Denver International Airport or also known as Den Airport is more famous for the conspiracy theories and secrecy shrouded all over it, riddled with weird statues and creepy art, and is also a place of strange myths and stories.

Its development went over of its budget by a whopping 2 billion U.S dollars, numerous eyebrows were raised questioning why it was even made in the first place? Since it was opened in 1995, there was already a fully functioning airport closer to downtown.

The Blue Mustang

A number of conspiracy theories revolve around Denver Airport, but there are mysterious things about it which you must know. One of which is the famous 32-foot tall gigantic statue of a horse with fiery glowing eyes called Blue Mustang which is also known as Blucifer by the locals. The creepy story related to this huge statue is that it killed its sculptor Luis Jiménez, while he was working on it. A huge section of the sculpture falls on Luis’s leg damaging one of the arteries and later killing him.

Blucifer at Denver Airport

Moreover, a lot of campaigns were taken for the removal of this devilish looking blue horse sculpture, all of which apparently failed. According to the University of Oklahoma, in the early 1960s, sculptor Jiménez apprenticed in his father’s neon sign shop. The red neon eyes are just a tribute to the artist’s father. But who knows the truth of its weird attributes like its color itself, and devil eyes to top it all.

Murals at the Den Airport

There are more disturbing art pieces inside the airport, one which is a devil jumping out of a suitcase (SERIOUSLY ?).

devil suitcase denver airport
Mural of the devil inside the Denver Airport

And it’s just not the only one, there are more like that. Another creepy one is the statue of the Egyptian god of death, Anubis. And it’s not even that small, with a height of around 22-feets, this is the first thing you will notice upon entering the airport.

anubis statue
Death God Anubis Statue at Den Airport via Wikimedia Commons

While most of the controversial art pieces are now removed from the Denver Airport, the reason why they were placed in the first place still raises suspicion.

One such art piece was one below, it had a character that resembles a Nazi Officer in a Gas Mask. Some other arts had children in front of a burning building and kids gathered around a knife.

Removed Art at Denver Airport – Via WikiMedia Commons

The Shape of the Runway

That’s not all, if you have an aerial view of the airport, you will notice that the runways of Denver Airport seem to resemble a swastika. Conspiracy theorists often ignore the efficiency of this layout, while offering easy additions of parallel runways in the future. But yeah, definitely looks like a swastika.

The shape of Denver Airport runways

The explanation of this design by an airport representative was that the runways were designed that way so those can be used simultaneously regardless of the weather pattern. “We think the shape looks like a pinwheel” as reported to The Telegraph by the representative. But in the very same article, it was pointed out that the Airports like New York JFK, Las Vegas Mccarran, Miami MIA, etc. all have different runway styles but none of them matches with the Denver Airport.


New World Order fund the Denver Airport’s construction

There is a dedication stone that states that the airport was funded by “The New World Airport Commission”. No the problem with this is that apart from the obvious connotations of the New World Order if you just do a simple google search for “The New World Airport Commission”, you can only find it connected to Denver Airport, basically, it just doesn’t exist. The other weird thing about this stone is that it has a full Square and Compass symbol of the Freemasons, as well as the two Grand Lodges of Freemasonry located in Colorado.

Since the New World Airport Commission doesn’t actually exist, is it possible that the name was chosen just to f*ck up with the conspiracy theorists?

Even if this was the case, it did work since Conspiracy Theorists believe that the construction of the airport was funded by the Secret Societies or Groups that control the world (at least that’s what conspiracy theories suggest).

Facts about New World Order relation with the Airport

These facts could be a possible coincidence but are strong enough to believe New World Order hands in Denver Airport’s construction.

The Date of the Airport’s Dedication

It is 19 March 1994, and if you add up these digits you get 33, which is the highest level one can achieve in the freemasonry. Although there is a flaw with this fact that if you include the digit of the month which is 3, it wouldn’t make any sense.

The construction being off schedule

Another theory suggests that there is are at least 5 multi-story buildings lying beneath the Denver Airport. It was reported earlier by BuzzFeed that a former construction worker revealed this fact. He also claimed there is a complex network of tunnels beneath the airport. This theory often believed by many and is claimed that these buildings are possible bunkers or post-apocalyptic safe houses for the members of the secret societies or the elites.


All these conspiracy theories if not resulted in any conclusion surely resulted in Denver Airport’s popularity. Jessey Ventura’s “Woke” TV Show conspiracy theory in 2010 covered the stories around this airport which light the fire for numerous conspiracy theorists to dig out the truth.

It gained so much ground that many of the mainstream media outlets investigated these conspiracy theories, and finally in 2016, the airport’s CEO, Kim Day had to make an official statement in response to it. She stated that “Whether it’s because of our impressive size, expensive infrastructure or robust art program, Denver International Airport has long heard the rumors and had been the center of chatter for Conspiracy theories from the absurd to the entertaining”.

She also announced that the airport will be dedicating the month of October to embrace that strangeness and sharing in the fun. The month-long event included all sorts of odd activities such as conspiracy art tours and even a conspiracy costume party.

Well, to date with its popularity and strange stories behind the airport, it’s just hard to dive into any conclusion, if these theories are true or not. But how will you feel if one day it is finally revealed that there actually is an establishment lying beneath the airport?


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