Some people keep secrets buried for years without ever shedding a light, but sometimes it’s the darkest secrets within us that we can’t hide and eventually share them. These days it has become easier because of the internet, as people find someone to share their secrets with.

When someone asked on Reddit What is the Creepiest confession that you have heard from a normal person. People shared some of the creepiest confessions you can ever imagine. Someone admitted to being a pedophile, some confessed about killing and some just confessed everything, read the disturbing confessions below.

Confessed that she killed her husband

From Redditor PowerWordCoffe: I used to help out at a nursing home. This old Russian lady would relate the same tale over and over. Her husband drank and hit her. It was sad for sure. But one day she leaned over and whispered “he was asshole drunk, so I pushed him downstairs. Dead.”

Ex Confessed Being a Pedophile

From Redditor /u/Skribbz: “Ex-bf confessed to being a pedophile. He said he’d never actually done anything to a kid but looked at pictures. I was kind of afraid of him so I didn’t know what to do. Eventually introduces me to his friends. They’re cool but a bit strange. Eventually, I find out they’re pedos too. I was legitimately terrified, so I just cut all contact with them.”


Dad Tried to Drown Us

From Redditor /u/confession0: “My parents got divorced when I was 6 and my mother got full custody because my dad was super abusive. She’d always tell the story of how they were fighting before the divorce and the 3 of us were out boating and my dad tried to tip the boat so that my mother [and] I would drown.

Flash forward to 20 years later when I reconnected with my dad. We were driving to meet his family and he had a mental breakdown and confessed that he is bipolar and wasn’t on his meds but he did in-fact try to push her and [me] over the side of the boat in hopes that we’d drown. He also wasn’t taking his meds again when he confessed.”

Dad Detailed War

From Redditor /u/Seriously_this_again: “[My father] is a career soldier, is still in and has many more years before he gets out. (23 years in so far). Well, he isn’t the most normal person anymore after he came home from Iraq the second time he had changed majorly. He was put on a lot of PTSD medications that keep him pretty normal most of the time.

However, on his 48th Birthday we decided to celebrate with some friends and have a few drinks. We didn’t know that he didn’t take his medicine that day and we got him a little too much to drink on whiskey. One of his non-military buddies said “hey man, how many of those bastards did you actually get?” we all stop and just stare not really wanting an answer and hoping he was sober enough to not provide one… he wasn’t. He answered with “You know what? I don’t give a f*ck about the [jerks] I killed, they tried to [end] me and my buddies, they deserved it. The only ones I do regret are the women and children that got in the way they didn’t deserve to die.”

We stopped giving him drinks after that and haven’t spoken about it since, but it was a shock, to say the least.”


He confessed he watches me sleep

From Redditor Susansays: “I had a friend confess that every time he stayed at my apartment (which was frequently, because we lived in different countries, sometimes he would stay for a month+ at a time) he watched me sleep. I woke with him staring at me, he was literally inches away from my face just staring and I freaked out, he broke down and confessed. My husband was asleep next to me!”

He confessed that he raped his younger Sister

From Redditor MyBoyMaslow: “A friend had told me for years about the ‘dark secret’ in his past that he can’t tell anybody. Eventually he felt comfortable enough to confess, and he really was not exaggerating. When he was young he raped his younger sister. The family knew about it and they all got counselling and stuff at the time. He and his sister are friends now. But f**k.”


The 8 year old Boy killed his entire family

From Redditor /u/Flipper55: “OK, I served in the Parachute Regiment in the British army and another unit (Prefer not to say) and then went on to private contracting. I went to protect Christian missionaries in Sierra Leone in the late ’90s. One of the peacekeepers had detained a young boy, maybe 8 years old. I asked what he’d done wrong to the missionary and she said ‘ask him’. I asked why he was detained and he told me he had ‘Murdered his brother, his sister, and his mother for admission into the RUF’. This 8-year-old boy had killed his entire family.”

She Confessed that She Hates Her Brother Wife

From Redditor Keystoner: “A colleague confessed that she had sex with her brother throughout her childhood and early adolescence. She also told me she despises her brother’s wife because she is in love with her brother and is insanely jealous of his life and kids. She has never had a relationship and fears she will never be married or have kids of her own.”

Killed my Best Friend

From Redditor DaMisterO: “I killed my best friend by accident while high on cocaine, 1 year ago”. She was also my gf.”


Ex Said Demons Gave Her Powers

From Redditor /u/lawmanjj: “Not sure if she qualifies as normal, but one of my ex-gfs once confessed to me that she was linked to a cat spirit/demon/creature from another dimension that gave her magical abilities. Apparently several of her group of friends had similar links and abilities and they were all dead serious about it. No weird costumes or contacts, they would just drop stuff about into conversation very casually.”

No one found her previous husbands

From Redditor /u/They0001: “After living with my then-girlfriend (almost fiance) for three years, she told me one evening that she shot and killed her previous husband in that home. She also told me that she put his body in an old shed in the back yard. I didn’t believe her.

A few months later, she tried to kill me by shooting me, ambush-style, in the same living room. I got shot but recovered physically.

Investigators later discovered her original story was true. Her “ex” had been in the shed for years.

Further learned she was married 4 or 5 times before, and no one had found them either.”


Had to Put Dog down by himself

From Redditor /u/Cabbizzle: “There was this chef I worked with who seemed like a pretty normal dude. He was an immigrant from Haiti.

One day he brings up that he had to put his sick dog down when he was a kid. He said he did it himself since Haitians didn’t have extensive access to medical care for people, much less animals.

He said he tied a rock to its neck and dropped it in the ocean.”

Satanic Ritual Abuse

From Redditor /u/bronzeart: “This woman has apparently used in rituals and as a sex toy by some local group of witches that her step-mother belonged to. It went from age six to age eighteen, and included all the weird chanty, candle, pentagram stuff but also being buried alive, being put in a hole and having spiders dumped on her, pretty sick sex tortures, and intentionally splitting her personality so that she would not remember any of it.

She was actually programmed to kill herself at age 40, and the unsuccessful attempt was what started unraveling everything. The family started to piece together what was going on, and at first, they did not believe it, but eventually as more information came to light they believed what happened.

She had over 50 different personalities– some were kids, some were teenagers, and at least one was a man. Not sure how all that works, but eventually she got all of her personalities ‘integrated,’ and is now living a normal life. She is an RN, and enjoys archery, has a cat, and likes watching old westerns, soo– I guess she is ‘normal’ now. She does have some pretty major health concerns: something they did to her compressed several disks in her back, but aside from that she is okay.”


A friend confessed to having sex with a teacher

From Redditor /u/LostBoy_Bond: “When I was in middle school, about 13 at the time, I had an English teacher we will call her Mrs. L. I had a friend who would spend a lot of time with our teacher outside of school. Going over to her house, to the mall, [etc.]. My friend after a while told me that he had been having sex with Mrs. L, who was in her late thirties and married and that he was going to tell his parents about it. They pressed charges and she was gone from school for a while and then quit, but didn’t serve any jail time. I don’t know much else about the cou

Sister didn’t rat him out

From Redditor /u/Swimlab: “My friend told me he robbed a bank…he got like $11,400 in cash and escaped by bicycle. The bank has since been closed but he had it all planned out before hand and worked out to a tee. He comes back freaking out sweating and panicked and his sister knew something was up and then heard on the news the robbery and bicycle and realized it was him but didn’t rat him out. He took his girlfriend on a cruise, paid some bills off.rt case. We kinda stopped talking after all this had happened.”


Threw a baby out of the window

From Redditor /u/defmunch1: “I was with some friends at a bonfire, and there were a bunch of seemingly cool/normal people there… we were all just hanging out, drinking and having a good time. The stories started flowing, and kinda out of nowhere, this pale/Gollum-ESC dude chimes in with “one time, some friends and I lit a playground on fire…”

We all kinda sat in silence, then awkwardly laughed and shrugged it off. Stories kept flowing.

Then a few minutes later he said “… yeah, back where I grew up, it was a small town… we didn’t have a lot to do, so my group of friends and I would go around the neighborhood and find stray cats, and stomp them to death” … and he kinda chuckled as he was saying it (like he expected us to laugh with him) … everyone kinda said a collective “that’s really fucked up man…” … and again, there was awkwardness and silence…

“One time we stole a car from a parking lot. It was me and one other friend, and we just noticed that the lady had left the car running while she ran into the store, so we just hopped in and drove it off… Then, right as we got out of the parking lot and on to the main road, we noticed there was a baby in a safety seat in the back… my buddy panicked, and as we got on to the main highway, he just threw the baby out of the window… we never found out if it was okay or not.”

Everyone left without really responding to that one…

Later, we discovered that he ended up doing some time for shooting an 80-year-old lady in the face with a pellet gun from his balcony… just for fun. Good dude.”

Friend was Cannibal

From Redditor /u/i_must_work_harder: “A friend confessed his sexual fixation on cannibalism, specifically, being cannibalized himself. It was kinda weird.”

He encouraged Suicide

From Redditor /u/JohnBoddy: “Classmate told me that he used to go on forums and boards dedicated to people struggle with depression, and he’d PM the ones who were feeling suicidal with instructions on how to go about killing themselves and give encouragement to do so”


He Found out that his dad killed someone.

From Redditor /u/88superfreight: “Out of nowhere my ma tells me, my dad, drunkenly “confessed” that he and his cousin (whom my mom later dated and had a kid with) picked up a hitchhiker out near the beach in the early ’90s. They were intoxicated and one thing lead[s] to another and they ended up killing the guy and burying him in a remote location in some sand dunes. She assumed he was trying to scare her into staying with him since they were going through a breakup and she shrugged it off as machismo [BS].

So the story goes, years later a story comes up on the news, they are asking for information about remains found buried in a sand dune. She’s not really paying attention until they start describing this large belt buckle that may help identify the man…she flips the fuck out because my dad had bragged about taking the guy’s belt off, which had a huge Texas-style buckle, and beating him with it…making fun of the buckle and stuff. The next day the cousin calls and tells her he or his buddies would not hesitate to kill us if she breathes a word.

Anyways, she always felt really guilty about not turning them in but after losing my sister (she [passed] very young) she couldn’t fathom losing me as well. The rest is history. They are free dudes.”

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