In a deeply troubling incident, an autistic teenager from Texas, Brody Morgan, now faces the possibility of permanent blindness. The 18-year-old’s ordeal began with what seemed like harmless horseplay, but it quickly turned into a nightmare. While out with friends in a Houston suburb, a 17-year-old named Branden Jolly allegedly threw a drain de-clogger chemical directly into Brody’s eyes, causing severe chemical burns.

“Kids with autism don’t always know how to make good friend choices,” Amy Morgan, the victim’s mother, told ABC 13.

The Incident – The incident took place during a casual outing among friends. According to reports, Jolly, a friend of Brody’s, threw the caustic chemical in a moment that he may have considered a prank. The substance, typically used to clear clogged drains, contains highly corrosive ingredients that can cause immediate and severe damage upon contact with skin and eyes.

Branden Jolly, 17, is now facing an injury to a disabled charge because the victim, an 18-year-old he allegedly threw chemicals at, has autism.

Brody’s mother, Julie Morgan, initially attempted to treat his injuries at home, likely underestimating the severity of the burns. However, as Brody’s condition worsened, it became clear that professional medical intervention was necessary. He was rushed to a local hospital where doctors began emergency treatment to try to save his eyesight.

Doctors would later discover that the chemical in Brody’s eyes was a drain de-clogger — which was clearly described on the outside of the container, records obtained by ABC 13 show.

Branden Jolly has been charged with injuring a disabled person, a serious offence that highlights the grave nature of his actions. The charge reflects the legal system’s recognition of the added vulnerability of individuals with disabilities. Jolly’s family, however, insists that the incident was an accident and not a malicious act.

Brody’s Condition and Future

The prognosis for Brody’s recovery remains uncertain. Chemical burns to the eyes can lead to long-term complications, including blindness, and the road to recovery will be challenging. His family and medical team are focused on providing him with the best possible care to mitigate the damage and preserve his vision.

Morgan’s injuries are very severe, and his recovery process is unpredictable.

Jolly — described by police as “one of [Morgan’s] friends” — was arrested two days later and hit with felony charges for injuring a disabled person.

The incident has sparked outrage and concern within the community, bringing to light issues surrounding the safety and treatment of individuals with disabilities. Support for Brody and his family has been pouring in, with many calling for stricter measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

In the wake of this tragic event, Brody’s family has expressed their deep sorrow and frustration. Julie Morgan, Brody’s mother, shared the emotional toll this incident has taken on their family, highlighting the vulnerability of individuals with autism in social interactions. She emphasized the importance of awareness and education to prevent such harmful actions in the future. Julie also mentioned the incredible support they have received from their community, which has been a source of strength during this challenging time.


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