The origin of the Men in Black quite possibly started with a man, his son, and a dog on a boat. In all of the different realities that exist, the men in black usually have one main purpose: to muzzle witnesses of strange, paranormal phenomena be it alien encounter or any other unnatural phenomena.

In popular culture and UFO conspiracy theories, Men in Black(MIB) are the man similar to the ones in the Men in Black series. They threaten and scare people to remain silent about their personal UFO encounters.

Stills from the movie man in back
Stills from the movie The Man in Black

According to theories about the Men in Black, they seem to only talk two kinds of people one who shuts people’s mouths if they have encountered UFOs or others who research the UFOs. The Men in Black presents themselves with a white card or some time with a number written on it.


On June 27, 1947, Harold Dahl was out on his boat in the Puget Sound near the eastern shore of Washington’s Maury Island, gathering logs, when he saw six giant donut-shaped objects hovering about a half a mile above his boat.

After a short while, one of them broke and fell nearly 1,500 feet, followed by the raining of metal debris. The falling debris killed his dog and injured his son. He took photos of the aircraft, which he later showed to his supervisor, Fred Crisman.


The following morning, a man in a black suit visited him. The man was able to recount extraordinary detail of what Dahl had just experienced. The man told him not to speak of the incident and if he did, bad things would happen. “What I have said is proof to you that I know a great deal more about this experience of yours and you will want to believe,” the man said, according to author Gary Barker’s 1956 book “They knew too much about flying saucers“.

Robert Richardson.

Robert Richardson, of Toledo, Ohio, informed the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization(APRO) in July 1967 that he had collided with a UFO while driving at night. The UFO, however, vanished on impact immediately.

Richardson took home a small lump of metal that he believed was from UFO. Richardson said that after a week he was visited by two men in black suits and the men asked for the piece of metal from the site.

Richardson informed that he had given the object to further research, the Men in black threatened him and said he must never speak of the incident if he wants to see his wife’s beautiful face.

Jack Robinson

Jack Robison a UFO researcher and his wife Mary were terrorized by men in black. A man would stand across the building and stare at their house. The couple reported their apartment to be searched through and after seeing the strange man for three days in a row, one of their friends took the picture of the men in black.

Man in Black in real life
The First men in black

Dr. Herbert Hopkins

On the night of Sept 11, 1976, Dr. Hopkins was studying a UFO incident when he reportedly got a call from a man working as a representative of a New Jersey Organization. The man asked if he was alone and could review some research and by the time Dr. Hopkins hung up his phone he saw a man coming up from stairs to his door.


The description of the man from Dr. Hopkins is nothing less than a villain from any movie who has been brainwashed to kill people and obviously horrifying: The man wore a neatly-tailored black suit, was bald and with no eyebrow and spoke like a machine, with pale skin like a doll but the man had ruby red lips.

The man came up to Dr. Hopkins and told him to watch a coin as he flipped one in the air. According to Dr. Hopkins, the penny changed its colors on its way up and suddenly disappeared when coming down, like dematerialized.

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd, the host of the show called “Out There”, sold the tv show to the SciFi network that would break serious ground such as UFOs, crop circles, etc. Everything was going great for Dan until one day he stepped outside for a break where he reported seeing a black sedan appear suddenly across the street. Dan saw a large man wearing black come out of the car and giving him a dirty look and when he turned away for a brief second the car was gone.

Just two hours after this incident Dan said they received bad news from tv show producer who said that they should stop taping and the show was canceled and none of the episodes would air.

Shane Shover

On October 14, 2008, near Niagara Falls, a large triangular UFO was seen by the hotel manager, Shane Shover along with his security guard outside his hotel. Ariel Phenomenon investigations team looked in the incident and reported a couple of weeks later that according to three other witnesses, two men in black visited the hotel and terrified the Hotel Staff. The men in black were looking for Shane Shovar and the hotel security guard. Luckily both of them were not there.

Shane Shovar hotel.
Hotel clipping showed two identical men coming through the door and terrorizing the hotel

When Shane came back he reviewed the footage and saw two men in black coming in through the door. Their description is similar to what Dr. Hopkins described as a man wearing a neatly tailored suit, no eyelashes or eyebrows, extremely pale skin and additionally black hats and identical faces as told by the witnesses.

Women who spoke with them claimed that they knew what she was thinking. No further evidence of the men in black has been witnessed.

Are the men in black a real thing? Is the government trying to hide any such possibility There are some believers and some nonbelievers but every encounter is related to UFO sightings.


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