

But soon after gaining a little popularity, Meyer faced a number of lawsuits against his inventions claiming it to be fraudulent and illegitimate. Meyer’s water fuel cell was later examined by the expert witness in the court who found that there “was nothing revolutionary about the cell at all and that is was simply using conventional electrolysis”

Many investors now started claiming that Meyer’s invention was not revolutionary and was just doing a case of money laundering. The man who had more than 200,000 successful patents in his account now was facing lawsuits for fraudulent against his best invention.

Despite all that, some were still in favor of Stanley Meyer. A judge named Roger Hurley defended Meyer, stating “I would not represent someone who I would consider to be a shyster or a bum”, “He was a nice guy”.

Stanley Meyer’s Death

On 21 March 1998, Stanley Meyer was killed mysteriously. While in a restaurant along with his brother Stephen Meyer and two Belgian investors, Stanely suddenly grabbed his neck, rushed towards the door, dropping to his knees and started violently vomiting.


His brother ran outside and asked him “What’s wrong”? Upon which he replied, “They poisoned me…”. That was the last thing Stanley said, as described by his brother.

stanley meyer death
A newspaper article post-Stanley Meyer’s death.

The investigation was carried out on the case, and after 3 months the police concluded that Meyer died of a cerebral aneurysm. But many disagreed with the police report and claimed that Stanley Meyer was murdered, as his invention could have paved the way for free energy and the mainstream automobile industry would have suffocated to its end.

Other evidence that Meyer was murdered was due to the fact that Meyer’s patents were attracting more than general attention from governments and mysterious visitors from around the world. His brother even mentioned that the two Belgian investors who were with Stanley on the day of his murder knew something; “I told them that Stand had died and they never said a word”. “Absolutely nothing, no condolences, no questions, I never, ever had the trust of those two men ever again”.

Stanley Meyer’s mysterious death still remains one of the top conspiracies of all time, he was called a fraud and his inventions to be totally bogus, and all that when he invented something revolutionary? A man with that many patents, almost all of which were successful, died mysteriously?

Is it possible that Meyer DID invent a car that can run on water but the mainstream automobile manufacturers didn’t want to lose their fortune over a single man’s work? It will remain a mystery how actually Stanley Meyer died, and no one would ever know if his work was legit or not.

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