Was the Dragon really taken out by an allergic reaction? On the morning of July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee a healthy 32-year-old man woke up and got busy with his upcoming film, Game Of Death. He went to meet James Bond actor George Lazenby hoping to get him on board for the movie and then headed to a friend’s house where he did some hash and then drove to his mistress Betty Ting Pei’s apartment.

Lee started eagerly acting out scenes of Enter the Dragon when his producer, Raymond Chow showed up at the door. That’s where things took a tragic turn, Lee started feeling dizzy and his head began hurting. A small decision with consequences which no one could have anticipated and which ended his life.

Burce Lee
Bruce Lee. (Flicker)

I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times

Bruce Lee

What killed Bruce Lee?

Lee Jun-fan, professionally known as Bruce Lee seemed unstoppable with his amazing build and an unbelievable speed but despite all that he was suffering from major health issues. Lee was so fast that his hand strikes were not possible to be captured by the normal camera speed and it had to be adjusted accordingly.

The first time something like this happened when he went to dub the movie Enter The Dragon. The sound engineers turned the AC off so the noise won’t ruin the soundtrack. After some lines Lee began to shake and started vomiting, he fainted and was taken to the hospital immediately. Lee nearly died for cerebral edema. The doctors diagnosed him and Lee was back in the business after some time.

The doctors were not sure of what caused the cerebral edema: It is a condition when the excess fluid in the brain causes swelling and pain.

Bruce Lee statue in Honk Kong
Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong (Wikipedia)

The Death Of Bruce Lee

On his day of death, after meeting his friends Bruce Lee returned to his mistress Ting Pei. The couple spent the next couple of hours in bed and getting high until the producer Raymond Chow showed up the door.

Lee starting acting eagerly on the scene of Game of Deaths, and after a while, he started feeling dizzy and complained about the headache. Ting Pei gave him the Equagesic pill and Lee went to lie down, after a couple of hours Ting Pie went to wake him up, unfortunately, only to find out that Bruce Lee was dead.

Equagesic Pill, a prescription drug that works as a painkiller, which also contained aspirin and tranquilizer. Even though doctors and paramedics rushed to the scene as soon a possible, the Dragon was dead.


After the autopsy report doctors discovered that Lee’s brain had been swollen by nearly 13%. According to them, Lee has died from “Congestion and edema of the brain.” The coroners concluded that the cause was an allergic reaction to the painkiller. The same thing happened to Bruce Lee when he was at the dubbing studio.

Ting Pei reported that Lee had taken Euqagesic before and no such thing happened.


Death of an Icon raised some questions, but the government denied them by stating that the death was because of an aspirin allergy. Years later the death of Brandon Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee’s son made us wonder that something was cooking behind closed doors. Here are some of the theories behind Bruce Lee’s death.

Heat Stroke

Bruce Lee had a heat stroke while re-dubbing Enter the Dragon. The weather was very hot and the air-conditioner was turned off as it would impact the soundtrack.

Lee had an operation where he removed his sweat glands under his arms, Lee sweated profusely and felt removing his sweat glands would make him look better on screen, which changed the regulation of temperature and heat among the body.

When Lee had the first stroke he came to hot and humid Hong Kong and similar might be the scenario on July 20, another heatstroke leading to his death.

Betty Tine Pei

Many blamed Betty Ting Pei in Lee’s death claimed that she had poisoned him. It is believed that Betty Tine Pei was working for a secret society that wanted Lee’s death.

His Competitors

This is a kind of a far stretched theory, that other martial artists were not happy with Burce Lee when he started teaching martial arts and some of their secret moves which were prohibited, so in avid to this they killed him.

Family Curse

Bruce Lee with son Brandon 1966
Bruce Lee with son Brandon 1966 (Wikipedia)

The most popular theory among Bruce Lee’s fans is that the Lee family is cursed. This theory came to light after Lee’s son, Brandon Died. Bruce Lee died one month before his big break in Hollywood was set to release. Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Burce Lee died weeks before the release of his movie at the age of 28.

Brandon was a 28-year-old promising movie star and martial artist just like his father while filming his first big movie. The Crow, while filming the movie Brendon was shot in his abdomen using a prop gun which was supposed to fire no bullets, instead fired a real bullet as the prop gun was replaced with a real one.

Bruce and Brandon Lee's grave.
Bruce and Brandon Lee’s grave.

Bruce Lee’s death is still a mystery to us but He was a legend and one of the greatest martial art icons in the world who inspired people to fight.


What do you think about the death of Bruce Lee, was it a conspiracy or the reaction to pills. Read about the Disappearance of D.B.Cooper and many more Conspiracy theories.

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