Junko Furuta was a 17-year-old girl when she was kidnapped, she went through hell for 44 days before death finally eased her pain on January 4, 1989. Junko was tortured in unimaginable ways, at the end she was unable to stand or even speak. The abuse was mainly perpetrated by four teenage boys, Hiroshi Miyano, Jō Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe

Junko Furuta and her captors
Junko Furuta was just 17 years old when she was kidnapped by Miyano Hiroshi

These four teenage boys were not the only one responsible for the death of Junko Furuta, many individuals neglected the assault against the girl, which led her to met an unfortunate end, to a point where she begged them to kill her.

Trigger Warning: This article contains horrific details of what happened to Junko Furuta, which could potentially upset readers.


Who Was Junko Furuta?

Furuta was born in Misato, Saitama Prefecture, she was a good student in high school, with high grades and very infrequent absences. While in school she used to work part-time jobs to help her family, prior to her abduction she had accepted a job at an electronics retailer, where she planned to work after her graduation.

Junko Furuta prior to her abduction
Junko Furuta was everything a parent could ask for

Along with her high grades, Furuta was a good-looking teenager, who enjoyed a lot of attention, and that made some of the people around her jealous. Furuta was everything a parent could want, neither did she smoke, nor did drugs and was good in her studies too.

But for one of the bully of the school it didn’t sit well, Hiroshi Miyano, the school bully had a crush on Junko Furuta, but Furuta was not looking for a relationship so she turned him down.

Hiroshi was involved with gangsters outside the school, and nobody in the school had the nerve to even oppose him, but Furuta told him no.


Abduction of Junko Furuta

On November 25, 1988, Miyano and his friend Misato wandered around with the intention of robbing and raping local women. Sometime later they saw Furuta cycling back home after she finished her part-time job. Miyano told his friend Misato to kick her bicycle and then run away. Misato did as he was told, Miyano who was standing there pretended it was a coincidence that he witnessed the attack and approached her and offered her a ride home.

Jo Ogura and YusushiWatanabe

But little did Junko Furuta know, it was all planned, and she fell right into it, Miyano took her to a nearby warehouse and raped her, he also told her about his connection with local gang, Yakuza, and threatened to kill her. Miyano took her to a hotel and raped her again.


From the hotel he called his friends, Ogura and Watanabe Yasushi, and bragged them about how he raped her. Ogura told him to kept Furuta in his captivity in order to allow them to sexually assault her. Local gang, Yazuka had a history of gang rape and had recently kidnapped and raped another girl who was released afterward.

Hiroshi Miyano and Shinji Minato

Around 3 AM, Miyano took Furuta to a park where his friends were waiting. They learned about her home address and threatened to kill her family if she tried to escape. They took her to one of the boy’s house, where she was kept till she died.

Two days after her disappearance, Junuko Furuta’s parents contacted the police about their daughter’s disappearance. But in order to stop the investigation by police, Furuta’s captors forced her to call her mom and tell them that she had run away, and now she’s staying with her friend, and she is safe.

When Mintao’s parents visited him, they forced Furuta to pose as the girlfriend of one of the kidnappers. However, after certain visits to the house, it became apparent that Furuta was not someone’s girlfriend, she was a captor, the parents did nothing in fear of retaliation from Hiroshi Miryano, who was known very well for his connections with the Yakuza. Along with the parents Minato’s brother was also aware of the situation but decided to do nothing about it.


44 Days of hell

Junuko Furuta was held captive in the Minato residence for the next 40 days, and during the course of those 40 days, she was forced to withstand unimaginable suffering, even the details of which are horrifying.

Mitano's residence, where Furuto was kept for 44 days
Minato’s residence where Furuta was held captive for the next 41 days

Each day inside the Mintao’s residence was nothing short of living in hell for Junko Furuta:

She was humiliated by being kept naked most of the time, She was raped by more than 100 men, those who kidnapped her also invited their friends to have a go at the 17-year-old. Furuta was estimated to have gone through about 500 rapes and at one point she was raped by 12 different men in one single day.

According to their trial statements, “the four of them raped her over 400 times, beat her, starved her, hung her from the ceiling and used her as a ‘punching bag,’ dropped barbells onto her stomach, forced her to eat live cockroaches and drink her own urine, forced her to masturbate in front of them, and forced her to sing and dance and sing the songs while being beaten. They inserted foreign objected into her vagina and anus, including a lit lightbulb and firework. They burned her vagina and clitoris with cigarettes and lighters and her eyelids with hot wax. Not only that, but they also tore off her left nipple with pliers and pierced her breasts with sewing needles.”


Junko Furuta was said to slip into unconsciousness because of the repeated assaults, leading them to dunk her head into a bucket of water each time to continue the torture. When her body was found, Oronamin C bottles were stuck up her anus and her face was unrecognizable. Furuta was also found pregnant, despite the severe damage to her uterus.

Furuta once tried to contact the police but was caught before she could say anything. When the police called back, Miyano told them that the original emergency call was a mistake. As punishment for contacting the police, they tied her legs and set her feet on fire with burning lighter fluid. Several leg burns and badly bruised muscles left her unable to walk after 20 days of her ordeal.

Junko Furuta was unable to handle anything as her hands anymore, because her bones were smashed with weights and her fingernails cracked, and even after all this assault they forced her to sleep in the balcony, where she was exposed to cold temperature.


After 30 days of the continuous assault, she was unable to urinate properly due to her damaged internal organs from the insertion of objects and burns from cigarettes and lighters. Tired and tortured Furuta even begged her captors to kill her but they didn’t do that either and kept assaulting and torturing her. The constant beating, starvation, and assault altered Furuta’s appearance, her face was so swollen that it was difficult to identify her.

One of the kidnappers told the court “Furuta’s legs were so severely damaged that it took her over an hour to drag herself downstairs to the toilet. Her body was also severely crippled and started giving off a rotting smell which caused the boys to lose their interest in her. So they kidnapped another girl aged 19.”

Junko Furuta’s torture could’ve only lasted 16 days if the police officers investigated the house further. One of the captor’s friends, Ihara was allegedly bullied into raping the girl. After Ihara left the Minato’s house he told her brother about the incident, who then told their parents, who then contacted the police.

Soon two officers were dispatched to Minato’s house, however, they were informed that there was no girl inside, the officers declined an invitation to look around the house as they’ve been told that no girl was in the house. Both of the officers faced a backlash from the community. If they searched the house properly, Junko Furuta would’ve been alive today.


The Death of Junko Furuta

On January 4, 1989, Furutka’s captors challenged her to a game of Mahjong Solitaire, and she won the game which pissed the boys so much that they started beating her with an iron barbell, kicked and punched her, and placed two short candles on her eyelids, burning them with hot wax. They made her stand and hit her feet with a stick, at this point, she was bleeding profusely and pus emerged on her infected burns, even this didn’t stop the monsters, they wore plastic bags on their hands and started beating her again.

They dropped an iron exercise ball onto her stomach several times. They poured lighter fluid onto her thighs, arms, face and stomach and once again set her on fire. Furuta tried to stop the fire but soon she became unresponsive, and the attack on her lasted for 2 hours, poor Furuta succumbed to her wounds and died that day.

Her kidnappers wrapped her body in blankets and shoved it into a travel bag. They put her body in a 55-gallon drum and filled it with wet concrete, and disposed of the drum into a cement truck in Koto, Tokyo.


Junko Furuta’s Captors

Hiroshi Miyano and Jō Ogura were arrested on January 23, 1989, for the gang rape of a 19-year-old woman, whom they kidnapped in December.

On 29 March, when two police officers came to interrogate them, as they found a women’s underwear in their home. They confessed to the crimes against Furuta, Miyano told the police where to find Furuta’s body. The police were however, puzzled by their confession as they were interrogating about the disappearance of a different woman and her 7-year-old son who had gone missing.

The police found the drum containing Furuta’s body the next day. Her body was identified via fingerprints and on 1 April 1989, Jō Ogura was arrested for a separate sexual assault, and subsequently re-arrested for Furuta’s murder. The arrest of Yasushi Watanabe, Nobuharu Minato, and Minato’s brother followed.


Trial of Junko Furuta’s captors

Despite their horrendous crimes, their identities were hidden by the court, but a Japanese magazine managed to discover their identities, and published their identities. The magazine stated that “give the severity of the crime, the accused did not deserve to have their right to anonymity upheld.”

Junko Furuta's captors
Junko furuta’s captors

All the captors pleaded guilty to “committing bodily injury that resulted in death,” rather than pleading guilty to murder.

The four perpetrators were tried as juveniles, but eventually faced sentence as adults, sadly each one of them is already out of jail now.


The leader of the crime, Hiroshi Miyano, was sentenced to 17 years in prison, he later appealed his sentence but Tokyo High court judge Ryūji Yanase sentenced him to an additional three years in prison. The same judge also increased the sentence for two more boys who appealed.sHiroshi’s mother reportedly sent Furuta’s parents 50 million yen(US $425,000) after selling their family home.

Yasushi Watanabe, now Jo Kamisaku was released in August 1999, went back to prison in July 2004 for 7 years for the beating of a guy he thought was luring his girlfriend away from him.

All the sentences were largely regarded as being far too light for the crimes committed , and all four individuals were protected by special provisions applied to individuals 18 years and younger.


Junko Furuta’ funeral was held on 2nd April 1989.One of her friends’ memorial address stated:

Jun-chan, welcome back. I have never dreamed that we would see you again in this way. You must have been in so much pain… so much suffering. The happi we all made from the school festival looked really good on you. We will never forget you. I have heard that the headmaster has presented you with a graduation certificate. So, we graduated together – all of us Jun-chan, there is no more pain, no more suffering. Please rest in peace.

There are many who believe this story is a hoax, we wish it was a hoax and Junko Furuta hadn’t gone through the suffering, but sadly the horrible crime definitely happened.

What happened to Junko Futura was terrifying, the case, the trial, and the sentences were all a lesson, that these type of things shouldn’t take place again. If you notice something weird and if you think someone’s in trouble, contact someone, tell your elder ones, tell someone about it, you can save a life.

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