Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared from a cruise ship while she was on a vacation with her family in 1998, at age of 23. There might have been possible sightings of Bradley in 1998, tourists had seen a woman resembling Bradley on a beach, and in 1999, a member of the U.S. Navy claimed a woman in a brothel had said she was Bradley and had asked him for help but and the mystery still remains unsolved today.

Amy Lynn and her brother Brad before her disappearance
Amy Lynn and her brother Brad before her disappearance

On the morning of March 24, 1998, Amy Lynn Bradley had been drinking with the ship’s band, Blue Orchid, in the dance club. One of the band members claimed he parted ways with Amy at about 1 A.M.

Her father had woken up between 5:15 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. and noticed her sleeping in the cabin balcony but decided not disturb her and let her sleep a little longer.


When he came back at 6 a.m. to check on her, she was no longer there. He said it was very unlikely of her to leave without telling anyone where she was going.

Her brother, Brad was the last family member to speak to her, when he said bye to her before going to sleep the night before.

“Myself and my parents have had to endure a lot of sadness, but the last thing that I ever said to Amy was, “I love you,” before I went to sleep that night, knowing that’s the last thing I said to her has always been very comforting to me,” Brad said.

Her parents claimed that the crew was giving her special attention that led them to believe she was possibly kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.

The case still remains under investigation and many people believe that the woman was taken by human traffickers. Although there have been sightings all over the Caribbean, Amy still hasn’t made it home in more than 20 years.


Here are some details about the Amy Lynn Bradley Disappearance that were not taken into account

What really happened on the cruise ship? How did she vanish without anyone noticing? Did Amy plan her escape? Let’s get into the details that suggest that something is missing and it doesn’t seem right.

Disappearance Of Amy Lynn Bradley

Among the many weird things that happened in the case of Amy’s disappearance, many failed to see how quickly things happened.

How Amy Lynn would look in 20 years.
How Amy would look in 20 years.

Her father noticed her sleeping on the cabin balcony after he woke up somewhere between 5:15 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. She wasn’t there when he went to check on her at 6 a.m.

According to the reports, they told the authorities immediately but the crew was preparing to dock the ship and let people out for an excursion, so the search didn’t start right away.


She was out all night partying

It’s certainly not weird that Amy who was a recent college graduate was drinking at night. She was doing what adults do – having a good time on vacation. It got strange the next day. Brad, Amy’s brother spent some time at night with her but went to bed earlier.

Amy Lynn Bradley

She was partying late at night, and she somehow woke before 6 a.m. and left without telling anyone, seems strange.

The Crew Didn’t Respond Immediately

When Amy’s family reported her missing, the response was really slow. The ship’s crew was more worried about docking and letting people off and the ship wasn’t searched until afterward.

This makes people wonder that Amy Lynn could have been pushed off the ship before anyone even tried to help her.


Amy Lynn Bradley and Yellow

Before going to bed Amy spent some time with a man named Yellow. According to her brother, he had left her sister at the club with one of the band’s members, known as Yellow.

Yellow and Amy Lynn Bradley
Yellow and Amy

Yellow was the first suspect that the authorities questioned. He was part of the band that was playing on the cruise, Blue Orchid, it was reported that Amy was getting to know him after he left the stage.

He said that Amy and he parted ways at 1 a.m. and the evidence seemed to back that up.

A Cab Driver Claimed That He Saw Amy

After the disappearance of Amy, the Bradleys began searching for their daughter, one sighting was brought to light. A cab driver in Curacao claimed that a woman matching Amy’s description approached him and asked for a phone. But he didn’t realize that anything was wrong. The sighting was never confirmed and it’s also unclear what happened to the woman.


Did She Disappear on Her Own?

There are many believers to the theory that she disappeared on her own. She was in her twenties and some people think that she wasn’t interested in going home and starting her adulthood in a boring job.

She might have already made her mind about what to do and that is the reason why no one can’t find her.

A Case of Human Trafficking?

Things began getting really strange on the family vacation even before Amy disappeared. The waiters seemed to give Amy a lot of attention and she was creeped out by them. Amy’s photo was taken at a cruise dinner by the crew which has to lead some to believe that she might have been targeted but he workers.

The sea might seem safe these days but it’s not the monsters underneath it’s the pirates nearby. According to the reports, there were pirates nearby when the cruise ship docked, and some believe that members of the crew worked with them, they might have taken Amy as a part of the human trafficking scheme.


The Email Containing a photo

To add the worries of Bradleys, in 2005 the Bradley family received an email containing a photo of a woman in her underwear, the woman in the photo appeared to be Amy.

The photo that was sent through email to Bradley family. (Youtube)

The woman in the image was wearing underwear and was lying on the bed. A member of an organization that located sex trafficking victims on adult websites noticed the photo and thought that it could be Amy.


Amy Lynn Sightings in The Carrebian

Five months after the disappearance of Amy Lynn, two Canadian tourists spotted a woman who had matched Amy’s description on a beach. The woman even had the same tattoos as Amy: a sun on her lower back, a Chinese symbol on her right ankle, a lizard on her navel, and a Tasmanian Devil with a basketball on her shoulder.

Many people have claimed that they have seen Amy Lynn Bradley in the Caribbean. Some tourists said that they saw her in Curacao, and one person claimed that someone claiming to be Amy approached him in Barbados asking for help in the restroom before being lead away by some strangers.

In 1999, a member of the Navy claimed to have run into Amy, or a woman who was claiming to be her when he was visiting a brothel in Barbados. The sailor claimed the woman told that her name was Amy Bradley and begged him for help, and said that she was not allowed to leave the brothel.

She Didn’t Take Anything With Her

If the theory of Amy left the cruise ship by herself is believed then why would she leave everything in the room? Her ID was left in the room and so were her shoes. According to Charley Project, Amy brought 10 pairs of shoes on the cruise and none of them were missing.


Rescue Scheme Scam

If losing their daughters wasn’t enough for the Bradley family, they were scammed a year later after Amy’s disappearance. They paid $200,000 to a man who claimed to know where she was being held.

They later realized that someone was taking advantage of their situation, according to Ranker.

Even today the investigation of Amy Lynn Bradley’s disappearance is ongoing, with no new leads. The FBI and the Bradley family have both offered rewards for information on her whereabouts, it seems for now that her disappearance remains a mystery.

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