Human fears the unknown, but what if the known is scarier than the unknown. The ghost and demons who can turn themselves into anything they like who would you trust then, you kids waking up in the middle of the night and playing with someone but you realize that you are alone in the house. Famous paranormal investigators Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren faced such scenarios over their life going to the haunted places and finding the unknown.

Ed and lorraine warren
Famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren cases

Ed and Lorraine Warren made a living out of the scary and dark world which none of us would. Moreover, all many scary, possessed, haunted and creepy things lies in the back of Warren’s house which is also called Warren’s Occult Musem. The incidents these two have faced would shock you, the beds levitating, the kids screaming, pets dying, scratch mark on the bodies and a lot more, here are some of the horrific cases they faced in their life.

1. Ghost Of Bathsheba

The Perron family was being haunted by a witch named Bathsheba who killed her son and hanged herself by the tree in front of the house. The witch haunted the family and gave them nightmares.

However the family also felt the presence of ghosts that were friendly such as a boy whom the girls nicknamed “Manny”, the girls loved to play with him. The groom ghost who would clean the house itself, and an old-lady ghost who tucked children to bed at night.

Perron Family
The Perron Family (Youtube)

Everyone in the house would wake up at 5:15 in the morning like someone is waking them and if they were no up at the time they were thrown from their beds.

The haunting caught everyone’s attention and the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren was called to investigate the case.

Unlike the movie The Conjuring, the paranormal investigators were scared and forced to retreat the house by the witch Bathsheba.

2. Annabelle Doll

The real story of the conjuring leads to the cursed doll Annabelle which was first introduced to the horror universe in the opening scene of “The Conjuring”. The story proved to be so fascinating that it has inspired a multimillion-dollar franchise – Annabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation (2017) and Annabelle Comes Home.

the real story of conjuring
The famous Annabelle Doll

The creepy tale of Annabelle doll begins in 1970 when the mother bought the doll at a hobby shop for her daughter’s 28th birthday. Upon arrival home, that day, donna who was a nursing student, and her roommate quickly began to notice unusual occurrences involving the doll such as changing positions or rooms. Then she and her roommate started finding parchment paper with written messages on it like, “Help me, help us.”

The incident freaked out the roommates so much that they turned to a medium, who explained the doll was being occupied by the spirit of a deceased 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins.


The Warren family also got involved in the case and evaluated the Annabelle doll. Their results concluded that the doll was possessed by an inhuman demonic spirit. The Warren family took Annabelle off the young women’s hands after performing ritualistic prayers and since then the demonic Annabelle doll made its permanent place in the Warren’s Connecticut house which has The Occult Museum in its backside, where Annabelle doll is kept in a glass box.

3. Enfield Poltergeist

The story of Conjuring 2 is based on Ed and Lorraine Warren’s investigation of the real-life case – The Enfield Poltergeist. It all started when single mother Peggy Hodgson moved with her four daughters into a new home in Enfield, London in 1977.

ed and lorraine warren daughter
One of the girls started levitating in the air while on camera (Youtube)

As soon as they moved in, they started witnessing strange occurrences in the house including levitating objects, moving furniture, strange noises coming from the children’s bedrooms. Janet, one of the daughter went into a trance-like state where she spoke in a deep, gruff voice, claiming to be the ghost of a man named Bill Wilkens, who lived and died in the house before.

A number of paranormal researchers visited the house including well-known demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.  paid the home a visit and they publicly stated that they believed there was something supernatural going on here. Janet later admitted that she and her siblings faked about “two percent” of the events.

4. Snedeker House

In 1986, Carmen and Allen Snedeker moved into a new home in Southington, Connecticut to be closer to the hospital where the treatment of their son was going on. Unfortunately, the family was completely unaware of the residence’s strange and gruesome past.

When settling into their new residence in 1986, the Snedeker family found toe tags, coffin hoisters, blood drains, and funeral paraphernalia in the basement of the former funeral home along with a graveyard outside.

The infamous ex-mortuary that was the temporary residence of the Snedeker family (J.W. OCKER)

The Snedeker House is the inspiration of one of the hit movies “The Haunting in Connecticut”. The Scenes from the movie such as when the kid being spun around by visible forces and discovery of the toe tags were occurred in real as told by Snedeker’s.

When the Warrens were called by Snedeker’s for help, the investigators said that the house was possessed by the ghosts of those who were brought to the funeral home. According to Warrens, the morticians used to have sex with the dead bodies. After a two-year stay, the Snedeker’s finally moved out. 


5. Amityville Horror house

On the night on November 13, Ronald J. DeFoe Jr., “Butch” murdered all of his family by shooting them while they slept. Butch used .35 magnum rifle and shot two bullets to each of the parent and one for each of the four siblings.

Defoe Family
DeFoe Family

Butch was however arrested for the horrific murders he committed and was sentenced to 6 life term sentence, Butch has been changing his statement over the years, he first said that the mafia hitman Louis Fellini did it, but when checked the hitman was outside of the town the particular night.

Years later he said that he was possessed by some unknown force that made him do all the killings, and in recent years, he claimed that his sister killed the family and when he found out about the incident he killed her.

The children’s spirit was seen by the family who moved in later. “The Lutz” Family moved after the murders and started noticing things out of place.

Before moving into the house they had the house blessed by a priest while doing so the priest felt a bad presence in the bedroom and told them not to sleep inside the room.

Although the priest did not tell them that when he was blessing the room below he heard a man shout “get out” which he believed was from the same presence he felt in the bedroom.

The portraits hanging on the wall will turn upside down by itself on the night and somehow everyone would wake up at 3:15 in the morning which is believed to be the time of the killings.

Although many believed it to be a hoax created by the family to earn profit by their book and over time there have been 18 movies released. However, they did gain only a marginal profit.

Ed and Lorraine visited the house and found the house haunted after feeling some bad presence in the house and seeing things which she described as the worst case of her life.

Ed Warren died on August 23, 2006, with Lorraine Warren retiring from active investigations shortly after. However, she remained as a consultant to the N.E.S.P.R for a while, before dying on 18 April 2019.