On November 25, 2015, Heather Jones made a distressing call to the police, reporting a domestic disturbance involving her husband’s attempt to shoot her. Little did the police know that they were about to uncover a shocking case of unimaginable child abuse. This disturbing incident turned out to be the most severe case they had ever encountered.

Adrian Jones was just 7 years of age when he was starved to death by his family
Adrian Jones was just 7 years of age when he was starved to death by his family

Adrian Jones had endured torment and suffering at the hands of both his biological father and stepmother throughout his tragically short life. He experienced brutal beatings and was subjected to starvation whenever he attempted to nourish himself. The extent of his abuse was truly heart-wrenching.

Trigger Warning: This article contains horrific details of what happened to Adrian Jones, which could potentially upset readers.

What happened to Adrian Jones?

Adrian Jones was born on September 27, 2002, to Michael Jones and Dianna Pearce, and initially, he lived with his biological mother in Lawrence, Kansas. However, due to being found unattended at home, he was taken out of his mother’s custody and placed in the care of his father. Eventually, Michael Jones married Heather Jones, and together they formed a household with seven children, including Adrian, ranging in age from 2 to 11.

Adrian Jones with his biological mother Dianna Pearce
Adrian Jones with his biological mother Dianna Pearce

Tragically, when the police responded to a domestic disturbance call at their residence, they realized that Adrian had been missing for several months. Despite an extensive search of the house and the surrounding area, Adrian could not be found. However, they did uncover some remains that belonged to the seven-year-old boy, Adrian Jones. The discovery of these remains shed light on the horrific fate he had endured.

Upon entering the house, the police were immediately struck by the presence of approximately 30 surveillance cameras smartly positioned to monitor every corner. The chilling truth emerged when they reviewed the footage — it captured the unimaginable abuse inflicted upon Adrian, ultimately leading to his tragic demise. The deplorable state of the house was apparent, with bullet holes riddling the walls and an overwhelming accumulation of garbage. Recognizing the urgent need for intervention, authorities swiftly removed the other six children residing in the house, placing them under protective custody.

Following the arrest of Michael and Heather, Heather begged her landlady, Jen Hoevers, to protect images of her children stored in her Apple iCloud account. As Jen accessed the account, she was confronted with a harrowing sight—disturbing images of Adrian, vividly depicting the horrors he had endured. These haunting visuals provided a heartbreaking glimpse into the appalling conditions Adrian was subjected to.

The horrifying images discovered in Heather’s iCloud account provided a heart-wrenching glimpse into the reality of Adrian’s life. They showcased the progression of abuse that escalated over the years, leading to the unimaginable suffering he endured. The abuse inflicted by his father and stepmother caused Adrian’s health to deteriorate drastically. He transformed from a healthy child into an emaciated figure, with decaying teeth and sunken eyes. Despite his valiant attempts to escape, seek help, and survive, Adrian tragically succumbed to the relentless abuse he endured.

Andrian Jones suffered unimaginable abuse

The abuse inflicted upon Adrian Jones was truly horrifying and inhumane. Michael and Heather subjected him to unimaginable forms of torture and deprivation, including locking him in a shower behind a plywood door, forcing him to stand in a swimming pool with water up to his neck, shackling, handcuffing, and starving him. He was also subjected to being strapped to an inversion table, blindfolded, and left outside in the freezing cold.

a photo of Adrian Jones aged 4 or 5

The disturbing photographs revealed Adrian’s emaciated figure and the cruel methods used to control him. In some images, he was strapped with cutting boards that forced him to stand straight, while others depicted him naked in the shower cubicle, possibly during his final days. There was even a video showing him being repeatedly punched in the face with a broomstick.

The level of dehumanization reached such a point that Michael and Heather did not even call him by his name, referring to him only as “the boy.” They went to great lengths to prevent him from accessing food, setting up alarm systems on the refrigerator and food cupboard to notify them whenever he tried to eat. Tragically, Adrian ultimately starved to death at the age of 7.

Following his death, Michael and Heather disposed of Adrian’s body by feeding it to pigs, a shocking and disturbing act. Adrian’s suffering was unimaginable, and his tragic death serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences when child abuse goes unnoticed and unaddressed.

Why did no one try to help Adrian?

Adrian’s abuse went unnoticed for an extended period due to the failure of those responsible for his well-being to take action, despite numerous warning signs. Despite receiving ten calls reporting abuse in the Jones household, the child welfare system did not remove Adrian from the home based on these reports. Even when Adrian himself reported incidents of being beaten and locked up, no visible physical signs of abuse were found, and he was not taken out of the home.

In 2013, two years prior to his death, Adrian disclosed to a Children’s Division employee and a police officer that his father had violently kicked him in the head, causing a small bone to come out. Shockingly, even after this disclosure, no steps were taken to remove him from the abusive environment.

“My Daddy keeps hitting me in the head and punches me in the stomach and my mom keeps pulling on my ears, and it really hurts. Mommy and Daddy locked me in my room by myself. Mommy and Daddy can’t feed me.”

Despite attempts by the child welfare system to provide Adrian with intensive home services, Heather and Michael refused to cooperate. After a few weeks, they notified the welfare system that their main residence had changed to Kansas and that they no longer required their assistance. Adrian was subsequently placed in a treatment center for several months, where he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Regrettably, despite being allowed to return home under a follow-up plan, Michael and Heather failed to adhere to the required measures. Tragically, Adrian’s grandmother filed a lawsuit against social workers in Kansas and Missouri, holding them accountable for knowing about Adrian’s torture and their negligence in preventing his death. This heartbreaking case exemplifies how the child welfare system failed Adrian and ultimately played a role in his untimely death.

What happened to Michael and Heather Jones

Michael Jones and Heather Jones were charged with first-degree murder in the case of Adrian Jones. Both of them pleaded guilty and received a sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years. During her sentencing, Heather expressed her regret, stating that she couldn’t go back and that she was not strong enough to protect Adrian. The prosecution deemed this case as one of the most heinous instances of abuse they had ever witnessed.

An image of Michael Jones nad Heather Jones,

“I can’t go back now but I truly from the bottom of my heart am sorry I wasn’t strong enough to protect him. I wish I could take it back.”

It is crucial to recognize that Adrian’s tragic death could have been prevented if his pleas for help had been heeded and if he had been removed from his father’s home. In response to this devastating case, Missouri enacted Adrian’s Law in 2018. This law aids the state in tracking down families who relocate across state lines to evade child protection authorities. Named after Adrian, this legislation serves as a poignant reminder of the dire consequences when instances of child abuse remain unnoticed and unaddressed.

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