The Pride of Lions left eat suspected poacher and left only the head of the poacher.

Lions eat poacher
The man was killed near Kruger national park.

A man believed to be poacher was clawed to death by a pride of lions he was trying to hunt. The incident happened in the province of Limpopo of northeastern South Africa over the second weekend of February, Feb, 10th.


The area of Limpopo has seen a growing number of cases of lion poaching. In January 2018, three male lions were found poisoned in Limpopo with their paws and head cut off.”

The animals “ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head and some remains,” Moatshe Ngoepe, Limpopo police spokesman told AFP. “It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions.”

A loaded hunting rifle was found near the man’s head, which was the only thing left. The loading rifle appears to be the main reason police think the individual was a poacher.

Ngoepe said authorities initially thought the dead man was a park employee and tractor driver who had gone missing.

However the deceased hasn’t been identified. Ngoepe said, “The process of identifying the deceased has already commenced and it might be made possible by the fact that his head is amongst the remains that were found on the site.”

Poaching is illegal and hunting without legal permissions can have some unlikely outcomes.


A reason for poachers hunting lion is that lion body parts are sought after by poachers is because of their use in certain traditional medicines that are popular in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia.

The people who are caught for poaching animals are usually given penalties in the forms of hefty fines, so poachers see it as economic risk and reward balance.

South Africa has also recently grappled with its policy on selling rhinoceros horns. The constitutional court overturned a ban on the domestic sales of rhinoceros horns, last year. However, the sales of Rhinoceros Horns internationally remain banned.


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