The end is near if the conspiracy theory about Nibiru, the Planet X are to be believed, moon landing, the 9/11 attacks, and the Secret Society there have been many conspiracies, but one stands out among the odds is that a planetary alignment, representing the Lion of the tribe Judah, will lead to the rapture, a Christian version of the end of the world? and the planet is responsible for this alignment of is the Nibiru planet, a mythical world supposedly orbiting the sun.

Nibiru Planet
Where is Nibiru?

Nicknamed “Planet Nine”, the planet is estimated to have a mass ten times greater than that of the earth. NASA however, claims the theory to be nonsense but admits that planet X could be drifting at the edge of the solar system.

Conspiracy theories are convicted that Nibiru will destroy humanity as we know it – but ancient astronaut theories claim that its inhabitants made us who we are today.

Origin of Nibiru, the Planet X.

“The Twelfth Planet” by Zacharias Sitchin brought Nibiru to the public consciousness in 1976. Sitchin, however, did not believe that Nibiru posed any threat to mankind, he rather believed that it was linked to the creation of our species. His notable points were that Nibiru approaches Earth once every 3,600 years and then retreats to the depths of space.

Solar system

The idea was however popularized by Nany Lieder, Lieder claims to have the ability to receive messages from extraterrestrials when she was young, which she believed was possible through an implant in her brain. Lieder realized of her special ability in 1993 and claimed that the extraterrestrials have been telling her that she must warn mankind of the pending doom we will face from the object known as Nibiru that will result in the end of the human race.


2012 and the Mayan Calendar

One such theory was claimed to be that Earth will be destroyed in Dec. 2012 which was linked to the ending of the Mayan Calendar. Despite all the buzz, there was no scientific evidence of such a thing. A movie, 2012 was made on the same conspiracy by Sony Pictures.

Don Yeomans, head of Near-Earth Objects program addressed that the Mayan calendar does not end on December 21, 2012. It was just the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one just like we have on earth, our calendar ends on Dec 31 but a new calendar begins the next day on Jan 1.

Don further claimed that if a planet was approaching earth NASA would’ve seen it and all the astronomers can’t miss a planet which might affect the gravitational force with another planet.

Sayonara Solar System

The claim seems plausible that Nibiru supposedly has an orbital period of 3,600 Earth years. Sedna, a minor planet takes an incredible 11,400 Earth years to finish one trip around the sun. Scientists use Astronomical units, or AUs to measure some of the vast distances in the cosmos. One AU is equal to about 93 million miles which is the average distance between Earth and the Sun.

Using the criteria, Bruce Mcclure at calculated that the far end of Nibiru’s orbital path would be about 469 AUs from the Sun.

Conspiracy theories

Nibiru has been blamed for a variety of things – strange events on earth, days of darkness where the sun won’t rise and the potential destruction of civilization. David Morrison, a planetary astronomer at NASA research center estimates that there are 2 million websites discussing the potential Nibiru-Earth collision.


What would happen if Nibiru actually stayed the course and maintain its weird orbit around the sun? Long before Neptune was discovered in 1846, astronomers suspected there might be a large plant in its general vicinity.

Planet Nibiru Approaching earth

When observers noticed that the planet kept deviating from its expected orbit, some hypnotized that this was because a nearby planet was influencing Uranus and the predictions were right the mystery planet turned out to be true and is known as Neptune. Similarly, if Nibiru was real, it’s an influence on the other planet in our solar system that would be plain to see.

In the mid-1990s, the mythic plant was incorporated into a slew of doomsday theories. One psychic predicted that Nibiru would fly past the earth in the year 2003 causing mass destruction in doing do. Obviously this didn’t happen and we are still alive writing and reading about it. However, Nibiru kept making headlines.

Some conspiracy theorist believes the Ancient Sumerians traced Nibiru’s path across the skies and left behind clues of its existence. When the Planet Nine theory was announced theory about parallel worlds was instantly drawn.


With no evidence, people have been believing in doomsday and if there was a planet a single astronomer would be able to detect years before it reached Earth and several months prior to the wayward planet’s arrival, it would shine brighter than some of the stars that are currently visible to naked eye. Nobody saw the planet and with no scientific reason. Nibiru just seems like a hoax.


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