Nothing is worse than having a serial killer in your family. People you once loved turned out to be the monsters you never wanted to see. They take the lives of innocent people, manipulating them in ways that are beyond human comprehension.

Malignancy often has its roots in a troubled family dynamic, such as abusive parents, abandonment, and oppressive religious zeal. However, this is not always the case, and one may wonder if evil is more a matter of nature than nurture. Many serial killers have suffered trauma in their childhoods.

It is highly unlikely that children will inherit the qualities of their parents, but the fact remains that the situation is incredibly sadistic for them. Let us explore the fate of the children of serial killers, and where they are now.

Ted Bundy’s Daughter – Rose Bundy

Ted Bundy, the epitome of the psychopathic killer, stalker, and boogeyman who sneaks into your room and kills you in your sleep. If there were a survey of the worst serial killers, Ted Bundy would be hard to beat when it comes to evil.

ted bundy daughter
Carole Ann Boone, Rose Bundy and Ted Bundy from Netflix.

Rose Bundy, the daughter of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, was born in October 1982 while her father was in prison. She was born to Ted’s ex-wife Carole Ann Boone and was reportedly just 4 or 5 years old when her parents divorced, and 7 or 8 years old when her father was executed. Unlike her father, Carole Ann Boone described Rose as “kind and intelligent.” Today, Rose is a mother herself, with two children.

It is believed that Carole Ann Boone changed her last name and moved to Oklahoma, and never disclosed to her daughter the true identity of her father. According to various sources, Rose is now a responsible citizen and content with her family. However, her mother Carole Ann Boone is believed to have passed away at the age of 70.

Andrei Chikatilo’s Son- Yuri

Russia’s most notorious serial killer, known as the “Rostov Ripper,” had a child named Yuri while he was actively committing horrific crimes against over 50 women and children.

Andrei Chikatilo

Unfortunately, Yuri seemed to follow in his father’s footsteps and was charged with fraud and extortion. According to Russian press reports, he was also arrested for stabbing a man multiple times. Yuri claimed that the man had stolen his car, and an argument ensued, leading to the stabbing incident.

Keith Jesperson’s daughter- Mellisa Moore

Keith Jesperson, also known as the “Happy Face Killer,” killed and raped 8 women in the United States in 1995. He was a truck driver, and his trademark was to leave a happy face symbol near the victim or in letters he sent to the media. Keith Jesperson’s daughter Mellisa Moore has spoken publicly about her father’s crimes.

Mellisa Moore has been a guest on several media outlets and once told Oprah Winfrey that during her childhood she had glimpses of her father’s cruelty. “I could hear the cat screaming,” Mellisa told Oprah, as her sadistic father put a cat in a barrel, doused it with gasoline, and set it on fire. She wrote a book about her life and even hosted a television show called “Monsters in My Family.”

The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway’s son – Matthew Ridgway

Gary Ridgway notorious serial killer would pick up women with his son in the car, but the women would never return. Gary would then have sexual intercourse with the corpses while his son Matthew slept in the car. Gary Ridgway was convicted of killing 48 people in Washington State in the 1980s and 1990s.

Gary Ridgway
Gary Ridgway credits Josh Trujillo/Pool/Getty Images

Matthew Ridgway, his son, described him as a normal father who supported him during his soccer games. For Matthew, his father was a supportive figure because he was always there when he needed him. Matthew has only good memories of his father, as his father never cursed or shouted at him. Matthew Ridgway is now married and lives in California, and had no idea that his father was a serial killer until he was arrested.

Joseph Kallinger’s Son – Michael Kallinger

Joseph Kallinger, a schizophrenic serial killer, who himself was horribly abused as a child, killed his son over a life insurance policy. Michael Kallinger, one of his seven children, experienced the horror of his father’s crimes firsthand. In 1973, Joseph took his son Michael on a rape and murder spree. Joseph would bring his son along with him so that no one suspected him.

Joseph Kallinger
Joseph Kallinger arrives for his trial on murder charges at a Philadelphia court, Jan. 27, 1984. (AP Photo/George Widman)

However, inside, all the victims were bound and, according to witnesses, Michael was also involved in these crimes, although it was said that he was under the control of his father. Michael was on probation until he was 25. Sources say he changed his name and was never seen again. Joseph died of a seizure in prison in 1996.

Dennis Rader’s Daughter – Kerri Rawson

Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) Killer, confessed to his crimes in a 30-hour long session that filled 17 DVDs. Even the police were shocked by the level of detail in his confession, as he described his murder plans as if he were simply describing how to bake a cake.

A serial killer' daughter
Daughter of a serial killer, a book by Dennis’s daughter.

Rader’s daughter, Kerri Rawson, has suffered from depression and PTSD as a result of her father’s actions and has been continually pursued by the press since her father’s arrest. She has always wanted a quiet life but decided to come forward when a Stephen King novel was published that was based on the events that occurred in her family’s home. The novel claimed that her mother knew about the murders, which was the final straw for Kerri, who was outraged and decided to speak out and defend her mother.

In 2017, Kerri was working on a book about her experience, titled “Someday My Heart Will Mend: Holding on to Faith, Surviving the Trauma of My Dad, The BTK Serial Killer!”. When asked about the writing process, she said, “It helps me to work on facing up to what my dad did and dealing with it.”

Fred and Rose West’s son – Stephen West

The English couple, Fred and Rose West had seven children together, and they killed two of their own children, burying one in the garden of their infamous “House of Horrors” at 25 Cromwell Street.

Fred and Rose West Documentary
Fred and Rose West.

One of their children, Stephen West, has spoken openly about his life and his disturbing upbringing. In 1995, he and his sister co-wrote a book about their experiences growing up in the house. The siblings claimed that if they had filled out the form that was sent to them from 15 Cromwell Street, they would not have been able to lead a normal life, stating that they either thought it was a joke and threw the form away or did not want to know.

Stephen stated that he struggled to find employment because of his name and was constantly pursued by social services and the police, with some individuals believing he could continue the cycle of abuse.

Five years later, Stephen was sentenced to nine months in prison for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl. The judge expressed sympathy for him, recognizing that he had experienced things that no one should have to endure.

Stephen was raped, beaten, and constantly humiliated by his mother, Rose when he was young. It’s possible that his past experiences with abuse may have led to a distorted view of what is right and what is acceptable. Stephen underwent further psychotherapy to help him deal with the trauma and also to understand what is right and wrong.

Children should not have to suffer for the actions of their parents. The case of Stephen West is an example of how the actions of a parent can have a lasting impact on their child’s life, making it difficult for them to access basic necessities such as opening a bank account and daily struggles. The parent who committed the crime is serving their sentence and it is not fair for the child to continue to be judged based on the actions of their parent. It is important to recognize that children are not responsible for their parent’s actions and should not be held accountable for them. They deserve the opportunity to live their lives free from the burden of their parents’ past actions.

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