Conspiracy theories have always been a part of social discourse for decades, with different theories for a single event or incident, fed on physiology of different minds from different parts of the world.

Sometimes these theories makes a lot of sense and sometimes not at all, its all up to individual’s prospective about the theory, check out the following mind blowing conspiracy theories and figure out your prospective about these!

The Elite Or Secret Society controls the world

The world is controlled by the elite, the powerful and the selective people or groups, that’s what this conspiracy theory suggests. Probably these secret societies carrying their legacy for years and we the remaining are just some peasants of their controlled world.

You probably are laughing reading this if you are a member of such “Secret Society”.

In 2004, both the candidates running for being the president of the United States were also the member of same group Skull and Bones, a secret society for undergraduate students of Yale University.

George W. Bush (Bones 1968) and John Kerry (Bones 1966), faced off each other in 2004 presidential elections.

Skull and Bones emblem

It is not known whether the society attempts to conceal its identity or not, but it sure is known for its powerful alumni and various conspiracy theories one being having members who rule the world.

Some even suggested that the group is possibly a branch of Illuminati. You probably might have heard about Illuminati, if not do not worry!

Illuminati is believed to be the Secret Society which is behind the one eyed pyramid symbol on the $1 bill. Illuminati in Latin translates to Enlightenment; It is historically referred to the Bavarian Illuminati, a group that ran for only a decade from 1776 to 1785, with goal of opposing superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life or can be called enlightenment ideas by its founder Adam Weishaupt, he sought to promote those among the elites.

The one-eyed-pyramid is believed to be Illuminati sign on one dollar bill

Although its believed that the group kept its legacy and have survived to this day but have concealed its identity from public. Moreover Illuminati exceeded it goals – which became taking over the world with manipulating events happening all around the globe. Even JFK’s assassination is said to be ordered by the Illuminati.

The group had handful of people around 7-9, but it possibly have around 600 – 2500 now which still is very selective compared to the world’s population. Can you imagine the whole world being controlled by these Secret Society? Who knows its true or not but sure is debatable with so many things raising suspicions towards the Illuminati.


D.B Cooper – Man who hijacked a plane and went away with $200,000

You probably might be thinking that $200,000 is lesser ransom money asked after hijacking a passenger plane taking all that risk. But no! It was worth roughly around 1.3 million dollars of current time.

D.B Cooper, also known as Dan Cooper (which later came out to be fake alias) boarded the Northwest Orient Airline flight 305. The man appeared to be in his 40’s and around 6 feet tall (1.83m).

Soon after the take off, while the flight was in the airspace between Portland, Oregon and Seattle; the man handed a letter to the flight attendant Florence Schaffner, but he wasn’t expecting her to read it and same happened as well. The attendant folded the note, slipping into her purse, to which Cooper responded, “Miss … you better look at that, I have a bomb”.

db cooper hijacking
Sketch of DB Cooper released by FBI

The note was hand written but its content was never known as he later reclaimed it, he addressed the attendant asking her to sit by his side. Later on, he opened the briefcase he was carrying, showing what it had inside which was mostly red sticks and wires. Attendant was convinced it to be a real bomb.

Cooper demanded $200,000 cash all in 20$ bills and 4 parachutes (2 front and 2 back). Taking the situation alerting, the flight was landed in Seattle-Tacoma Airport, where Cooper’s demands were fulfilled and he was handed over the knapsack of money along with the parachutes he asked for.

As soon as his demands were fulfilled and the plane was being refueled, he ordered all the passengers, Florence and one senior flight attendant to leave the plane. Cooper instructed the flight crew about the course the plane would have to follow.

His details for the course were very specific, including a constant speed of 100 knots (185 km/h), maximum altitude of 10,000 feet and wing flaps lowered 15 degrees. The flight took off again towards southeast course of Mexico. Around 8 PM Copper jumped off the plane through the tail side apt airstair apparatus a Boeing 727 has.

db cooper hijacking
A Boeing 737 similar to the one hijacked by Cooper

Two fighter F-106 Jets were following the hijacked plane, one above and one below out of Cooper’s sight, along with a Lockheed T-23 Trainer. But surprisingly none of the pilots noticed Cooper jumping off the plane, so none of them could point the area where Cooper might have dropped on the surface.

One of the biggest and long-run search operation started to find D.B Cooper, which included suspects investigation, aerial and ground search done by both FBI and local police. Since no one knew where Cooper might have dropped, a re-creation of the whole incident was done, by using the same Boeing 727 at the same conditions like 8:13 PM time and dropping a 90 KG sled out of the aircraft.


The estimated position of Cooper was southernmost outreach of Mount St. Helens, a few miles southeast of Ariel, Washington, near Lake Merwin. Where the search operation was carried out, going door to door of the local farmhouses hoping to find him, but no trace of Cooper was found.

Aerial View of Lake Merwin By Ryan Harvey from Portland, OR – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Years later it was concluded that most probably the landing zone was estimated inaccurately and since the pilot was flying manually to meet Cooper’s demand, the course of flight have been inaccurate of what assumed initially, and the actual drop zone has been farther east from the assumed zone.

On July 2016, FBI announced that it will be suspending any active investigation on the Cooper case, citing that the manpower and resources used on Cooper’s case need to be used for higher and urgent priority issues.

People came up with lots of conspiracies related to Cooper, some suggested that Cooper was an FBI agent and was helped in his disappearance, some believed him to be dead, but it’s indefinite whether someday the truth will be there or not.

45 Years of investigation and yet Cooper remains a mystery, not his name, neither the fact that he survived or not is known, which makes it one of the most fascinating stories in history.

Malaysian Airline Flight 370 and Flight 17

On 8 March 2014, a passenger Flight 370 (MH 370) of Malaysian Airlines went missing after 38 minutes of taking off. The last communication from the MH 370 with the air traffic control was minutes after its take off, which got tracked back by military radar for another 1 hour before completely disappearing.

But how in the world with all the advanced tracking technology and satellites a plan like Boeing 777 can disappear in the middle without being relocated. But months of search mission without success caused Conspiracy theories to surface from around the world.

mh 370
9M-MRO, the aircraft that disappeared,
shown here on take-off in 2011 – Wikipedia

Many suggesting involvements of Malaysian Airline itself as very inaccurate and incomplete information was being provided to the public regarding the flight disappearance. The false information included inaccurate timing of the flight crew’s last communication with the air traffic control.

This raised suspicions and moreover controversies between the public and mostly by relatives of the Chinese people as most of the passengers were Chinese.

More suspicion raised when the last known course was confirmed through military radar as it was different from the actual planned route of the flight, it could mean the pilot deviated from the actual route on purpose or maybe both pilots lost consciousness.

mh370 route
MH370 path deviations

After multinational search efforts for the lost Flight MH370 when it couldn’t be located even with multiple deep seawater operations, it was said to be one of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation history. Although the discovery of debris started near the beaches of the western Indian Ocean and coast of Mozambique. These were confirmed to be part of the Boeing 777 that went missing.

Malaysia’s transport ministry official confirmed the debris found belonged to the MH370 in 2016. Even after 4 years of the incident, more pieces were collected related to the aircraft, without it completely located.

But this was only the part of the theory where one flight disappeared, the added suspicions to this incident was when one another flight of Malaysian Airline; Flight 17 carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed in mid air, when the aircraft was shot down using a Buk surface-to-air missile launched from Ukraine, merely 4 months later, after Flight 370 went missing.

9M-MRD, the aircraft involved, 2011 – Wikipedia

This incident created a buzz and people came up with theories relating to both the incidents in the same year. Many believed that Flight 17 was the same Flight MH 370, that was being hidden and later shot down due to political reasons.

But these theories lacked evidence since the actual proof leaned more otherwise.

Flight 17 was another mystery as a lot of controversies starting taking place since the actual blame of the barbaric aircraft shot down was being passed from one to another.

On 17 July 2014, an evening of the crash, one of the Russian News channel released a statement that a “Ukrainian Air Force An-26 transport plane” was shot down using a radar-guided missile, the statement was given by the Russian separatists. Shortly after it was confirmed that a civilian plane have shot down, separatist media rejected any statement is given and involvement in the plane shot down and even denied any possession of anti-aircraft missiles that could have reached at the last reported altitude Flight 17 was flying at.

A Buk-M2, similar to the one that shot down Flight 17

Final report on Flight 17 by the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) concluded that the flight was shot down by a Buk surface-to-air missile. The warhead used detonated outside of the plane and right above the left-hand side of the cockpit killing three people inside instantly. It also caused structural damage detaching cockpit with the rest of the plane; converting it into a total wreckage in-mid air and killing all 298 occupants.

flight 17 path
Flight 17 Path

Two flights lost in just 5 months of the same Airlines, one of which not even found. Are both tragic incidents part of some conspiracy? Was the same plane that gone missing and later shot down ? Who knows if both incidents have been related and a part of something we couldn’t imagine, or maybe just a coincidence.


Assassination of John F. Kennedy

On November 22, 1963 the citizens of United States were in mourning when the news spread that the young president, John F. Kennedy has been killed.

JFK was with his wife Jacqueline in the motorcade when he was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald from a window of Texas School Book Depository.

jfk last ride
JFK with wife Jacqueline on the day of his assassination

Oswald was a former U.S Marine who was released honorably from his active duties of Marine Corp. in 1959, after which he defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959, which made to News headlines in New York as well.

Oswald also gained the title of a “sharpshooter” during his services in Marine Corp, which later degraded to “marksman” as his scored decreased. Being the prime suspect of JFK’s assassination, his background was checked thoroughly right after the JFK was shot down.

lee harvey oswald
Oswald Lee Harvey mug shot after he was caught

A number of suspicions and conspiracy theories emerged when Lee Oswald was shot down after 2 days in police station where he was held in custody for the assassination of JFK. It was a Texas Night club owner named Jack Ruby who shot Oswald with his .38 Colt Cobra revolver, while Oswald was being escorted towards the armored police vehicle in the basement of Dallas police headquarters.

Related: JFK’s haunted vehicle the Limousine code named SS-100X.

Jack Ruby claimed his motive for killing Oswald was to help the city Dallas, and also “saving Mrs. Kennedy the discomfort of coming back to trial.” He also said that he was distraught by the death of JFK and even cried Saturday noon when he heard about the president being killed and even got depressed at night.

jack ruby
Jack Ruby moments before shooting down Oswald

Although the Warren Commission (unofficially named commission assigned for investigating JFK’s assassination, 1963) denied any evidence proving that Jack Ruby was part of any conspiracy for JFK’s assassination.

But another committee the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) established in 1976 reexamined the whole investigations and believed it was less likely that Jack Ruby could have entered into the police headquarters basement without assistance from another source, but possibly the assistance may have been provided without knowing Ruby’s intentions.

The committee raised questions on unlocked doors along the stairway route and security guards being removed from the stairway nearest the basement shortly before the shooting. It was also evident that the Dallas Police officers withheld information from the Warren Commission concerning Ruby’s entry into the basement while Oswald was being escorted.

Oswald Lee is a former U.S Marine who went to the Soviet Union and then returned back to U.S himself was a man of suspicion, moreover, he was not under surveillance by the secret services as he should have been after he returned from Soviet Union.

A lot of evidence and theories lean towards the involvement of the CIA, the Mafia, Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson of that time, the KGB, or some combination thereof in JFK’s assassination.

Everything from JFK being shot by a defector Lee Oswald who being killed inside a police headquarter by a civilian Jack Rose makes it unbelievable not being a conspiracy, at least that’s what most of the U.S citizens agrees on.


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