The Annabelle doll story began in 1970 when a 28-year-old nursing student named Donna received a Raggedy Anne Doll from her mother as a birthday present. Donna would keep the doll on her bed in the apartment only to find it later in different positions around the house at night when she came back from her job.

Annabelle comes home

Donna used to keep the doll inside her home where she lived with her roommate Angie. Soon they began to notice the strange behavior of the doll, such as finding it in a different room, which it was originally placed in. On some occasions, Donna left the doll on the couch only to later come home and find it on her bed behind the closed bedroom door.

Lou, a mutual friend of Donna had a bad feeling about the doll and told Donna to get rid of it. This was just a beginning to the horrors of Donna and Angie, soon they began to find handwritten notes with messages such as “help us…” or “help Lou…” scribbled on them in a child’s handwriting.

What turned out to be a threshold point for Annie and Donna is once they saw blood dripping from the hands of the Doll and some drops on her chest, at this point of time they decided to contact someone, who knows about this kind of stuff, and deals with it.

real annabelle doll

They soon contacted a medium, and the medium revealed horrifying details about the doll, that a seven-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins’s spirit is living in the doll. Stories might differ how it got in there but some say that the girl’s body was found where Donna and Angie’s apartment was constructed.

The medium also told Angie and Donna that they made her feel loved and that is the reason why she was in the doll. Doll owner Donna felt bad for the girl and gave permission for the spirit to live inside the doll. Lou was however not accepting Annabelle’s behavior and was always blaming Annabelle for strange things happening with him, sleep paralysis, and Annabelle trying to strangle him.


Angie and Donna were preparing for the road trip the following day when Lou told them that Annabelle doll tried to strangle him. When they were about to leave Lou heard someone wrestling in Donna’s room and when he opened the door to her room he found nothing just Annabelle doll lying on the floor. Just as Lou decided to pick her up he started feeling pain around his chest and blood coming out. He opened his shirt to reveal claw scratches.

However, he healed immediately and the claw marks disappeared in two days. This is when Donna decided to contact a priest who then contacted a higher priest, who contacted Ed and Lorrain Warren. The Warrens however told that Annabelle doll was not possessed as according to NESPR (The New England Society for Psychic Research) inanimate objects cannot be possessed.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Warrens told Donna and Angie that the doll was being manipulated by an inhuman demonic spirit which was using the real Annabelle doll to search for the human host. According to Warrens, the demon was only a few weeks from completing its infestation which could’ve resulted in the death to either one of them.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

While driving the doll to their home The Warrens claimed that their car would swerve on its own and the breaks would fail. Ed in an attempt to stop the doll crossed the doll with Holy water, after which the Annabelle doll allowed them to finish the trip.

The doll continued the same behavior at Warren’s home. It would move throughout the house on its own and even levitated sometime next to Ed’s desk. A catholic priest, Father Jason visited the Warrens to take a look at the Annabelle doll. The priest picked up the doll and said: You are just a rag doll, Annabelle, you can’t hurt anyone, Lorraine instructed father Jason to be extra cautious while driving and call them when he gets home.

Lorraine Warren with Annabelle Doll
Lorraine Warren with Annabelle Doll

Father Jason called the Warrens three hours later, telling them his brakes went out as he entered an intersection and his car had been totaled.


This was, however, not the only car crash that the Doll caused. Once a visitor tapped on the Annabelle doll’s glass door which was kept inside the Warrens’ house at the backside which later called The Warren’s Occult Museum. After that Ed told the man to leave and the man got on his motorcycle with his girlfriend and rode off.

The girlfriend later told the Warrens that they were both laughing about the doll and suddenly he lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into a tree, which killed him on spot.

The Warrens had a special case built for Annabelle inside the Occult Museum where she resides to this day. The doll is however locked in The Warren’s house among other items from their investigations and haunting of other cases. such that it cannot harm anyone, but for the people who have chosen to mess with the doll, it didn’t end well for them.

More about Annabelle doll

The real Annabelle doll now resides in its permanent home in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s house or The Occult Museum but it is possible that it is moved from this place to another at times. We know this for a fact!

Annabelle in Aquaman

The director of the DC movie Aquaman, James Wan has been known for his efforts in hiding little Easter eggs into his movies so well that fans couldn’t find it easily. This included cameos from Saw‘s “Billy” puppet in Dead Silence, Death Sentence and Insidious. Wan’s didn’t leave DC’s Aquaman for this as well, and yes, he worked a horror nod into it.

Did you watch the movie but couldn’t find Annabelle doll ? Well don’t worry if you missed it, we got it covered.

Annabelle appearing in a frame of Aquaman

During the scene in which Arthur and Mera fetch the latter’s ship from a storage container, a disturbing porcelain doll can be seen among the rotting fish. That doll, of course, is Annabelle, which debuted in The Conjuring. However it is unkown whether or not the Real Annabelle Doll was used, although with its appearance there are less chances of it being the real one which is kept in Warren’s house or The Occult Museum.


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