Edmund Kemper III, better known as the “Co-Ed Killer”, was one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Between 1964 and 1973, Kemper murdered 10 people, including his own mother and grandparents. His crimes were marked by necrophilia and extreme violence against young female victims.

Kemper had a disturbed upbringing that likely contributed to his deviant behaviours later in life. As a child, he exhibited warning signs like torturing animals and acting out morbid games with his sisters’ dolls. At just 15 years old, Kemper shot and killed his grandparents to “see what it felt like.”

Ed Kemper during an interview
Ed Kemper in an interview

After being released from a mental hospital, Kemper went on a murder spree from 1972-1973, picking up female college students who were hitchhiking and taking them back to his home where he would murder them. Kemper would have sex with their corpses and even decapitate them, saving their heads as trophies. His last victims were his mother and her friend, whom he beat to death in a rage.

Ed Kemper Quotes

Here are 30 chilling quotes from Ed Kemper that provide insight into the twisted mind of this notorious serial killer:

  1. “I just wanted to see how it felt to shoot Grandma.”
  2. “The first good-looking girl I see tonight is going to die.”
  3. “I killed my mother and her friend. And I killed those college girls. I killed six of them and I can show you where I hid the pieces of their bodies.”
  4. “I stabbed her all over her back, she turned around and I stabbed her on the side and the stomach once. As she turned around I could have stabbed her through the heart, but her breasts were there. Her breasts actually deflected me. I couldn’t see myself stabbing a young woman in her breasts. That’s embarrassing.”
  5. “I came up behind her and crooked my arm around her neck, like this. I squeezed and just lifted her off the floor. She just hung there and, for a moment, I didn’t realize she was dead….I had broken her neck and her head was just wobbling around with the bones of her neck disconnected in the skin sack of her neck.”
  6. “Maybe they can study me and find out what makes people like me do the things they do.”
  7. “I killed them, you know, they couldn’t reject me as a man. It was more or less making a doll out of a human being . . . and carrying out my fantasies with a doll, a living human doll.”
  8. “I look at the wreckage behind me, the dead people caused by my self-indulgence in fantasy life and then my self-indulgence in not doing something about it—getting help, or taking action against myself, even.”
  9. “The head trip fantasies were a bit like a trophy. You know the head is where everything is at, the brain, eyes, mouth. That’s the person. I remember being told as a kid, you cut off the head and the body dies. The body is nothing after the head is cut off … well, that’s not quite true, there’s a lot left in the girl’s body without the head.”
  10. “Oh, what is it like to have sex with a dead body?… What does it feel like to sit on your living room couch and look over and see two decapitated girls’ heads on the arm of the couch? The first time, it makes you sick to your stomach.”
In the year 1997 photographer Joey Tranchina visited Edmund Kemper to capture his day in prison.
Credit: In the year 1997 photographer Joey Tranchina visited Edmund Kemper to capture his day in prison.
  1. “They were like spirit wives….I still had their spirits. I still have them.”
  2. “I was raging inside, there was just… incredible energies… positive and negative. Uh… depending on a mood, that would trigger one or the other. And outside, I looked troubled at times, other times, I looked moody. Uh, other times, perfectly serene. Not very sane. But again… people weren’t even aware of what was happening.”
  3. “When they were being killed, there wasn’t anything going on in my mind except that they were going to be mine….That was the only way they could be mine.”
  4. “I decided to mix the two and have a situation of rape and murder and no witnesses and no prosecution.”
  5. “The first time, it makes you sick to your stomach.”
  6. “I suppose as I was standing there looking, I was doing one of those triumphant things, too, admiring my work and admiring her beauty, and I might say admiring my catch like a fisherman.”
  7. “I just wanted the exaltation over the party. In other words, winning over death. They were dead and I was alive. That was the victory in my case.”
  8. “Alive, they were distant, not sharing with me. I was trying to establish a relationship and there was no relationship there…”
  9. “I didn’t hit her. I killed her, but I never hit her.”
  10. “My mother was there. She was there to beat me, she was there to humiliate me, she was there to use me as an example of how inferior men are.”

Ed Kemper’s interview compared with Mindhunter’s character who played Ed.

  1. “She loved me in her way and despite all the violent screaming and yelling arguments we had, I loved her, too. But she had to manage your life…and interfere in your personal affairs.”
  2. “Sometimes, afterwards, I visited there…to be near her…because I loved her and wanted her.”
  3. “I couldn’t please her… It was like being in jail…I became a walking time bomb and I finally blew …”
  4. “I was really quite struck by her personality and her looks and there was just almost a reverence there….”
  5. “At first I picked up girls just to talk to them, just to try to get acquainted with people my own age and try to strike up a friendship.”
  6. “When I got out on the street it was like being on a strange planet. People my age did not speak the same language. I had been living with people older than I was for so long that I was an old fogey.”
  7. “Well, Cops like me because they can talk to me, more than they can talk to their own wives, some of them.”
  8. “If I killed them, you know, they couldn’t reject me as a man. It was more or less making a doll out of a human being . . . and carrying out my fantasies with a doll, a living human doll.”
  9. “I remember it was very exciting…..there was actually a sexual thrill…. It was kind of an exalted triumphant type thing, like taking the head of a deer or an elk or something would be to a hunter…. I was the hunter and they were the victims.”
  10. “Appx. 5:15 A.M. Saturday. No need for her to suffer any more at the hands of this horrible ‘murderous Butcher’. It was quick—asleep—the way I wanted it. Not sloppy and incomplete, gents. Just a ‘lack of time’. I got things to do!!!”
Ed Kemper pictured in his office.

Ed Kemper is currently incarcerated at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, California. Now in his 70s, he is serving multiple life sentences with no possibility of parole for his horrific murders.

The extensive confessions and interviews with Edmund Kemper provide a uniquely detailed glimpse into the psychology of a serial killer. His own bone-chilling words reveal his violent urges, perverse desires, hatred of women, and complete lack of remorse for his gruesome crimes. Kemper remains incarcerated to this day, serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole. His horrendous killing spree serves as a reminder of just how dangerous the monsters that walk among us in human form can be.

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