Stories about the connection between twins are common and many believe that this happens due to twin-telepathy which the twins share. They may often feel the same physical sensation or they can predict events in one another’s lives.

Twins from Shining

The twin’s tales collected from Reddit will leave you wondering that what exactly lies underneath the bond between twins?

My Twin sister rescued me from Sleep Paralysis but she wasn’t even at my home

From user u/not_the_suun: “My sister and I are identical. We live about 10miles apart & one night I was experiencing sleep paralysis, during the “dream” she shook me awake and we talked for half an hour before we finally calmly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and started talking to her while I stood up and realized she wasn’t ever with me that night, instead she was at her house. Instantly, she calls me at that very moment and told me of a weird dream she had, & how she woke me up from a night terror.”

The motorcycle crashed in the exact spot we had been sitting

From Teddy_thatsmyname: When I was nine, me and my identical twin sister were sitting on our front lawn right by the road, pitching acorns across into our neighbors yard. We saw a motorcycle coming down the road from very far away and we both looked at each other and said “it’s going to crash.”

There was no reason for us to think this but for some reason, we were both positive of this fact. We raced onto the porch and grabbed the telephone so we could call for help, and just as we came back out, the motorcycle crashed in the exact spot we had been sitting. We would have been killed had we stayed there. The guy on the bike was okay and was able to drive away. Still can’t explain this weird shared premonition…


Twins see the same Smiling Lady Ghost

From dhrisher: My sister and I were being given a bath by my mom when we were around three-years-old. We both pointed into the top corner of the room. My mom asked, ‘What is it?” We replied, ‘It’s the lady. She’s smiling.’ My mom was s*** scared to turn around.

Predicting Twins death

From whaattodo: “Not myself, but my uncle had a twin. My grandma said the day his twin got lost, he was very upset. He woke up in the middle of the night and ran to her crying that his twin was dead. They found his body in the ditch the next morning. Apparently, it was a hit-and-run. The time of death was eerily close to the time my uncle woke up his mother.” [He was 11 at that time]

Hide and Seek is Boring with Twins

By user u/Banana_Turtle_:[We are not a twin but a triplet] We can point to the direction of each other no matter where we are. Hide and seek is boring as hell because we find each other in minutes.

It’s very odd, but has come in handy when we would get lost when we were little in stores! my mom would just say “point to where she is” and we would and she would find them.


Twins remember the “disappeared” Vent

From user u/c0bees:  “There was a specific air vent in our room that I and my twin both remember that one day [it] just “disappeared,” I remember the day we realized it was gone. My bother was telling me about a dream that he had about smoke coming out of the air vent. I said “the one over there?” and pointed towards one of the vents (the one that still/really exists) and He said “no the other one.”

We looked towards the other one, but it was gone. We asked my mom about it later and her reaction was basically “there’s never been a vent there.” But I and my twin both have specific memories of laying on top of the vent when we were hot. There was a shelf above it and sometimes our cat would jump up there and knock the shelf onto us. Why would we have laid there so often under a shelf we knew might fall on us if there was no vent?

Knew that Sister was Pregnant before she told me

From FlannelCatsChannel: “My twin sister and I are weirdly identical, especially for not having lived in the same state for the last 10 years. There have been several times where we’ve visited one another to find we were wearing the same outfit. When she came for Christmas, I picked her up at the airport and we had the same jacket, the same shirt (in different colors at least), and the same pants on. Her daughter was wearing the same sweatshirt as one of my daughters as well. We’ve bought the same sheets, the same toys for each other’s kids, the same gift for each other’s birthday.

When my twin sister got pregnant, I knew before she told me. I kept dreaming she had a kid. We were taking on the phone and I jokingly brought up that I thought she was pregnant because of my dreams. She was. She’d only learned a few days before and she and my brother in law were waiting to tell people.

We also seem to always know when something big has happened, especially something bad. She knew something was up before I told her I was leaving my ex. I knew something was wrong before she confided in me about some health problems.”

Plot for a horror story?

By user u/c0bees: There’s a room in the house we used to live in that only me and my twin remember.

By user u/HellSotrm40K: “My identical twin and I would lay in bed, [when] we were young and for no reason laugh in perfect unison almost every night.”


Leg cramp coincided with Twin’s surgery

From Ilforn: “When we were young I broke my leg playing hide and seek. While my parents were with me for some sort of surgery to fix the broken leg, my brother was left with some family friends.

Out of nowhere, my brother screamed out in pain. Apparently his leg was cramping. They noted the time, and it was the same exact minute they began cutting in my leg, miles away.”

Unexplainable, but sorta cool

From ToastnEggs: “I’m not sure if it’s because we were twins but, I remember when I was little, my sister would sometimes sleep in my room just for fun.

She had cerebral palsy and could not stand, sit up, speak, or even chew solid foods. She was always on her back or in a wheelchair and was tube fed through her belly button. She could only make noises or blink to have any communication.

I remember one night, the lights were out and she was on a mattress on the floor beside me (was a hazard having her on a high bed in case she fell). Anyway, we were just lying there and I was talking away for probably over an hour before we fell asleep. She would respond by making noises.

We had full-on hour-long conversations with each other in a way that we could banter back in forth. It seemed natural and made sense to me, that I could pick up what type of response she had by her noises.

It’s probably not ‘unexplainable’ but it’s sorta cool to me.”


One speaks what other is thinking

From user rubber_hedgehog: There are MANY occasions where one of us [twins] will say something and the other will have been thinking the same thing verbatim. [Many times] we both say it at the same time and our friends are weirded out.

Twin “Only” language

From aliceanddorothy: “My twin and I don’t have ‘twin telepathy,’ but my parents claim that we had our own kind of language until about age five. I guess she[our mother] was pretty concerned for a little while because my sister’s speech was so delayed and she wouldn’t interact with anyone else. My brother tells us it was incredibly creepy because we would string together all of these strange sounds and express reactions to one another, but no one else had any clue what we were saying.”

Twin sensing each other’s pain

From JadenKorrDevore: “My brother and I have always been sensitive to each other’s pain. When one gets hurt, the other seems to know it. The biggest example was when my brother broke his thumb at a football game. I was home watching the house and the dogs and my thumb suddenly started to hurt. I had to call my parents looking for painkillers.”

Mother Knew When her Twin sister was about to call

From ItsTimeToMove: “I am 100% sure that my mother has it[twin-telepathy] with her twin. I recall multiple times growing up when my mother would stand up, walk to the phone, and pick it up before it rang because my aunt was calling.

I also remember vividly when my mother doubled over in pain for no reason at all. She said ‘find out where your aunt is, something happened.’ I called my cousin and he said she was on a backcountry horseback trip. We come to find out she fell from a cliff with her horse. The horse crushed her leg. It’s impossible to play games with them – though I’m sure some of that is due to their ability to read each other’s body language.


Ghost of Twin Borther before she got the news

From user u/ Sweetragnarok: “Both sides of my family have twins, my mom’s family having a high success rate of twins or triplets and my mom has a fraternal twin whom she was close to who joined the army.

The night before he was about to go back home to his wife and family, a general asked him to accompany him for a ride. It turned out the locals planned an ambush and my uncle was killed shot in the back of the head by militants. Mom won’t elaborate, but suggestion says it was execution style.

The same day my uncle died, my mom was fixing something in the kitchen when the glass she was holding shattered. It left only the rim intact. Looking up, she saw her twin brother at the corner of the room. She later got the call that her brother was dead.”

What was wrong with the boy’s father?

From user u/Em__Blem: “This is a story my mam has told me, as my twin and I were too young at the time to remember. When my twin sister and I were really little (maybe three or four), we were walking to nursery school with our mom one day, each holding one of her hands. We would take turns talking to her when we walked like this as we couldn’t hear one another. 

We were friends with another pair of twins, both boys, and would regularly go to their house to play while our moms would talk over coffee. This particular day, on the way to nursery, I had asked my mom what was wrong with the boys’ father. She replied that nothing was wrong, and why was I asking. I said no reason. Immediately afterwards, my twin sister asked the same thing. My mom thought it strange, but just a typically strange twin moment.

At the nursery, the twin boys and their mom weren’t there on this particular day. When my mom got home after dropping us off, she called their house. Apparently the boys’ father had gone missing in the night, and hadn’t returned home.”

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