Many high-profile kidnapping victims have their stories told in newspapers, on television, and in books. Be that as it may, this doesn’t incorporate everybody who has been abducted. It can happen to anyone at times when you least expect it.


There are a lot of true horrifying kidnapping stories that haven’t been broadcasted to the general public – until now when they shared their stories on Reddit.

Many of these stories are so horrifying, that they’re almost hard to believe. The frightening stories recited here are all true and in the words of the people who lived through the traumatic experiences.

The Cold Hand Grabbed My Neck

From Maxmakesthemillion: “When I was eleven years old we lived in a small villa behind a Canadian university, just for the reference we live in Dubai UAE.

When I was younger I was really into skateboarding and would skate in front of our house. I heard my mother calling my name, and as I picked up the skateboard, a white Nissan Patrol came flying down the street with the passenger’s door wide open. I dropped my board and fled for the gate. As I opened the metal gate I felt a cold hand grab my neck and try to pull me. I grabbed the gate and forced myself through it, closing it behind me.

I was not abducted, but the feeling of the cold hand still haunts me ten years later.”

Refusing To Go Out At Night

“I have a friend who was kidnapped. He came home late one night and a van pulled up right beside him and a few guys grabbed him.

They were planning on holding him for ransom, under the impression [that] his dad was rich. His dad did pay the ransom and he was later dumped in some remote part of the city and had to find his own way back home, luckily uninjured. It happened a couple of years back, and to this day, he refuses to go out at night.

You can see he still gets visibly shaken whenever a vehicle passes/stops nearby him.”


Two Men Who Worked with my father tried to Kidnap me

From Themadhattress: “It happened after my baby sister was born, I was 5 and my family lived in a really poor part of town. I was never allowed to play outside for very long or in the dark. My only friend was my next-door neighbor who was about the same age as mine.

On that day my mom was really tired because of a new baby and taking care of me and my 2-year-old brother. I begged to play outside with my neighbor and finally my mom said yes, as long as we stayed in the yard were she could see me from the window. About 20 minutes later, a green beat-up Plymouth stops in the road in front of our houses. A white man leans over and asks us if we had seen a dog. My neighbor just stood in the yard, but I couldn’t hear well, so I started walking toward the car.

I got about a foot from the passenger door and saw another guy start sitting up from the back seat. Then I heard a door slam, and turn to see my mother running with no shirt on (she had just been breastfeeding my sister) through the yard, yelling for me to get behind her and my neighbor to run home. The car sped off.

The cops came and we moved several cities away. Years later I found out that they were two men my father worked with. When the cops raided their house, they found all kinds of gross costumes and journals of their plans. I remember for weeks after that my parents made me sleep with them and even had my huge godfather move in and sleep in our living room. At the time I was embarrassed the whole neighborhood saw my mom’s boobs flying, but now I’m pretty proud.”

Saved by the Military

From laurier112: I was not kidnapped, but my roommate was, while he was in Bosnia, he was part of an amateur football team when he was 15. They were practicing in a football field when several vans showed up and at gunpoint dragged everyone into their van.

They were driven to a secluded wooded area and held there for several days. I don’t remember what the kidnappers were after if it was a ransom or something political. He told me that one night they were sitting around the fire, he was looking at one of his kidnappers, and his[kidnapper’s] head exploded. Soon another kidnapper’s head explodes. The gunmen all get up and soon a firefight ensues.

Apparently the military had shown up with snipers. It sounds amazing, but he was a very serious type of person. The kind of person that you know has seen too much.


He stopped and Just Stared at Us

“When I was 7 or 8, my friend and I were playing in a creek that ran from her backyard to the next street over.

We’re playing around, talking when I just stopped. She, confused, kept asking what was wrong because I just stopped in my tracks. This guy in a green car had passed by and then backed up to where we were to stop and stare at us. He slowly started opening his door, then locked all of them with the power button but manually unlocked the passenger side (facing us) which was weird to me. I told my friend very quietly “On the count of three, run as fast as you can back home… One. Two. THREE!”

When we started to take off, I heard the man’s door shut and the car takes off. We ran back to her house through the woods like crazy and told her mom what happened. By this time we were out of breath and crying. It was terrifying.”

Saved by the Birthmark

From thegiantess: “My brother was kidnapped in broad daylight while he and my parents were out shopping. This was in Chile, the late ’80s. I can’t remember how old he was exactly, but I want to say around 3 or 4. For one minute he was there, and the next he was gone. The police got involved, and they searched for him for a good while before he was found [just] a few blocks away.

A lot of children were kidnapped and sold off in those days. Luckily for my brother, the kidnappers didn’t get far before they realized he had a large birthmark by his eye that would have made him worthless.”

You have Beautiful hair, I would give you a Haircut for free

From 357eve: “When I was about 13, my girlfriend and I were walking home from the library during the summer break. We reached the crossroads where she turned to go a few more blocks to her house and I would go in the opposite direction, three blocks to my home. As we were standing on the corner just talking before we would have parted ways, a ’60s-style red car pulled up at the corner. A very attractive young blond man in his 20s asked if we knew the location of Church Street. Where we were standing at the corner you could clearly tell [the Church Street] was about 20 feet on the other side on the main road where we were all stopped, so this question was odd.

Furthermore, Church Street was only one block long, was one way, and only had a large church and approximately four houses on it. What would this young guy in the cherry red car need on Church Street? My girlfriend, I just pointed to Church Street and said it’s right there. Weird.


The gentleman then introduced himself [think his name started with a C] and tried to initiate conversation. He was articulate, attractive, and charming. Why was he talking to us??? He made joke[s], asked us about what we were doing, did we know where to get a soda, etc. He told me that I had beautiful hair (long, wavy auburn) and that he was a hairstylist. He said it would like to cut my hair (for free) and would like to use me in a modeling show. He asks me to come to take some paperwork so he could give share some information. Though my hair got a lot of comments, I certainly was not model material. Weirder.

He kept talking… trying to be over friendly almost, he even mentioned his girlfriend and it was just kept becoming more creepy. He offered to buy us sodas and drive us home since it was hot. After saying no many times in many ways and trying not to give him any real info, he finally drove slowly down Church Street. My girlfriend began to run home her way and I wanted to get to my house ASAP. I remember thinking that if he went around the block that he would come upon me again alone so I made the decision to take a slight detour and go down Church Street.

It was risky since it was a very sparse street, yet I figured at least he could not really turn around on the one way street and, if he did, I would see him coming. I cut through the church complex and made it home where I told my dad what happened. The police came and took a report and also talked to my friend. They mentioned that a gentleman had attempted to speak with another girl on the other side of town a few days prior who matched the car/physical description.

I never found out more information or heard anything else about but that scared teen-me for a long time.”

Mom would leave us with any Random Person

From PlaysWithF1r3: “My mother would steal my sister and me away and hide us from the rest of my family every time she’d get upset with our father. She’d leave us with any random person who would take us and leave. I remember bits and pieces, but mostly just being scared and wanting to go home. [I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old].

It was bad enough that my dad called CPS and gave up his parental rights to the state, who had us placed with our paternal grandmother.”


Abducted and taken to Barn

From TheDreamer_ : Not my own abduction but my cousin was abducted. One day my cousin she was walking home after being dropped off by the school bus.

She was pulled into a van by men wearing bandanas over there face. They tied her up and placed a hood over her head. They drove for a long time according to her. She was taken to a barn and was left there with many other young women tied up.

She would ask what was going? on and where are they? but the women wouldn’t answer her. She somehow got loose from her rope and started to look for an escape. She found a window and saw that the was about to go dark so she broke the window with a chair. She urged the other girls to come with but they were too scared to leave.

My cousin left them and ran nonstop to the nearest town. She stayed off the roads in case they were looking for her. Luckily she found a phone in the town and called her family. She’s safe now but she could never remember where the location of the barn was. She still feels guilty about it all.”

Kidnapper’s Side of the Story

From inyourface_milwaukee: “My sister is doing time for kidnapping and here is her story….. She is a meth addict and rolls with the biker crowd. One day she gets a call from one of these guys saying they have a problem and [they] need her[help]. So she goes to the address and its a hotel. She goes to the room and inside are two tied up girls and a tweaked out biker. He tells her that he is missing three ounces of glass and these three are the only ones that have been in the room.

He didn’t want to physically beat it out of them because they are chicks and he is on parole. My sister tells him to gather all their possessions [leftover from patries] and put it in her trunk. After that’s done she tells him to take it to a safe house and thoroughly go through their shit. So off he goes. And my sister starts the interrogation. Both girls (over 18 and younger than 21) say they have no idea what’s going on. The guy calls and says there is nothing in their gear so he comes back to the hotel. They decide to get the girls to the house and interrogation will get intense. They go to the house and the girls are handcuffed in the basement. My sister and another old lady go to town on these chicks. Nothing super bad but punching spitting verbal etc….well a day goes by and the girls don’t have anything to say. The guy goes back to the hotel and lo and beholds the dope [was] in the vent in the bathroom.

Guy goes back to the house and they are going to let the girls go. The girls are told not to say shit and they agree and are un handcuffed. One girl takes off and goes right to the police. The other girl asks if she can stay and get high. Sis got 2.5 years in jail.”


Mom was Abducted and Left Alone in the Woods

From shesgoneawol: “I have not personally been abducted, but when my mom was younger, when she was about 9 years old, she was abducted.

She used to walk to church on Sundays which was about a block away from her house. So she was on her way to church when a man in a red car pulled up beside her. He told my mom that he was friends with her parents and they had asked him to drive her to church.

Being the naïve little girl that she was, she believed him. She got in the car with him, and it wasn’t long before she realized they weren’t going to church. He drove her to these woods and they got out and he laid a blanket on the ground. He told her to sit down on it then he told her that her parents had asked him to talk to her about sex. She never actually told me what he did to her, but she said that she was molested.

After he was done doing whatever he did to her, he just got in his car and left her in the woods all alone. He had told her he was going to get something out of his car and he’d be right back. She told me she wasn’t scared or frightened at all until she heard the car start and she knew he was leaving. She panicked a little but then got up and started walking back the way she came. She reached a really busy road and followed it until she got to a little neighborhood.

She said there was a lady checking her mail and my mom ran to her. She told the lady what happened and the lady called my mom’s parents and my mom’s parents called the police.”

Attempt To Grab Me By My Hair

When I was 14, I was waiting for the bus at the end of my driveway and this pick up truck pulled off the road onto the driveway. The driver kept waving me closer to the cab and held up a map book. At first, he wouldn’t roll down the window, but he did and said he needed direction to wherever [can’t remember]. I went closer to the window and I didn’t realize what was happening until he reached across and attempted to grab me by the hair. I dropped my book bag and ran for the house while he sped off.

Woke my mom up and she flipped out. Went to the window to look out it and, surprise surprise, the truck was sitting across the street and we could see the dude looking up at the house, which made me flip out. I assume he saw my mom looking because he left rubber getting out of there. My mom called the cops and a patrolman showed up and took information on the truck. Me and my mom went to the police station and I talked to a detective and they did a composite sketch of the guy.

The detective left to take a call and came back saying they had pulled someone over and wanted me to ID the driver. They put me in the back of an unmarked car with tinted windows and drove me past a guy who was being questioned outside his truck not too far from my home. It was him and I had my first panic attack in my life. I thought for sure he could see me.

They charged him with attempted kidnapping and something else that I don’t remember. It made all the local newspapers, but my mother wouldn’t let me read them because they wanted me to testify and I guess they didn’t want whatever was there to, I dunno, spoil my testimony? They pulled him over, btw, in front of an elementary school where he was idling.

I ended up testifying for the DA via videotaped interviews. He was acquitted because he claimed he was deaf or something. I never quite understood how that worked. Found out later that he had been arrested for similar things and some sex crimes, but this was before the sex offender registry. I also found out why they didn’t want me to read the papers–when they searched his truck, they found a rope, duct tape, a bunch of sex toys, vaseline, and an ax. It certainly could have been a coincidence, but my family filed a restraining order against him and apparently he was ordered to stay away from schools.

It wrecked me for a while–I had trouble going to school because I kept having panic attacks, I kept thinking I saw his truck everywhere, and I kept hiding from windows and the like. I had a lot of nightmares and got diagnosed with PTSD. For a long time, I had trouble getting past what might have happened if I hadn’t gotten away.


That’s my purse, I don’t know you!

From C3SR: “It almost happened to my now wife, while she was walking home one evening and decided to take a short cut through an alley. It was around 5-6 pm and [it was]getting dark.

All of a sudden a man approached her from behind with a knife, and guided her towards a white van with no windows in the back, where a second man was waiting. Once he slid the door open she saw a window of opportunity and yells, ‘That’s my purse, I don’t know you!’ and Tomahawk kicked him in the nuts.

She runs nonstop for about five blocks and called me gasping for air and screaming of what just happened. To make it a long story short, they never found the perverts and she now carries a compact 9mm.”

She Calmed Her Kidnapper Down

From Sydney123456: “My closest friend described an experience that haunts her to this day, even as a mother now. She was abducted from her job when she was 14. The guy intended to rob the place but he instead took the money AND her. He then blindfolded her and bound her. He drove around town, telling her that he was going to kill her. Instead of crying, she calmly explained that he didn’t have to do that. The robber became very emotional yet she talked him through it. She told me he bounced from angry and frustrated to remorseful and inconsolable. The drove around town for a few hours, ask while she was blindfolded and artists bound.

By this time, the police were looking for her. By 3 AM, the robber decided to bring her back to work. The police were waiting, and he was taken into custody.

She suffered from incredible anxiety for a long time. Being alone was almost impossible for her to do without breaking down and crying. Even in college, [seeing] someone walk in a crosswalk while she was waiting at a streetlight made her hyperventilate. It got bad when she had painkillers from her wisdom teeth removed; if the stress was too much for her to handle, she would take a pill. She confessed this to her boyfriend, who just flushed the pills down the toilet.

I’m absolutely amazed how she’s turned out. She’s well adjusted and raising her two children without a problem.”

Held Up a Smashed Glass Up To Me

From Donski1982: “I was 13 and lived in a low-income rundown area where [work related to]was an everyday thing. From as young as I can remember I would regularly have random men ask me if I wanted to earn some pocket money.

One evening I was walking back from my friend’s house and a couple of streets away from my house I saw a regular working girl that I always saw and stopped to chat with her. Note that I grew up on the same street and the [sex workers] were familiar faces to me and I would always chat with them. Anyway, this night as I turned the corner after speaking to the lady a car full of men and obvious prostitutes stopped and 2 women got out and walked towards me. I looked over to the car and noticed the men had got out and were standing watching.


One of the girls had a glass bottle and smashed it on the wall and held it up to me and told me to empty my pockets, when I refused she started grabbing me and trying to pull me towards the car, the men were now opening the back door for us. Then all of a sudden the girl I’d stopped and spoken to appeared out of nowhere and grabbed me and ran home with me.

My dad took me to the police station and the officer told me this is usually how working girls end up on the game. If they’d succeeded i would of been taken somewhere and pumped full of drugs until i was hooked and repeatedly raped “to break me in.”

I never saw the prostitute again even though she was a regular by my street. I worry all the time about what has happened to her.”

He was Wearing a Police Uniform

From a_is_for: “I was about 8- or 9-years-old walking home from my best friend’s house. A guy pulled up beside me wearing a police uniform, seemed totally legit but who knows.

But he was driving a super shitty sedan, like one of those old Buick like boat cars. He’s really aggressive and assertive saying to get in the car, that I need to go with him right now. My dad is at the hospital and sent this guy to come to get me – my mom was in an accident, but he is here to take me to her.

I totally lost my cool, felt super sketched out and I just burst out crying and as this guy is shouting at me to get in the car, I panicked and just started sprinting all the way home.

I get home and my dad is watering the garden, cool as anything, and I am completely losing my mind, absolutely hysterical. He calms me down, hears the story, and calls 911. He gave them the description and sure enough they catch this guy with a 13-year-old girl in the back seat who he managed to talk into going with him!”

Woman Sprinted off With my Baby Sister

“When my mom was younger, my sister (who was a baby at the time) was almost stolen. My dad was a security in the airport or something, and my mom was trying to make my sister stop being super fussy like most babies are. This nice-looking young woman came up to my mom and offered to hold my sister so my mom could get the luggage. My mom (who in her defense was tired and jet-lagged), gave the lady my sister to hold. The woman immediately sprinted off with my sister, but she was caught later by security.”

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