A woman was simply returning to her home to her son when she became aware that she was being followed by three strangers. She took a risk by hugging a stranger and whispering in his ear that she needs help.

A Woman Was Being Followed By 3 Strangers, so She Hugged a Man and Whispered "Please Act Like You Know Me"

Three men followed her while they were on the train, and they followed her when she got off at the station. They then followed her for two blocks, terrified as she entered a store, hoping they would leave if she stayed for a few minutes, but they didn’t. When she walked out of the store, she noticed them standing near a pizza place.

She began walking quickly and noticed other women outside, but she avoided approaching them because she didn’t want to put them in danger. She also passed by two men on her way, but they were shouting and cursing at each other, so she didn’t call for help.

It was then she spotted a man, Dane Weeks smiling while looking at his phone, she felt like she could ask him for help. She then walked up to the man, and hurriedly flung her arms around the complete stranger, and whispered in his ear, pleading him to act as if he knows her.

She whispered, “Please act like you know me There guys are following me for a while.” Dane posted a twitter thread on his account about the incident.

Dane was hesitant at first because there are stories about people setting you up like this, but he realized her hug was too genuine to be fake, and three men were following her from behind. He realized how terrified she was as they walked together; she kept saying she had to go home to her son.

Dane explained that he rarely walks down that block; he usually takes one way to the train, but he chose this path because he was walking his dog and was distracted from his usual path by a debate on his phone.”I guess I was meant to be there at that particular moment.”

Dane said that he could only imagine how she feels because he has never been in this situation before, and he was a little taken back. He was just going to meet his friends and chill when this happened.

Dane met her five-year-old son after they returned home, who said “Thank You, Mister”. He also spoke with her mother, who expressed gratitude for his presence. Dane told her that she could always call him if she needed someone to walk her home from the train station.

They exchanged numbers, Dane told her that he and his boyfriend would meet her at the train anytime if they’re home. The route she has to take home, she has to walk under the train tracks, no other way, plus it’s dark.

A day later Dane spoke to the woman who couldn’t thank him enough. Dane also thanked her for bringing him into the world of women. She praised Dane for acting quickly and handling everything well. Dane had experienced his Father beating his mother and he always had to reach quickly and additionally, he is now a counselor, they’re trained for these types of moments.

Dane’s tweet went viral with over 500K+ likes and more than 100k+ retweets. Which shows how much the internet has appreciated Dane’s kind actions. After all, if we were in a similar situation, we would want to be helped out, and vice versa. There are some safety tips to keep in mind, like trusting your gut instincts

Let’s see how the Twitter users reacted to the tale of Daniel’s Heroism.

The incident shared by Dane Weeks on Twitter.

Most of the woman who replied to this thread, saying, “that happened to me too.”

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