If you ever find yourself traveling on the Pali-Jodhpur highway in Rajasthan, you may come across a unique shrine dedicated to a man known as Om Banna This shrine, located near the town of Chotila, has become a place of pilgrimage for many travelers who believe that Om Banna’s spirit helps protect them from accidents and other dangers on the road.

OM banna and his bullet bike mumbered RNJ 7773

Om Banna, also known as Bullet Baba, is a legend in Rajasthan, India. His story is one of tragedy, belief, and miracles. Here’s what you need to know about Om Banna and his shrine.

The Story of Om Banna

The story of Om Banna begins with a tragic accident that took place in 1988. Om Singh Rathore, a young man from the village of Chotila, was riding his Royal Enfield Bullet RNJ 7773 on the Pali-Jodhpur highway when he hit a tree and died on the spot. The police arrived at the scene and took the motorcycle to the nearby police station.

However, something strange happened. The motorcycle mysteriously disappeared from the police station and returned to the accident site several times. The locals saw this as a miracle and started to believe that Om Banna’s spirit was somehow connected to the motorcycle. They built a small shrine at the site of the accident, where they offered prayers and other items to honor Om Banna and his motorcycle.

The Temple of Bullet Baba

Over time, the shrine grew in size and popularity, and it became known as the Temple of Bullet Baba. Today, the temple is a major attraction for travelers and pilgrims from all over India and beyond. People come here to seek the blessings of Om Banna and ask for his protection on their journeys.

Om Banna's shrine's Location
Om Banna’s Shrine’s Location

At the temple, devotees offer a variety of items to Om Banna, including flowers, coconut, and liquor. The temple is also known for its unique tradition of tying bangles to the branches of a nearby tree. This tradition is said to bring good luck and protection to those who participate.

The Legend of Om Banna

The legend of Om Banna has spread far beyond Rajasthan. People from all over India come to seek his blessings before embarking on long journeys. The temple has become known as Bullet Baba’s Temple, and it has a unique atmosphere that is difficult to describe. The sound of bells ringing, the fragrance of flowers and incense, and the sight of the motorcycle covered in red cloth all create an otherworldly feeling.

The locals believe that Om Banna’s spirit is still protecting them, and they attribute their safe travels to him. Many truck drivers and motorcyclists stop at the temple to seek his blessings before embarking on long journeys. The temple also has a fascinating history of miracles. There have been instances where people who were involved in accidents were miraculously saved, and they attribute their survival to Om Banna’s blessings. There are also stories of people who have been cured of illnesses after visiting the temple.

Om Banna’s Motorcycle – Royal Enfield 7773

The motorcycle at the shrine is more than just a symbol of Om Banna’s spirit. It is believed to have supernatural powers. The motorcycle has been known to start on its own and move around the temple, even though it has no engine or fuel. Some devotees have even claimed that they have seen Om Banna’s spirit riding the motorcycle at night.

The motorcycle is also a symbol of the danger and risk that comes with riding on India’s roads. The shrine serves as a reminder to all those who visit to drive safely and to seek the blessings of Om Banna before embarking on long journeys.

Regardless of the details, the story of Om Banna has captured the imaginations of people all over the world. It is a testament to the power of belief and the importance of faith in our lives.

The legend of Om Banna and the Temple of Bullet Baba is a unique and fascinating parts of Indian culture and tradition. Whether you believe in the power of Om Banna’s spirit or not, there is no denying the impact that he has had on the lives of many people. If you ever find yourself traveling on the Pali-Jodhpur highway, make sure to stop by the Temple of Bullet Baba and experience the magic of Om Banna for yourself.

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