Some of you might have seen the 2014 movie titled “The Interview” in which Kim Joun-Un was shown as a corrupt leader who doesn’t like to see anything going against him and cries like a baby. However, in real life, he is a much worse monster, from forcing people to worship him and killing 80 people at once in front of 10,000 people in a stadium. The country has no international phone calls, the punishment for outside calls is death, these are among the illegal things in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un and Illegal things in korea
Citizens are forced to listen to the music approved by Kim Jong-un

Let’s look at the illegal things in North Korea

Apparently Kim Jong-un wasn’t too happy about the movie The Interview and his regime pt out terrorist threats to try t shut it down and even allegedly hacked into Sony Pictures servers. As a result of this, the dictator banned all the sarcastic comments about him and North Korea.

Have you ever wonder what goes inside the borders of Kim Jong-un’s North Korea, from talking bad about government to even asking when their leader was born is prohibited.

There are only 30 approved haircuts which one can have, 14 for males and the 16 for females and all haircuts are government-approved. You are not supposed to have any haircut which is not mentioned, and as far as Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle goes, you can’t copy that.


When a North Korean leader dies, it is compulsory for citizens to show hysteria and intense public mourning as a sign of their admiration and worship towards the leader.

When Kim Jong-II died in 2011 a hundred-day mourning period followed which saw the streets crowded with people, crying and falling to their knees, and if anyone was spotted not crying and not sad, they were taken to concentration camps.


Drinking Alcohol

There are only designated days on which citizens are allowed to drink. An officer in the military was executed whit a mortar for drinking during the mourning period of Kim Jong II.

Leaving the Country

You are not allowed to leave the country and if you are caught, you’ll be brought back to North Korea for Execution. In addition to your execution, your family may be executed along with you.


Pornography is a big no in North Korea and watching it will get you dead. Kim Jong-un’s girlfriend was among a dozen well-known North Korean performers who were executed by firing squad just because they made a sex tape.

Choice of Religion

The choice of Religion is also considered illegal in North Korea. So,Forget about turning to the Bible in these tricky times, despite being around 400,000 Christians in North Korena practicing Religion is a sin and strictly against the law, and if you read Bible or even have it you will be enough to get you tortured and you will get thrown into a prison camp or even publicly executed.


In 2013, Over 80 people were executed across North Korea with an audience in the stadium for owning a Bible and it is known that up to 80,000 Christians are held in concentration camps.

With no religious freedom, citizens are forced to worship the Kim family who has been actually found guilty by the United Nations of Crimes against humanity for its persecution of Christians.


Voting is mandatory but voting for the wrong person may be bad for you if you vote against Kim Jong-un.

Wearing Jeans

In North Korea, you won’t literally find anyone wearing Jeans. That’s because it is illegal to wear jeans. Jeans are a symbol of their enemy America and the ban of Jeans imposed their anti-west and anti-USA messages. The list also includes Coco-cola.

The hate for Yankee imperialists is so strong that even children are taught to hate anything to do with the USA.

Watching Tv

What the government shows to its citizen is “propaganda” which was made to show its citizens all the thing that is wrong with western culture and shown them films showing cultural, moral and political trends that have apparently weakened western society.


Listening Songs

All music that is played on the radio or orchestras must be Kim Jung-Un approved, as well as praise him and communism.

Even listening to foreign music could land you in Jail. In 1992, a female group sang a South Korean song at a party. She was so badly beaten she couldn’t walk and was even thrown in jail for three-years.


All houses have a government-controlled radio installed and it is allowed to be turned off, ever. You have no choice but to listen to all the government announcements that are made throughout the day.

The announcements are all about their leader Kim Jong-un, such as The Dear Leader hit a hole in one today on his first try playing golf!


Escaping Prison

If anyone tries to escape the prison and even get successful they are caught and their three-generation bloodlines are executed along with them.


Freedom of travel for tourists visiting is similar to Batman killing, which means a simple NO, all the tourist are assigned their specific guides and their every move in planned, controlled and watched by the government.

You are not even allowed to use public transportation or get a taxi, any tour given to the tourists will be monitored. Tourists are not allowed to leave their hotel, even if you need a snack. Tourists and their guides will be punished if something like this happens.

Making Mistakes

A journalist was executed for making a typo in the article. Thankfully, Bugged Space management is slightly more forgiving.

If you think all hope is lost, out of all things, Marijuana is legal in North Korea. It’s not even considered a drug. It is easily available in normal shops.


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