In the early hours of November 17, 2016, the peace of Darlington, Indiana was shattered by a chilling phone call. Brandi Worley, a mother of two, dialed 911 and with a calm voice, confessed to a horrifying act, “I just stabbed myself and I killed my two children.”. She had taken a combat knife, and used it to end the lives of her own children. She then turned the weapon on herself, intending to join her children in death.

When the police arrived, they were met with a scene of unimaginable horror. Tyler and Charlee, Brandi’s children, were found lifeless in their beds, while Brandi herself was nursing self-inflicted wounds. This is the story of Brandi Worley, a tale of a mother’s unthinkable crime, a community’s response, and the aftermath of a tragedy that left a father childless and a town in shock.

Who is Brandi Worley?

Brandi Worley was born on July 5, 1986, in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was raised in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where she was known for her cheerful and outgoing personality. Her parents divorced when she was young, but she managed to maintain a positive outlook on life. Brandi had a younger sister and was known for being a friendly and well-liked child.

She attended Crawfordsville High School, where she was active in extracurricular activities and had a reputation for being friendly and well-liked. After graduating, she pursued higher education at Indiana State University, where she earned a degree in elementary education. This led her to a career as a teacher, a role she fulfilled for several years before deciding to become a stay-at-home mother.

brandi worley with her kids

Meeting Jason Worley and Starting a Family

During her high school years, Brandi met Jason Worley, a fellow student who would later become her husband. The couple began dating in 2001 and got married in 2009. They settled in Darlington, a small town located about 50 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

In 2009, the joyous arrival of their first child, Tyrel Daniel Clinton Worley, marked a new chapter in the lives of Jason and Brandi. Their happiness doubled in 2013 with the birth of their daughter, Charlee Rose Jean Worley. Their life seemed idyllic, with Brandi taking care of the children while Jason worked.

The Breakdown of the Marriage

Despite the outward appearance of a happy family, the Worleys’ marriage hit a rough patch in 2016. Jason filed for divorce, accusing Brandi of infidelity. Brandi denied these allegations, and for the sake of their two young children, they decided to try and work things out. However, tensions remained high, and in November 2016, Jason filed for divorce again.

Brandi struggled to cope with the impending separation and the stress of potentially being a single mother. She had a history of depression and anxiety and had been prescribed medication to manage her symptoms. Her mental health issues worsened as she became increasingly isolated and withdrew from her friends and family.

The night of the Murder

On the night of November 17, 2016, Brandi committed an unthinkable act. She called 911 to report that she had just killed her children. When police arrived at the scene, they found the bodies of Tyler, 7, and Charlee, 3, lying in their beds with multiple stab wounds. Brandi had also attempted to take her own life by cutting her wrists.

Earlier that day, the family had attended a dance recital for their daughter Charlee. Despite the looming divorce, everything seemed normal. After returning home for dinner, Brandi announced that she needed to go to Walmart to get pipe cleaners for her son’s project. However, instead of going to Walmart, she lured Charlee into Tyler’s room where she had hidden a combat knife. She stabbed Tyler multiple times in the neck before turning to Charlee, who had woken up from the commotion. Brandi told Charlee to go back to sleep before stabbing her multiple times until both children were lifeless and covered in blood.

Brandi Worley’s call to 911

During the chilling 911 call, Brandi Worley shockingly admitted to the fatal stabbings of her two children and herself. Despite the gravity of the situation, Worley remained eerily calm and composed as she urgently requested police assistance, stating, “I just stabbed myself and I killed my two children.” The devastating call also revealed that Worley had reached out to her mother prior to contacting emergency services, who advised her to hang up and dial 911.

In a harsh revelation to the authorities, Worley expressed her willingness to cooperate, assuring them that she would not resist arrest. Motivated by her impending divorce, Worley confessed, “I did not want him taking them, so I stabbed them,” highlighting the deeply tragic circumstances surrounding the case.

The Trial and Sentencing

Brandi Worley’s trial began on August 7, 2017, in Montgomery County, Indiana. The prosecution presented evidence that Worley had committed the murders out of spite for her husband. They claimed that she had carried out the murders in a calculated and premeditated manner, leaving a note at the scene of the crime stating that she “couldn’t live with this mess.”

Her defense attorneys argued that she had suffered from mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, for many years leading up to the murders. They claimed that her mental health had deteriorated further in the months prior to the murders due to her marital problems and the stress of raising two young children.

Despite these arguments, the jury found Worley guilty of two counts of murder and recommended a sentence of 120 years in prison. In December 2017, Judge Harry Siamas sentenced her to 120 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the community rallied around Jason Worley. They raised $50,000 to help him with expenses, showing their support during his time of grief. Meanwhile, Brandi began serving her sentence, a stark reminder of the horrifying act she had committed.

According to court documents, Jason Worley had accused his wife of cheating and filed for divorce the day before the incident. Jason had hoped to divorce Brandi, but when they considered their children’s well-being, they decided to try and work things out. However, Jason’s suspicions about Brandi’s infidelity persisted, and it appears that this tension may have contributed to the tragic events of that fateful night.

Jason Worley asked Reddit for help 

Jason posted on Reddit seeking help after finding out that his wife cheated on him with their neighbor. He became suspicious when his wife added a password to her phone. He later discovered that she was texting the neighbor, and found out that she had deleted the messages after a certain time. He then installed anti-theft software on her phone and discovered that she had been planning to meet up with the neighbor to have sex. During a dinner with the neighbor and his girlfriend, Jason’s wife and the neighbor texted each other about sex acts they would like to perform. Jason confronted them and his wife denied it until he showed her the evidence. She then threatened to take away their kids if he left her.

  • The post on Reddit was titled – “I’m [30/m] having a hard time coping with my wife [29/f] having cheated on me with our neighbor [51/m]” You can read the post here – Jason Worley’s Reddit post

While the exact motives behind the murders remain unclear, it is clear that the family was going through a tumultuous period, and that Brandi was struggling with mental health issues. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking help and support in times of crisis, and of the devastating consequences of domestic violence. May the children rest in peace and may their story serve as a warning to others to seek help when needed.

Quick facts regarding the Brandi Worley case –

Q: Where was Jason Worley at the time of the murder?
A: Jason Worley was sleeping in the basement at the time of the murder

Q: Who is Brandi Worley’s husband?
A: Brandi Worley’s husband is Jason Worley. They were high school sweethearts and got married in 2009.

Q: Was Brandi Worley ever diagnosed with a mental illness?
A: There is no public record of Brandi Worley being formally diagnosed with a mental illness. However, her defense attorneys argued during her trial that she had suffered from depression and anxiety for many years leading up to the murders.

Q: Did Brandi Worley have a history of domestic violence?
A: There is no public record of Brandi Worley having a history of domestic violence. However, reports indicate that the family was going through a tumultuous period in the months leading up to the murders and that Brandi and her husband were experiencing marital problems.

Q: What was the reaction to Brandi Worley’s sentence?
A: The sentence of 120 years in prison without the possibility of parole was widely seen as a just punishment for the crime. However, some critics argued that Brandi’s mental health issues should have been taken into account and that a lighter sentence may have been more appropriate.

Q: Where is Jason Worley now?
A: Jason Worley is a software engineer as of 2022. 

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