There is an abundance of evidence and theories regarding the existence of aliens or extraterrestrial (ET) life scattered all over the internet. But is there any truth to these claims? Could it be possible that other species, potentially more advanced than us, coexist with us in this vast universe? Moreover, could these beings be the very same Ancient Aliens that our ancestors worshipped as gods?

Let’s delve into these intriguing questions and explore the reasons why the topic of aliens continues to captivate our collective imagination.

Theories strongly claiming early alien existence

Neil deGrasse Tyson, famous American astrophysicists, and Science communicator believe that if aliens being superior to humans have been in existence, we won’t still be living freely on earth, they would have ruled us by now, and he probably is right, because why won’t they?

If they are so advance to find life other than them and probably traveled across galaxies just to visit earth, it’s more likely they have super advanced technology than us. But what if our ancestors lived in harmony with aliens and they were their actual God?

Aliens being a part of history

As weird as it sounds, there is a lot of evidence of aliens helping our ancestors, at least this is what many believe and as shown in the famous History TV channel show, The Ancient Aliens.

The show Ancient Aliens provides a lot of evidence that aliens were the reason how our ancestors built unbelievable architectural structures like the Pyramids of Giza.

Moreover, the show revolves around how things happened, how many events were possible with the knowledge and technology humans of that time had. It is said that the people of that era were helped by the aliens, that’s why they worshiped them to be their god.

Many mythological stories from different cultures provide a strong reference of objects and technologies that were not possible even in the imagination of that time, even there exists paintings and sculptures referencing things which could mean either the people had a very imaginative mind or they created what they actually witnessed.

Ellora Caves – WikiMedia Commons

The above ancient shrine of Indian mythological god Shiva is one such example of construction that wasn’t possible with the technology/resources of that time.

The shrine is 100 feet tall and archaeologists believe that it was chiseled out of a mountain top to bottom.

It was estimated that to build this temple, 400,000 tons of rock had to be removed, but interestingly archaeologists proposed that it was built within a time frame of just 18 years.

Moreover, if such an amount of rock was excavated, where it was dumped? Since there is no sign of pieces of rocks any far from the temple. Neither does any additional rocks were used in the temple for any other part.

The theories are that there was some kind of advanced technology or device to carve the time out of the rocks, such that the extra rocks were converted to dust particles.

There are over 100 caves at the site, but only 34 are open to the public which makes us curious about what those caves could be hiding? Additionally, tunnel entrances can be seen at the temple, which is barred by the government.

Possibly there are ancient artifacts that cannot be risked open to public contact.

Alien civilization lifetime was short, probably disappeared before human contact

It is possible that intelligent extraterrestrial beings were extremely rare, that the lifetime of such civilizations ended before we could have contacted them.

Probably that’s why after decades of looking for any other intelligent beings other than humans, we couldn’t find any.

This theory does relate to the ancient theory since according to that, aliens did live among us, but our civilization couldn’t find them as they might have vanished just like dinosaurs and one of the oldest human civilizations like Mohenjo Daro.

Though there is an interesting unexplained theory behind the extinction of Mohenjo Daro.

Mohenjo daro
A Site at Mohenjo Daro city

Archaeologists believed that the city was occupied by over 35000 peoples, but surprisingly they only found 44 human skeletons.

What makes it more interesting is that Mohenjo Daro was believed to be the most advanced civilizations of that time, but in 1977 David Davenport, a British archaeologist, discovered that part of the archaeological site was destroyed in an unnatural explosion.

The center of explosion was approximately 50 yards wide, and inside the immediate blast zone, the rocks and pottery had been fused together.

Samples of the glassy vitrified remains of the city were brought back and analyzed by Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (i.e. CNR, or National Research Council), where it was concluded that the objects from the site were affected by an unnatural degree of heat.

Despite the claims of the skeptics, the skeletons that were found appeared to have died suddenly.

Two skeletons appeared to be holding hands as if comforting each other during a terrifying time of death and destruction. Some of the bones indicated signs of calcification, which is caused by a high degree of heat. 

mohenjo daro
Skeletons found at Mohenjo Daro site

It was not only pottery that was found vitrified but stones as well. Many claimed it to be an atomic explosion but a recent research lead by Italian researcher, Henry Baccarani from the Center Ufologico Nazionale found that unless the radioactivity has inexplicably degraded, it appears that the disaster that befell Mehenjo-Daro was not atomic in nature.

It either concludes that there was superior power that caused such unnatural explosion or possibly a meteorite hit the site. Considering the 44 skeletons unearthed, which could indicate that a majority of the residents had fled before the disaster which rules out a meteorite explanation.

So is it possible that it was an alien power that caused this?

Gods were Aliens

We don’t know the real source of this theory, but the show Ancient Aliens also provided a reference to some mythological gods possibly to be extraterrestrial beings.

This theory wouldn’t have made it to this article unless it was interesting enough, the interesting part of this theory is that not only the show but there is much more light shredded on this theory too by some of the other famous sources as well.

Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudeva), a yogi and mystic from India was asked if gods are aliens, to which he explained how the Indian Hindu god, Shiv or Shiva is not someone from the earth.

Shiv, is said to have two functionalities, construction, and destruction. And it is believed that he would have opened the third eye on the center of his forehead for the destruction of the universe.

Interestingly in some ancient Vedic texts, the center of the forehead is said to be the center of the universe, and indirectly the center of creation.

Shiv sculpture alien
The third eye on a Shiv Sculpture

Not just in Vedic texts, but in many cultures, the gods, paintings, sculptures can be seen as having a third eye on the forehead.

buddha gautam buddha
Gautam Buddha Sculpture with a dot on the forehead

As can be seen in the above image, the Gautam Buddha resemblance is mostly shown with a dot at the center of the forehead.

Sadhguru explained that the lord Shiv, in the old manuscripts is said to be someone not from earth, and there is no reference of his childhood anywhere, all the stories were only of his young age only, which makes it possible that Shiv came on earth with extraterrestrial intelligence that he taught to his seven sages.

These seven sages were sent by him to explore the earth and spread the knowledge that he has taught them.

It was also mentioned that neither he was born nor he died, he had no parents either. So is it possible that Shiva came to earth with his higher intelligence and powers that humans didn’t have at that time?

A lot of common resemblance between gods are there from different culture, so could it mean that there was only one god, which later named differently in different cultures and regions?

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