“Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate” Max Spiers sent this text to his mother days before his death. Max Spiers, a British Ufologist and Conspiracy theorist, 39, from Canterbury, was found dead in Warsaw allegedly after vomiting black fluid July. Max was in Wassaw to give a talk on alien conspiracies and felt he was on to something big and that shadowy powers were closing in on him.

Max Spiers
“Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate” Max Spiers sent this text to his mother days before his death. FACEBOOK

The death of Max Spiers left many questions behind him, did he knew too much or was he going to expose others?  

Max Spear’s body was found on a sofa, with “dark liquid coming from his mouth” as told by his partner who was the only one present at the scene. Max’s relationship with his partner Monika Duval was friendly unlike many naming the pair couples. 

Monica Duval said in an investigation that Max fell asleep on the sofa after taking Xanax. She noticed several hours later that he had stopped breathing and found him dead with black liquid all over the place 

Monica called the medical emergency help, and by the time the doctor got there, Max was already dead. According to Max’s mother, Monica would not let the doctor leave she kept insisting that the doctor had to bring Max back to life. The doctor called the police and left after the police arrived, similarly police left the apartment a few hours later. 

Max’s body stayed in the apartment until the next morning till 11 A.M. The body of Max Spears was handed over to British authorities before the polish police could acquire the body for autopsy. Medics, however, ruled he died from natural causes despite no postmortem, and Max’s mother was denied any official documents about this as she does not have his dead son’s written permission, yes you read that right.

Max Spiers’s mother, Vanessa Bates said: 
 “All I have is a death certificate from the Polish authorities that it was from natural causes, but no post-mortem was done so how can they tell that? They are also refusing to release any paperwork about it to me because, absurdly, I don’t have his written permission.”

Monica said in a statement that Max also complained that “satanic groups” were after him in the led up to his death. 

Max spiers with him mom
Mr. Spiers, center, had been staying with science fiction writer Monika Duval, right, in Poland and died on her sofa. His mum Vanessa says she fears he was sacrificed by Satanists

Max’s mother got a one-page note with all the basic stuff written and the reason for death was termed as natural-death.


A friend of Max’s claims that Max didn’t die of natural causes in Poland, rather he was “terminated” but “sophisticated elements” who then “brought him back” having “reprogrammed” him.

Miles Johnston, a UFO investigator said that “Max knew he was going to die because he had exposed enemies within other realities.” 

Theories Max Spiers believed or talked about  

Max Believed that his mind was altered as a child and he was among the supersoldiers and said there’s a lot more going on than we can actually see. Max also believed in extra-dimension wars and entities. One of Max’s theories was that Nazis and Zionists were not “working in alignment after a war stretching back 50,000 years.”

Max Spiers
Max Spiers Facebook

Max believed that he was part of a project mannequin and that’s where he gets his super-soldier title, as he said he was genetically selected and created and trained from a very young age to be some type of super-soldier.

Project mannequin in the UK is an extension of the Nazi uberman (superman) projects to create a warrior and a breeder.

Max said that he has memories even from before this life spanning all the way back to the Atlantian period, he believed that he was part of trying to protect Atlantis, before the fall. 

One of the thing that was hard to believe that Max believed was that he jumped to Mars from a facility from California at 999 Sepulveda Boulevard, but when asked about his journey to Mars, he said that he don’t remember much, just certain pieces.

Some of the other topics Max Spiers covered included MK Ultra and Occult practice within the elite and symbolism.

Circle of Black Magicians

Max Spiers’ fiance, Sarah Adams, 31, has revealed that he was researching a ‘circle’ of black magicians before his death. Death threats and more threats like that were common from other people but his finance told that this time threat seemed real, he was going to expose black magic, which involved political leaders and celebrities. 

Max Spiers with Sarah Adams
Max Spiers with his Sarah Adams

“He planned on coming back here seeing his family and I was going to have his child, He had messaged me hours before. It definitely couldn’t have been anything like suicide or something like that — Sarah Adams”   

Vanesa Bates, Max’s mother claims that she was on the phone to one of them, with them being someone involved with what is being called a “group” or “cult.” One interesting thing she mentions that “I could hear in the background there were strange suggestions of things that should be done Things like put milk by his side and get the garlic and put flowers and put vinegar” She also mentioned that “These people appeared to be involved in some very dark and dangerous area of the world. I was afraid that as he was gaining popularity and fame that perhaps someone would want him out of the way. I believe somebody’s killed him.”


Max Spiers Last Interview

The last interview of Max Spiers was weird in many ways, first, the video was not recorded, it’s just audio. However, the interviewer said that they did not found a good place to record. The interview was released after Max’s death.

As the interview goes on Max slept twice and then the interviewer sends him to jump him on the trampoline so that he can freshen up. There’s also a video for the moment where Max was jumping on the trampoline.

Max Spiers jumping on trampoline
Max Spears Jumping on the trampoline.

The interview was weird in many ways as the people in the room while the interview was going on were reminding him to breathe and the interview was suspended twice.

Max’s belief structure was such that he believed he was being psychologically attacked by someone. The guy interviewing mentions a lot of times that is something going on with you? are you okay? seems like you might be attacked again.

However, there are some theories that he was slowly poisoned and that would explain his reaction during the interview. The theory further suggests that someone that would want to harm him that he thought was a friend of his or was someone who was close to him.

But it seemed like Max was really drunk and was about to pass out but was forced to do the interview maybe he scheduled it or he did not want to go to sleep. Either Max was really drunk or he was high.

Death of Max Spiers 

Max Spiers died after taking a combination of prescription drugs, which caused aspiration of gastric contents while suffering from pneumonia.

Days prior to his death Max Spiers asked Monica to buy the “entire stock” about 8-10 boxes of the drug(Turkish Xanax). Max took 10 tablets of the Turkish Xanax and explained himself to Monica by saying that it’s Turkish Equivalent has a different dosage. 

A British toxicologist told that Max had a level of Xanax in his system at twice the therapeutic dose. Levels of oxycodone were also found in his body which generally considered fatal in an inexperienced user. 

The black liquid the came out of Max Spiers could have been an indicator that there is blood somehow getting into the stomach. Some people note that the black liquid could even look like coffee grounds if the blood has been in your stomach for a good amount of time. That’s the only thing we can find the reason why black liquid comes out.

On 30 August 2016, an investigation was launched into the circumstances surrounding Spiers’ death. The investigation by Polish authorities is looking into the involuntary manslaughter of Spiers. In December 2016 British authorities announced they would launch an inquest into his death, which is distinct from an investigation with an aim to convict. (Conviction is undertaken by the Polish Prosecutors’ Office, who may choose whether to accept the inquest’s findings.) A coroner told the inquest he was waiting to receive a report from Polish authorities. As a result, the proceedings were adjourned until February 2017.

On 7 January 2019, the cause of Spiers’s death was released as drugs and pneumonia – Wikipedia

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