Military Dolphins are a real thing, being the topmost living being after humans with decent IQ levels, Dolphins were chosen to be trained by both U.S and Soviet militaries for many reasons, for their far fetched intelligence to the capability of learning things at a higher level than any other mammal. These Military dolphins are trained for multiple purposes including rescuing lost naval swimmers and locating underwater mines (which are used for fatally damaging ships and submarines).

These purposes seem fair to be done by dolphins because of their level of intelligence, but a theory surfaced earlier which claimed that U.S Army used dolphins which were strapped by pistols and knives and were also taught to use them. BECAUSE WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

But apparently it did, it was also claimed that one trained dolphin went missing by its trainer and never was found. Although U.S Military officials denied this theory having trained its marine mammals to harm or injure humans in any mean or to carry weapons to destroy ships.

military dolphin
A U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program dolphin named KDog, wearing a locating pinger performed mine clearance work – VIA Wikimedia commons

Training dolphins to be used for the military is nothing new, it has been done before as well. But the purpose was never harming a human being in any means earlier.

Use by the Soviet Union Navy

Soviet Navy operated a research facility for training marine mammals for military purposes at Kazachya Bukhtam near Sevastopol. But it was believed that the Russian military closed its program in the early 1990s. After a decade in 2000, the press reported that dolphins trained to kill by the Soviet Navy had been sold to Iran.


Use by the United State Navy

Under the U.S Navy Marine Mammal Program, dolphins and sea lions are trained, and currently, at least 75 are in the program. It is a fact that dolphins were used by the U.S Navy during the first and second Gulf Wars.

In 1960 U.S Navy initiated a program to work with dolphins and sea lions in order to help in mine detection, defense, and design of new underwater weapons. During this program, not only dolphins but more than 19 species were tested including some sharks and birds. Eventually, the bottlenose dolphin and sea lion were found to be the best at U.S navy requirements.

In the year 2007, the United States Navy was reported to spend $14 million on research on marine mammals as weapons and marine mammal training programs in object recovery and mine detection and have 75 trained dolphins.

In 2005, there were press reports that some U.S. military dolphins had escaped during the Hurricane Katrina flooding. The U.S. Navy dismissed these stories as nonsense or a hoax.

Whether or not dolphins can cause harm to human beings with such training, one thing is sure that this sea mammal has intelligence and its hard to deny the fact that if trained properly, what seems impossible could be achieved with these intelligent beings.


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