The Dark Web is the part of internet that isn’t indexed by the search engines, it requires the use of anonymizing browser called Tor to be assessed. Weapons, illegal substances, and far, far worse things can be found on the dark web if you know where to look for. Take a look at the scariest thing people witnessed on the dark web.

1. A friend of mine claims he was snooping around where he didn’t belong (black market forums and hacking forums) when someone private messaged him basically saying, “I’ve looked into you because I see you in here a lot and I know you’re not here to buy or use the services because you’re just a kid. I don’t mind but others will and you haven’t protected yourself well enough to be here. Get off if you know what’s good for you.”


2. I remember a long time ago there was a guy online that was trying to buy large quantities of bed bugs. When questioned why he wanted them he basically said that he wanted to try to breed them to be resistant to normal methods of killing them while simultaneously breeding in a weakness that only he knew. This way he could release them in people’s houses and then force them to pay him to get rid of the bed bugs since no one else would be able to kill them.

3. Found a webcam feed. Coming from my webcam.

4. When I visited the dark web I mostly visited the hacking/cybersecurity part, interesting to see how people go about hacking things.

Anyway the scariest was a hacking advertising a “service” where he was willing to upload child porn onto someone’s computer and report him to the police as a form of taking someone out. Well actually the scariest part was discovering that there were at least two people in the chatroom that I was in discussing about kernel security who had used that service.

5. I wandered around in the dark stuff about 10 years ago. Worst I saw was basically the Super Adventure Club from South Park. A bunch of rich people on a forum discussing the best ways to abduct children from different parts of the world, the different kinds of kids they owned, how to keep them hidden and healthy, how young is too young for different sex acts, etc.


6. In CompSci, we often got bored, one day we ran into the deep web. The most disturbing site we found was a comprehensive guide for cooking women. We’re not talking about a short joke here. This page had information on what body types to use for specific cuts, how to prepare these cuts, and how to cook the girl, so she lives as long as possible.

7. it was a site where a guy in America would f**k the corpses of dead animals and post his experiences with graphic pictures and descriptions. If you scrolled a bit further you saw he moved onto humans. I walked away from the computer pretty quickly.

8. A friend of mine went digging and found a video of someone cutting a face from someone off his head and used it as a mask, those are the type of videos that make me sick as hell.

9. I found a guy who lived in a house in the middle of nowhere who had his sister locked up in his house and would rent her out to people. I noped out of there pretty fast

10. Someone showed me this website once where it was like a stream feed aggregation on these pages, and there were HUNDREDS of pages and each page had probably 50 streams on it.


They were all feeds from “do it yourself” security cameras that people have in their homes that backup to the cloud. So crazy to see. These people probably have no idea.

11. So this may seem like a nebulous answer, but the REAL scary s**t are the “portals”. By that, I mean little doors hidden from everyone except the people who know that they are looking for. Seemingly innocuous sites that have clues hidden in the page source, or seemingly innocent image galleries containing images that have audio clues or other things embedded in the code that has to be extracted through specific means.

When I was in college, the guy who got me into computers used to show me the ones he had cracked. One of them led to a PDF that was a copy of the original Anarchist’s Cookbook – 1st Edition, before it was heavily edited and stripped down. It had s**t in there including detailed chemical breakdowns of military grade explosives – way deeper than just your typical “this is how you build a weapon” stuff.

There were other, more sinister “portals” too. There was one that just led to a chat room he showed me that was some kind of ultra occult LARPing s**t, except they would share ASCII image scans of super f**ked up s**t (like snuff-level violence) that you could really only see if you copy-pasted the code into a word editor and scaled it a certain way. Lots of bizarre, hacker-wizardry, and some of it is creepy AF.


12. There were people with suicidal tendencies. There were people telling them that nothing matters and suggesting different ways.

I remember reading a dude’s post saying that he’s having feelings for his real sister. He tried a lot, but she rejected him calling him crazy. He killed his sister. He then committed suicide because he couldn’t take it. This made it to news and gave me shudders. I was incognito so had no history. I couldn’t find that site again after that the way I did before.

13. I once found a forum dedicated to sharing recordings of the automated messages that tell you the next stop on trains. People would post the recordings that they presumably made themselves, and then they would discuss them. It haunts me to this day. I have so many questions.

14. On the deep web once upon a time, I was browsing tor. I paraded myself over to the hidden wiki and hit the random button a few times. What happened next scared the ever living sh*t out of me. There was a web page that took longer to load (even by tor standards) and when it finally loaded, in giant black letters on my screen it said “YOU BETTER START RUNNING”

Needless to say I almost sh*t my pants. Anyway haven’t been back since yada-yada.


15. A hitman site. No idea if it was a scam, I’d be willing to bet they just take the money and run, but I noped out quick anyway. It was like you pay them the equivalent of $5,000 USD upfront in bitcoin, and they kill someone of your choosing and cover it up and you pay the rest later. Scary

16. Got bored about 4 years ago, and wanted to see what I could find. Lots of tables with seemingly useless information, people selling drugs, people fu***ng animals (and vice versa), found a few white supremacist sites, and lots of “cheese pizza.”

Just want to mention, if you ever run on child porn online, you should report it to the national center for missing and exploited children

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