“Who killed her?” – was the response of OJ Simpson when informed about the murder of his ex-wife on call. Simpson has never had a solid alibi but has stated that he was home during the time the killing took place.

oj simpson trial
Goldman, left, with her father Fred, weeps during the reading of the not guilty verdicts in the OJ Simpson’s trial in Los Angeles in 1995. (MYUNG J. CHUN)

On June 12, 1994, at 6:30 P.M., Nicole Brown’s sister calls Hotel Mezzaluna to say that her mother had left her glasses there. Ronald Goldman, a friend of Nicole Brown goes to pick up the glasses and Nichole’s neighbor heard the dog barking and crying.

When they went to see the dog they found the dead bodies of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman stabbed to death. This lead to the most expensive trial in the history of America.

OJ Simpson aka “The Juice”

OJ Simpson was often called “Juice” because of his energetic runs and the fact his initials could stand for Orange Juice, OJ gained a total of 11,236 yards in his career, ending up second to all-time ranking at the time of his retirement. Everyone has an idea about who OJ Simpson is and his famous one-hour-long chase in his white Bronco.

The guy coming from the streets and then went on to become the big thing the world will ever see, OJ Simpson has made his name through all the hard work.

OJ Simpson and Nicole’s Marriage

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown got married in 1985 and were blessed with 2 babies, a son, Justin Ryan Simpson and daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson, while the relationship was the best in the beginning phase but there were domestic abuse allegations on Simpson resulting in 9 police visits.


Simpson was investigated multiple times by the police for domestic violence and pleaded no contest to spousal abuse in 1989.

Nicole Brown filed for divorce on February 25, 1992. After the divorce, they got back together and a call to 9-1-1 revealed that Nicole Brown was afraid of OJ Simpson. The call recording was:

He[Simpson] is going to beat the shit out of me.

Nicole Brown.

After this incident, their relationship would end for the final time with no getting back together.

The night of Murder and one suspect — OJ Simpson

This case has no other suspect other than O.J. Simpson, OJ was supposed to leave for the airport around 11 am. You might wanna look closely at the timeline of the case, you will know how and why so many people believed that Simpson did it.

OJ Simpson and Brian “Kato Kaelin” returned home from McDonald’s at 9:45 P.M., Kato was staying with OJ in his guest house at the time.

Nicole and Ronald Goldman
Nicole and Ronald Goldman grew close together over time.

At 10:25 P.M., Allan Park the Limousine driver arrived to pick OJ, OJ scheduled for a flight at 11:45 P.M.

From 10:40 to 10:55, Allan Park buzzed OJ’s intercom several times and received no answer, little before 11 P.M. Allan sees a large shadowy figure, 6 ft. tall and weighing heavy walking across the driveway.

At 11:00 P.M. when Allen tries to buzz intercom again but this time OJ answers and says that he overslept and had just gotten out of the shower.

OJ departs on a flight to Chicago at 11:45 P.M. and 25 minutes later bodies of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were found.

Evidence against OJ Simpson

The first officer on the scene noticed a carnage, noticing a bloody glove, a knitted hat, a bloody sock, and a bloody footprint.

The detectives looked into OJ’s apartment at 5 in the morning and found the other pair of glove near the area where OJ’s friend heard loud thumps, left by the killer at Nicole’s home.

The glove left at the crime scene and one found in OJ’s house had an exact match to OJ, Nicole, and Ronald’s blood.

The knitted hat that was found contained hair proven to be OJ’s by the FBI.

The sock contained Nicole’s blood.

When OJ’s flight landed detective Ron Phillips called OJ to inform him that his ex-wife is dead, to which OJ’s first response was:

“Who killed her?”

The white Bronco chase of 94

OJ Simpson returned home from Chicago and was questioned for three hours by LAPD, but OJ was released. On June 17, 1994, a few days later, he goes to the funeral of his ex-wife, and a day after that he is charged with two counts of murder but he did not surrender and was declared a fugitive.

Simpson did not surrender easily and what happens is one of the biggest media moments of the late 20th century, The slow-speed police chase of OJ in his white Bronco is a lasting memory for anybody familiar with the case.

OJ Simpson being chased by the police.
OJ Simpson’s white Bronco chase.

The car was being driven by his friend, AI Cowlings and OJ was in the passenger seat holding a gun to his own head.

During the call, there was a call between OJ and homicide detective, Simpson picked up the call at the third attempt at about 7:26 P.M.

Lange had one goal to get Simpson to throw his gun out of the car, but OJ didn’t take for long to hang up the call and Lange tried calling again.

Just let me get to my house. Please, I swear to you, I’ll give you me. I’ll give you my whole body said OJ after picking up the call.

The chase ended at OJ’s home in Brentwood and OJ surrendered to police at 8:51 P.M.


OJ Simpson trial — The most expensive in the history of America

OJ Simpson himself said it that if it weren’t for his dream team he would not have won the case, OJ was found not guilty in court.

Despite the DNA evidence found at the crime scene, the defense blamed it on poor handling and technical mistakes made by the forensic team, which created some doubts over the evidence. That the evidence was not packed correctly and was left in the van to overheat.

Oj's dream team
Members of the O.J. Simpson defense team. (AP Photo/Pool, John McCoy)

The defense team had OJ try on the gloves found at the crime scene and the gloved did not fit and was too small.

“If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”

Simpson’s Lawyer

Prosection team was against OJ Simpson to try the gloves because it had been frozen and unfrozen multiple times as a way to preserve it for a long time and it also had been covered in blood and leather shrinks when wet.

Did OJ Simpson get away with a racecard?

2 years before the OJ Simpson incident, the policemen involved in a senseless and horrific beating of a black man named Rodney King were acquitted of all charges.

OJ Simpson’s dream team used Law Enforcement Racism for a reason for OJ’s charges and showed a video of OJ Simpson handcuffed by the police showing rush in judgment by the police.

Detective Mark Fuhrman who found the evidence at OJ’s house had not a great past with using racial slurs and the defense placed audio of Fuhrman using Racial Slurs over 40 times in one recorded sitting.

OJ Simpsontrying the glove
OJ Simpson holds up his hands June 21, 1995,to the jury in his double murder trial to display a pair of new Aris gloves, similar to those found at the Bundy and Rockingham crime scenes. (POOL)

Fuhrman was the first one to go to OJ’s house after the murders by jumping over the wall of OJ’s estate, and in his testimony, Fuhrman said that he alone discovered the other glove of the pair.

The defense played the race card and said Detective Fuhrman planted the glove and all other evidence found at O’J’s estate.

This turned out a big for OJ’s case as the jury was made up of 8 black people out of a total of 11 people.

OJ Simpson, however, lost the civil case for wrongful deaths and the jury awarded Goldman and Brown families $33.5million in damages.

Is OJ Simpson free now?

OJ Simpson was found guilty for 12 counts including arm robbery and kidnapping and was sentenced 9 to 33 years in prison in 2008.

On October 1, 2017, O.J. Simpson was released for prison after serving 9 years behind bars.

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