In the spring of 1939, something unusual happened to a five-year-old girl named Lina Medina. Her parents noticed that her belly was growing, and they worried it might be a tumor. However, they were shocked to find out that Lina was actually seven months pregnant.

Lina Medina with her son
Lina Medina with her son

On May 14, 1939, Lina gave birth to a healthy baby boy through a cesarean section. This made her the youngest mother in the world at the age of just five years, seven months, and 21 days.

Lina’s story caught the attention of people all around the world and caused a lot of shock. However, Lina and her family have always kept quiet about the identity of the baby’s father. Even today, we don’t know how Lina got pregnant at such a young age or who the father could have been. It’s a mystery that remains unsolved.

Youngest Mother: A Case of Precocious Puberty

Lina Medina’s extraordinary case captivated the attention and curiosity of people around the world. Born in Peru in 1933, Lina was the daughter of Tiburelo, a silversmith, and Victoria Losea, a housewife. She grew up as one of nine siblings, surrounded by her family.

Lenia medina with her son and anther child

The revelation of Lina’s pregnancy at the tender age of five shocked her family and loved ones. However, pediatric endocrinologists, specialists in children’s hormone-related conditions, were not entirely taken aback. They were familiar with a rare condition known as Precocious Puberty, which can lead to the early onset of sexual development and reproductive capabilities in young children.

Precocious Puberty is a condition where a child’s body undergoes the changes of puberty too early. In girls, puberty starts before the age of 8, and in boys, before the age of 9, it is known as precocious puberty. This condition involves rapid growth of bones and muscles, changes in body shape and size, and the development of reproductive abilities.

The exact cause of precocious puberty is not fully understood, but in rare cases, it can be triggered by factors like infections, hormone disorders, tumors, brain abnormalities, or injuries. Boys with precocious puberty may experience a deepening voice, enlarged genitals, and the growth of facial hair. Girls, on the other hand, may have their first period and develop breasts at a young age. It is important to note that this condition is more common in girls, occurring about ten times more often than in boys.

While precocious puberty can help explain how Lina Medina became pregnant, there are still unanswered questions surrounding her case. The identity of the father remains a mystery as Lina and her family have chosen not to disclose any information about it, leaving it unresolved to this day.

Lina Medina’s father was arrested

Upon the discovery of Lina Medina’s pregnancy, the doctor promptly notified the police, leading to the arrest of Lina’s father as a suspect. However, after a week of questioning, the authorities were compelled to release him due to a lack of substantial evidence linking him to the pregnancy.

Lina Medina with her son
Lina Medina with her son

Another individual who came under suspicion was Lina’s cousin, given his reported mental health issues, which raised concerns about his potential involvement in the incident. Nevertheless, no evidence emerged to support these suspicions, prompting the authorities to release him as well.

Lina, being at such a young age and possibly lacking a full understanding of the situation, never disclosed the identity of the father or the specific details regarding the assault that led to her pregnancy. This silence could be attributed to her tender age and limited comprehension of the events that unfolded.

In the subsequent years, rumors started circulating regarding the existence of regular festivals in Lina’s hometown, allegedly involving group sex or even rape, with suggestions that minors like Lina were involved. However, these claims were never substantiated or proven.

Various Peruvian news outlets sought to secure interviews and filming rights with Lina, the world’s youngest mother, offering her family substantial sums of money. Journalists from the United States also attempted to approach her for interviews. Despite the attention and financial incentives, Lina and her family chose to maintain their silence and declined any public discussions regarding the matter.

What happened to Lina Medina’s child?

Due to Lina’s extremely young age and her underdeveloped body, the only viable method for her to give birth at the age of five was through a risky cesarean section procedure.

Throughout Lina’s pregnancy, her parents faced immense pressure from the media and medical professionals. Her mother disclosed that Lina had started menstruating at the age of three, and subsequent medical examinations revealed her condition of precocious puberty.

Despite the considerable risks and concerns, Lina successfully delivered a healthy baby on Mother’s Day, May 14th, 1939. Weighing 2.7 kilograms, the boy was named Gerardo Medina after the doctor who initially examined Lina. Following the birth, Gerardo was discharged from the hospital and went home with the family to their village of Ticrapo.

In 1941, two years after Gerardo’s arrival, an American psychologist, during a visit to South America, examined Lina and published an account in the New York Times. The psychologist reported that Lina displayed above-average intelligence and that the baby boy was in excellent health, and physically more developed than the average Mestiza (Spanish Indian) child. The psychologist noted that Lina and her family regarded Gerardo as a baby brother.

Gerardo was raised as Lina’s brother until the age of ten when he learned the truth about his parentage. He lived a healthy life and passed away in 1979, leaving behind the remarkable story of his unique birth.

Where is Lina Medina now?

Following the life-altering experience of giving birth at such a young age, Lina consciously opted for a quiet existence, distancing herself from the media spotlight. She secured employment as a secretary for the doctor who had attended her during childbirth, utilizing the income to support her college education. During this period, Lina also assisted Gerardo with his education.

Lina Medina and her husband

In the early 1970s, Lina Medina tied the knot with Raul Jurado and, astonishingly, gave birth to a second son 33 years after the birth of her first child. As of 2002, the couple resided in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Lima, Peru.

Lina Medina now

Lina has maintained a steadfast commitment to her privacy throughout her life, resulting in limited information available regarding her current circumstances or whereabouts. If she were still alive today, Lina would be 90 years old, leaving her remarkable story as a testament to human resilience and the mysteries of life.

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