You might check out everything about a book before buying it or beginning to read it, but there are certain books that aren’t exactly the books you can shop on amazon or … Some kept hidden from the public for almost 80 years, some said to have messages from something “not from this world” and some even containing the secrets about the Illuminati. These mysterious and weird books often have unknown authors and explain things that you may have never known about.

While some argue that these books just might have been written for leaving hoaxes intentionally, others insist on an ancient truth behind. Read and find out what’s your opinion about these 10 most mysterious books from around the world.

Describing the Origin Of The World — Popol Vuh, a Mayan Text

Written back in the mid-1500s, Popul Vuh simply translates to “Book of The People”. Written in the Mayan language — K’iche’, this book discusses how humans and animals were originated. There are two prominent characters in this book named Hunahpu and Xbalanque, twins who ultimately become the sun and the moon. The book was discovered by a priest in Guatemala in the 1700s.

According to this mythological text, before any living thing’s existence, there was only sky and the sea, until the creator created animals, then came the mud men, followed by wooden men which did not work out so well. However, 4 men were created out of corn. Later while the men slept, the creator (god) made Women. The entire creation story can be watched in the video below —

The Urantia Book — Communicated via otherworldly being

No one is alive who know about the author of the book named “The Urantia Book” which dates back between 1924 and 1955. As the book explains, Urantia is the earth. From discussing about God, Jesus, science, philosophy to the meaning of life, this books cover it all. Although while discussing about Jesus, the books explains how Jesus was not born through immaculate conception and took birth through a traditional conception, neither did he performed any miracles, as mentioned in the Bible.


The book is said to be brought to public attention by two doctors, husband and wife William and Lena Sadler. The two explained how one of their neighbour’s husband started to fall into weird and deep sleeps.

Later, he often talked about how he was receiving messages from other being and eventually started writing those messages, taking the form of a book. The identity of this man was never revealed as the “revelators (authors) do not want any human being—any human name ever to be associated with the book”, as explained by William.

While some believe that the book is a hoax, other supports its origination.

Nostradamus’s book full of prophesies — Les Propheties

les propheties

You probably have heard the name Nostradamus already, and how he predicted many modern-day events, while some completely denied his prophecies, some find them to be totally accurate.

Michel de Nostradamus was a French man who wrote “Les Propheties” in the 16th century, a book full of prophecies. Nostradamus claimed to be a seer who could view events that will take place in the future.

Many believe that the relation between his predictions and real-life events since have occurred are merely coincidental or the result of poorly interpreted passage. While there are many others who believe that events like JFK’s murder and 9/11 were already predicted by Nostradamus.

Here’s a passage people like to quote: “From the very depths of the West of Europe, A young child will be born of poor people, He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop; His fame will increase towards the realm of the East.” Pretty vague, but people like to say it predicted the rise of Hitler. 

The “Red Book” which was hidden for 80 years by the Author’s family

the red book jung
The Red Book resting on Jung’s desk. Via Wikimedia Commons

Carl Jung, a swiss psychoanalyst, and Freud’s contemporary wrote The Red Book while exploring his unconscious for around 15 years. Some mental health professionals believe that The Red Book is just a chronicle of Hung’s psychotic breakdown. Jung entered what he called his “mythopoetic imagination” to write content in the book, he willfully participated in his own fantasies, recording them and later writing those encounters in the book.


As explained later by his family, while Jung was in his mythopoetic imagination, he encountered many religious figures and had them engaged in explaining why they were there and what their purpose was.

However, Jung himself and his family kept his unconscious secrets only to themselves for nearly 80 years, in 2009 The Red Book became publicly viewable.

The Rohonc Codex — the unknown book discovered from a donated library

The book surfaced in city of Rohonc (now the Austrian city of Rechnitz) in the 1800s when a nobleman donated his library to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Although it was identified that the paper used in this book was from the 16th century, but no one till day is able to decipher what actually is written in the book.

The Rohonc Codex
A facsimile of the Rohonc Codex. Via WikiMedia Commons

While the text content of the book is cryptic, there are many cartoonish illustrations in the book depicting various war-related and religious scenes. Some believe the book just might be a hoax from the 18th century.

Is Vatican’s Secret Archive hiding the Illuminati Secrets?

The Vatican holds a number of hidden secret writings that are not available for public viewing. While many parts of the archive is still a secret to the public, yet some of it had to be made available back in 2009 due to the integral to the plot of Dan Brown’s book series Angels and Demons. The Vatican decided to show people the archives after the book came out to dispel Illuminati rumors.

The documents that were made publicly available included a letter written to speed up on annulment for King Henry VIII and Catherine of Argon’s marriage, writings surrounding the trial of Galileo who dared to assert that the Earth revolves around the Sun;the ex-communication of Martin Luther and many such assertions that were kept hidden were revealed in the documents.

A Guide to the non-existing world Codex Seraphinianus

A complete guide to the world that does not exists? Well, you will find something in The Codex Seraphinianus, written and illustrated in the late 1970s by an Italian artist Luigi Serafini, and published in 1981.

However, the book is not written in any normal language but a ciphered one. Having full illustrations of depicting plants, animals, maps, humanoids, humans, food, machines, games and buildings put together in over 300 pages.


Although no one has ever cracked the ciphered language of this book, the writer, Serafini himself claims that there is no hidden message and the writing is meant to create the sense of wonder and confusion that children feel when looking at adult books before they learn to read.

The Philosopher’s Stone by Sir George Ripley

ripley scroll
An excerpt from a copy of the Ripley Scroll. via Wikimedia commons

Known as Ripley Scroll, an Augustinian priest from the 15th century, Sir George Ripley became the inspiration behind the strangest and most whimsical texts in existence.

This lengthy piece of parchment is adorned with an illustration of the legendary philosopher’s stone – the alchemist substance that could turn base metals into precious ones.

The reason behind it being containing both poetry and information related to alchemist is that Ripley was not just a priest but also a poet and alchemist, thus he has been attributed for poetry by him in the scroll along with his alchemist work.

Although, the scroll wasn’t written by Ripley, yet the text and Ripley himself are the most mysteriously magical remnants from a time before modern science.

The one which is indestructible — The Sarajevo Haggadah

Originated from Barcelona, Spain around 1350 CE, The Sarajevo Haggadah is Jewish texts, that might have traveled into more nations than an average person does in whole life.

Although, while the contents of this historic book is not necessarily that mysterious, but its ability to survive deconstructions like world war makes this most strangely resilient book in the world.

The Sarajevo Haggadah
An illustrated page from the Sarajevo Haggadah. Via WikiaMedia Commons

While Jews were expelled from spain in around 1492, the 150-year-old Haggadah had to be transported out of the country in order to save it from destruction and keep it with it’s rightful owners. It made it way to Italy from there, and remained till the late 1800s there.

Later in 1894, it was sold to the National Museum in Sarajevo, where, during WWII, it became mandatory to transport it out of Sarajevo. It’s fate made it way under the floorboards of a Muslim house for the next decade.


Finally, on display again in the 1990s. Somehow the Haggadah survived yet another conflict and museum destruction – the Bosnian War. Fortunately, It was discovered, intact, on the floor of a museum amidst rubble but thought not valuable by its finder.

Later it was stuffed into a bank vault with other items where it even weathered the Serbian siege, it was later restored in 1995.

A Manuscript About Magic Of Unknown Origin — The Book Of Soyga

john dee
John Dee, Via wikimedia commons

A book about unknown magic, written in Latin and Talks of Demons, astrology, spells, and angels, The Book Of Soyga, also known as Aldaraia.

Scholar John Dee, who was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, had a copy of the book in the 16th century, but the book was not found after he passed away.

Later, two copies of the books were found, one in the British Library and the other in the Bodleian Library.

Dee was unable to figure out several tables contained in the book, and once attempted to talk to angels for help figuring the book out via Edward Kelley, a medium who purported to channel them. 

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