Rosalynn McGinnis was abducted by her stepfather in 1997 when she was 12 years old. She gave birth to nine of her stepfather’s children in Mexico before fleeing her stepfather after nearly two decades of daily abuse.

Rosalynn McGinnis was ten years old when her stepfather raped her for the first time, just days before her tenth birthday.

Abduction of Rosalynn McGinnis

McGinnis’ mother divorced her husband Henri Piette after less than a year of marriage on January 31, 1997. Piette didn’t take the decision well and picked up McGinnis, 11, from her middle school.

Abduction of Rosalynn McGinnis
Rosalynn McGinnis at her sixth birthday party. COURTESY ROSALYNN MCGINNIS

Piette drove McGinnis to a hotel room about two hours away from where he dyed her hair, forced her to wear glasses, and informed her that she would be going by a new name. They moved from one hotel to the next before arriving in Mexico.


Piette Forced His 15-year-old son to Perform The Marriage Ceremony

Piette forced Rosalynn to marry him, and the ceremony was performed by his 15-year-old son in the back of a van.

Piette even forced his 15-year-old son to act as priest and witnesses. What’s more disturbing is that this unofficial wedding occurred months before Piette kidnapped her and was only one day before he was supposed to marry Rosalynn’s mother.

Rosalynn Gave Birth To Nine Children

Rosalynn McGinnis gave birth to 9 of Henri Piette’s children during the 19 years she was kidnapped and held against her will by her stepfather, and none of them knew what their mother was going through.

Rosalynn and her children
Rosalynn and her children (Youtube)

Rosalynn did everything she could to keep the monstrous reality from her children. She kept her kidnapping and sexual abuse hidden, raising her children in his home and suffering silently from the abuse and torture that had become the norm. The children did not learn the truth about their father and their fate until after they had all escaped from Piette.

Rosalynn made several attempts to flee her physically and sexually abusive stepfather, Henri Piette.


Piette Kidnapped Rosalynn From Her Home

She and her mother went to a women’s shelter in Oklahoma in the hopes of finally getting away from Piette. They even managed to remain hidden for a while, but Piette eventually caught up with them and unfortunately, their new life would be cut short when Rosalynn was abducted from her new school in Poteau, OK, and forced into the back of a van, with no hope of escape.

Her life was turned upside down after that moment when she was kidnapped and forced to travel across Oklahoma in tents. Piette continued to move around the country, but would return to Oklahoma, where Rosalynn was forced to mail letters to her family to give the impression that they had remained in the state.


The Abuse Began When She was 11

Piette began sexually assaulting Rosalynn at her home in Wagoner, OK, when Rosalynn was only 11 years of age. Piette would climb into her bunk bed and forced himself on her. Piette was an absolute monster, at the same time he kept assaulting Rosalynn’s mother.

Rosalynn at young age
Rosalynn at young age (GoFundMe)

Rosalynn and her mother made numerous attempts to flee to their home, and one day they finally moved out and found a woman’s shelter where they began to rebuild their lives.


The Brutality Continued

Piette forced 12-year-old Rosalynn to be his children’s “new mother” as if the kidnapping wasn’t enough. Piette and her family traveled through several different states in the United States before finally leaving for good and heading to Mexico.

Rosalynn McGinnis search alert
Rosalynn McGinnis (Wikimedia)

When the “new family” arrived in Mexico, they settled in a small tent in a rural village, only visiting larger towns to beg for money.

Rosalynn was able to support herself and the other children by begging on the streets, but she eventually learned to make some homemade items, such as honey and ice cream, so she could earn some money and not have to beg on the streets.


She Was Missing For 19 years

Rosalynn McGinnis, 12, had a difficult life because she was forced to give birth to nine of Piette’s children with no medical assistance.
To add to the horror, she spent all those years with him being raped, stabbed, beaten with baseball bats, and choked on a daily basis.

In fact, “[Rosalynn] stated that she was sexually assaulted multiple times a day almost every day while she was with Piette,” and Piette’s own children even came forward to confirm that they had witnessed the terrible treatment and sexual assault of Rosalynn during her kidnapping.

Rosalynn was finally brave enough to flee with eight of her nine children in June of 2016 at the age of 33, after years of suffering; her oldest child had already escaped.


The Help in the Supermarket

Rosalynn recalled the moment she was saved in an interview with The Dr. Oz Show, Rosalynn recalled how she escaped after being helped by a couple in the supermarket.

Rosalynn Marriage

Rosalynn told the show that they were in the grocery store, and the couple who had saved them was in line behind them. Rosalynn was short on cash, so the couple paid the bills.


Rosalynn stated that the couple became suspicious when they noticed the age difference between her and Piette, as well as the children.

The couple asked them “where we lived” but Piette always kept people away.

After Piette rushed them out of the store, the couple approached her outside, the woman telling her “If you can ever getaway, I’ll help you.”

Rosalynn stated that the woman’s words inspired her to continue on and escape the tent in which their family was living.

Rosalynn said she didn’t realize the extent of her abuse until she was kidnapped. She also commented on the situation her children were put in, her first child was 15 and was subjected to daily sexual assaults.


The Escape Plan to Flee with Her Children

Rosalynn was finally able to flee with eight of her children while recovering from improvised gallbladder surgery after spending 19 years in hell. She explained:

“I knew that if I didn’t get out of there, I’d either go insane or I would end up dying and leaving my kids with that man.” 

Rosalynn in Dr. Oz Show
Rosalynn in Dr. Oz Show

She devised an escape strategy after realizing how dire the situation was. She gathered all the money she could find to pay for a taxi to take her and her children to the US Embassy in Oaxaca City, Mexico, in the hopes of gaining entry into the country.

Getting out of the hellhole was only the beginning, but recovering from everything she had been through would be a monumental task for the mother of nine.

It’s hard to describe when you’ve been through so much trauma in your life, especially when the man who did this to you is not caught. You’re always looking over your shoulder thinking that he’s going to show up and take you again.


The End Of Henri Piette

Authorities were on a hunt for several months before finally catching the monster Henri Piette. In September 2017, Piette tried to obtain a passport to the US from the US Embassy in Mexico City, and that was the end of his daily assaults.

Henri Piette
Henri Michelle Piette, 65, was sentenced to life in prison after kidnapping and abusing Rosalynn.

Piette was arrested when he tried to obtain the passport and was taken back to the US.

Piette was charged with “lewd molestation, first-degree rape of a victim under age 14 and child abuse by injury.” Not only that he is believed to have tied to criminal organizations in Mexico and Central America, adding potential charges to his case.


Henri Piette Denied All The Claims

Officers in Oklahoma decided to press charges against Piette for his abuse of Rosalynn in December 2017. He was also charged with first-degree rape of a juvenile under the age of 14, as well as child abuse by injury.

He spoke to a local news station after he was sent back to the US in October 2017. “Ninety-nine percent of them are lies. I’m telling the truth.”

He also mentioned that he never harmed her and never raped any of his children and when he had sex with her it was not illegal because she was his “wife.”

He started making stories about his children that “his children were involved in the Mexican mafia, and they do not like him, which is why they made up stories about him,” he suggested that Rosalynn had an influence on them and that she turned them against her.


Henri Piette was Sentenced to Life in Prison

On Feb 20, 2020, Henri Michelle Piette was sentenced to life in federal prison. Piette will serve life in prison for kidnapping and 30 years for traveling with the intent to engage in sexual acts with a juvenile.

He was also ordered to pay a $50,000 fine and $50,067 in restitution to his victim, Rosalynn McGinnis.


Rosalynn McGinnis Now Hopes To Study Criminal Law

Thanks to the help Rosalynn got, she and her children have begun their recovery. One of their relatives helped to set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for them.

Rosalynn McGinnis now

Rosalynn, now 35 hope to be able to begin studying criminal law in order to solve other missing person cases and help other children like her avoid the same fate as her:

“Many of these cases are of children who became adults and lost hope, feel forgotten, and are still suffering. I know their need to be saved because I dreamed of someone finding me… My children and I suffer daily as a result of this predator’s abuse. Now, we look forward to continuing our newfound life of freedom, and moving forward, having a lifetime of happiness and success.”

She now lives with her children in Missouri.