It was the night of Nov 17th of the year 2016, when the 911 emergency dispatch services received a call from Brandi Worley, who very calmly admitted to having stabbed her two small children with a combat knife, and then having stabbed herself.

Brandi worley

The emergency services were baffled, as expected, and hoped that it was a prank call and still directed it towards the children’s grandmother, who was already on her way to the house where it happened. It was when she reached there and saw the whole debacle with her own eyes, that her screams awoke the father of the children, sleeping in the basement of the house. 


What happened on the night of the incident? 

When a parent doesn’t feel anything while holding a knife to their children’s neck and can go to this horrific length just to fight their own fears of life, that’s when you understand that certain limits have been broken. 

Brandi worley

It was later found out that Brandi Worley’s husband, Jason Worley had filed for a divorce just a day before the incident happened. He had filed it on the base accusing his wife of infidelity. Jason wanted them to separate, but while just thinking about their children, they decided to talk it through and continue to try in the past. The talk blew through all efforts when Jason accused Brandi of infidelity. 

On the day of the incident, the family had reportedly decided to attend a dance recital for Charlee, their daughter. All seemed normal and nothing was out of the blue, other than the fact the couple, Brandi and Jason, had filed for divorce just one day before that. After attending the recital, the family came back home for dinner. 


Were there any indications about what was about to happen?

Everything seemed well until Brandi said that she needed to go out to Walmart saying she had to buy some pipe cleaners for her son’s project. If only, she had actually gone out to buy only those. 

She somehow lured Charlee into Tyler’s room, where she had hidden the combat knife that she had bought. First, she grabbed Tyler and repeatedly plunged the knife in his neck. When Charlee awoke with the noise, her mother asked her to go back to sleep. Then she grabbed Charlee in turn and did the same to her, until both the children were blood-bathed and lifeless. 


Why did this happen?

When everyone had the news of this horrendous incident in front of them, they were all forced to speculate about exactly why this happened! What made the young mother go shopping at Walmart to buy a knife to kill her own children. 

There’s actually a lot more happening behind the scenes and had been there for months before this incident. 

Netizens discovered that Jason Worley had taken to Reddit’s relationships section to ask for advice about how to deal with a wife who was cheating on him with his own neighbour. Jason wrote there that it was in the May of year 2015, when he noticed his wife acting weirdly, smiling at odd times while texting on her phone and when asked about it, she always tried to play it off and hide her phone. When Jason tried to check, her phone was password protected for the first time in years, and when he confronted her about it, a reason about ruining the Father’s Day surprise was given to him. 


It was the weird behaviour of Brandi and the growing need of Jason to check on his wife, that drove him to spy on her using GPS services. The result was that he was able to find out that Brandi’s location was unaccounted for long durations of time during the day, and at one point he was also able to get his hands on the intimate messages being exchanged between his wife and their 51-year-old neighbour. 

When Jason finally confronted Brandi and the neighbor by sitting them down together, they declined the fact straight-faced in front of him. When he showed the messages that he had, Brandi first tried to decline and then admitted to having committed the mistake just this one time. For Jason, the damage was done. 


The story behind it all

The couple somehow lived together for some time after that, but ultimately when things were not better, Jason filed for divorce. He also wanted to take the kids with him, but Brandi didn’t want that and threatened him by saying that, she would bring up his suicide attempt during the days of high school as a factor which could stop him from taking the custody of the kids.  

Brandi worley

Brandi was still distraught by her shattered relationship and the fear that Jason could still take the kids away from her. That fear and her mental state, however it was, drove her to take this insane step and kill her own kids. 


Was Brandi Worley mentally ill?

There have been no reports of incidents registered whatsoever that could indicate that Brandi was not mentally stable before this incident. 

On the day of the incident, when Brandi’s mother’s screams finally raised sleeping Jason in the basement, and he reached Tyler’s room to see the horrific scene, Brandi reportedly said to him, “Now you can’t take my children from me.” She sat down very calmly in the living room in front of him and kept repeating this to her husband. 

Brandi, after stabbing her children, also tried to kill herself with the same knife. The wounds she inflicted on herself were, however, not fatal. 

The prosecutor who was in direct contact with Brandi, said that she showed some emotion at the beginning, but then retreated into herself and refused to say even a word to anyone at all. 


Brandi Worley Now

When presented in the court and asked about why she did it, and what exactly drove her to commit such an action on her own two small children, Brandi chose to remain quiet. She showed no remorse whatsoever over her actions. She pleaded not guilty when initially the case was taken to the court, but over the time, she retreated so much into herself that she denied speaking to anybody. 

Later on, next year, she pleaded guilty and got sentenced to 65 years for murdering her daughter Charlee and 55 years for the murder of her son Tyler. 

After her time in correctional facilities, she was sent to the Indiana Jail for Women to complete her life sentence. 

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