Mother faces jail for saving Children instead of Kim Family portraits from a house fire, yes you read that right. Now the mother is under investigation and can’t give her children antibiotics for their burns.

When the fire erupted in the house in Onsong County, a mother did what anyone would have, she went to save her children, but now she is jailed for saving her children? Because she failed to protect the portrait of Kim Jong-il.

Portraits of Kim Li Sung and Kim Jong il
Fortunately, the other family was able to get the portraits out before the fire. Wikimedia Commons.

The mother was out of the house when the fire broke out in Onsong County, near China. She raced back and managed to pull her children from the burning building but she failed to rescue the portraits of the Kim family.

While the neighbors managed to save the portraits with the help of a young farmworker. She was subsequently able to avoid a criminal investigation.

Though the farmworker was recently released from prison for a violent offense, he’s been celebrated as a hero by the government. North Koreans who save the portraits of the Kim family from fires and floods are considered heroes, especially if one dies in the attempt, while those who fail to do so face legal consequences, Daily NK reported.

The woman has been placed under investigation by the country’s Minister of State security after the fire broke out in a home shared by two families. The neighbors are keen to help the mother by covering the cost of her children’s medicine, but they are terrified of any involvement if she is convicted. They have been trying to gather corn to trade for medicine but are struggling.


The North Korean Law required all households to hang portraits of past leaders-Ki II Sung and Kim Jong-II, all families are checked with regular inspections to ensure that portraits are readily visible.

During the court proceedings, the mother will be unable to take care of her children who suffered fire burns.

North Korean Leaders

When a North Korean leader dies, it is compulsory for citizens to show hysteria and intense public mourning as a sign of their admiration and worship towards the leader.

When Kim Jong-II died in 2011 a hundred-day mourning period followed which saw the streets crowded with people, crying and falling to their knees, and if anyone was spotted not crying and not sad, they were taken to concentration camps.

The people in the country had no access to the Internet and nothing to communicate with the outside world, the cars are expensive, highways are empty, the country is getting poor but their leader doesn’t want to show this to the outside world.

Read Regular things which are irregular in North Korea and you won’t be surprised anymore by this news.


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