Such a significant number of bizarre things occur in the Pacific Northwest that, comparatively, Mel’s Hole in the ground seems really harmless – from the outset. Mel’s Hole is one of the most baffling spots in the territory of Washington. The secret of Mel’s Hole all began with an interview on Coast to Coast AM the point at which a guest recognizing himself as Mel Waters asserted that he found a genuine infinitely deep pit on his property.

As you can envision, things just got creepier from that point. Today, this otherworldly marvel in Washington, with so many others, rides the line between being well known and subtle.

What is Mel’s Hole, When it was discovered? Is it “Devil’s Hole”?

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Although as its name suggests, It’s first existence was brought up by Mel Waters on Feb 21, 1997, while on an interview at Coast to Coast AM, though that’s not entirely true. Mel’s hole existed long before Waters came around. Before Waters bought the property, local residents, authorities, and indigenous tribes knew about the hole for decades.


The story of this pit refers to a hole, around nine feet in diameter as it’s opening and hand constructed brick wall inside the pit to about 15 feet of depth before it transitions into dirt and darkness.

Before Waters explained about this hole, it was popularly known as “Devil’s Hole” by the locals and they believed that there was definitely something unsettling about this hole’s existence, but no one wanted to either find out or cared about the unusual ‘thing’ that might be.

Manastash Ridge residents instead used this mysterious hole as a garbage dump, but the fact that the pit never appeared to fill up backs up the story told by Mel Waters.

Mel’s hole is not infinitely deep

Mel claimed that other than having supernatural properties, he also found that the pit is at least around 80,000 feet deep. His plan was to measure the actual depth of the pit by using fishing line and weights, but he said that even after dropping down the weight for almost 80,000, there was no sign of it touching the surface of the hole. Although, neither Waters nor anyone else has ever confirmed reaching the bottom of Mel’s Hole.

Animals are afraid of the Mel’s hole

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People who have been brave enough to move towards Mel’s hole all saw something unusual about the area’s wildlife, most of the animals clearly detested the opening of the hole and would give a valiant effort to remain as distant away as possible from it. Waters even evidenced that his own pets wouldn’t go towards the pit. The time when he tried carrying one close to it, it dove its paws into the ground in protest.


Other visitors also claimed that even the birds wouldn’t fly directly above the pit and other small animals never appeared near it. According to various reports, the only indication of wildlife were heaps of bones tossed around the mouth of the pit.

Mel’s Hole holds supernatural properties

Water claimed that while he was checking the actual depth of the pit and lowered fishing line about 80,000 feet deep into it, he presumed that there may be something more sinister about the hole than its infinite depth. He started performing some other tests that could possibly reveal the secrets that the hole was holding. He first yelled at the hole, but rather than an echo, he heard only silence in return; bringing a handheld radio near the hole, it would play the music that sounded decades outdated.

Further tests were directed at an area known as the subsequent Devil’s Hole, a pit in Nevada believed to have properties indistinguishable from those of the Washington hole. At the point when a container of ice was dropped around 1,500 feet down into it, the ice had changed when it was brought back up – it felt mysteriously warm, appeared to dry out the air close to it, and even got combustible.


Mel Waters’ interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM brought the opening into the public, and one of his narratives was the most chilling of all others. As per Waters, one of his neighbor’s dog died and he decided to dump his body into the pit like many others. He then carried the dog to the opening to dispose it.

The neighbor claimed and told Waters that he later found his dog running in the forest alive and well – still wearing the same collar, but he wouldn’t come to him.

Another Twin of Mel’s Hole in Nevada

Photo: Forest and Kim Starr/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The first mysterious hole that brought forth the legend was said to be found when Mel Waters bought the property in Washington, yet it’s not the only one. Its twin was found in Nevada which shown the properties fundamentally similar to the one in Washington. As per Waters, he also visited the subsequent hole, and it was as unusual and entrancing as the one found on his property.

Birds of an unidentifiable species had been seen flying around the Nevada pit, and when Waters endeavored to shoot one down for studying it later, he found that the bullet appeared to ricochet directly off them.

Government Bought the Hole to protect it

As per Mel’s story assuming to be valid, Mel’s Hole has higher priority than even Waters himself figured out since the U.S Government officials endeavored to keep him away from entering his own property, guaranteeing that a plane had crashed there. When Waters rejected their claim, they allegedly exchanged their tracks and offered to lease his property for around $250,000 with the condition that he would leave the property and the nation too!


Waters, being in critical situation at that point agreed on their terms. He then moved to Australia and didn’t return for a quite long while. At the point he did, as per Waters, officials demanded that they would purchase the property. Locals around at that point told Waters that the zone around the hole had been monitored and was guarded with helicopters.

Mel Waters may not exists

After the interview on Coast to Coast AM, no one had any reason to question the identity of Mel Waters. Listeners of the show were enthralled by stories of the pit, so Waters decided to give another interview. Be that as it may, the more he stepped into the spotlight, the more interesting he and his story seemed to become.

He had been featured on Coast to Coast AM a few times before adherents of the story started to look for his name in the local records in hopes of determining the exact location of the hole, but they found nothing. No property transfers had been conducted in the area during the time that Waters claimed to have sold the land to the government, and no one named Mel Waters had voted, paid taxes, or even lived there. Regardless of “Mel” was a hoax or a pseudonym, Mel Waters was at last devoured by the mystery of the Mel’s Hole himself.

Mel’s Hole is Geologically impossible if it doesn’t have it’s own Geology

The exact location of the Mel’s Hole remained unspecified, but several people claimed to have witnessed it themselves, one of those such people is Geral Osborne, who used the alias as Red Elk and portrayed himself as an “intertribal medicine man”.

Osborne claimed that he had visited the hole several times since 1961 and that the U.S Government kept a top-secret base there, where “alien activity” occurs. But in 2002, Osborne was unable to locate the opening on an endeavor of 30 individuals he was driving.

After hearing Waters’ description and characteristics of the pit on the radio, a geologist named Jack Powell thought that he recognized the hole as being an abandoned mine shaft that he was familiar with from his childhood. But after knowing about Mel’s claim about lowering a fishing line about 80,000 feet deep into the hole, Powell concluded that such depth would not be physically possible.

Based on Powell’s expertise, this can be implied that Waters or either the show Coast to Coast AM itself designed the spectacular hoax.

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