Seems like The Brexit pressure is getting to British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson as he gave his bizarre speech about mattress monitoring our nightmares, limbless chickens and a hangover cure which we can all use.

Boris Johnson avoided any talk about Brexit during his inaugural speech to the UN general assembly. Though he talked about how there is no escape from google, Prometheus and lot more and linked them to make a joke on Brexit, yup that’s the British Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson painted his view on the future of Technology and how it will take over the entire world, even Alexa will pretend to take out orders and mattress will monitor our nightmares – Johnson.

It’s not the first speech about robots destroying humans and why to worry about robots while the damage is already done by a human, practically we are doing the same thing which robots are supposed to if they go evil.

Jeremy Corbyn, Opposition Labour Leader even asked Boris to resign after his defeat on Tuesday, this move would make Boris the shortest-serving-prime minister of all time.

Boris Johnson
Boris Jhonson (Toby Melville/Reuters)

Although it is customary for the British Prime Minister to come to the UN and pledge to advance our values and defend our rules. Rules for a peaceful world, tho this speech was more expected from Trump.

Here’s a selection of Boris Jhonson’s Quotes during the speech

“You may keep secrets from your friends, from your parents, your children, your doctor – even your personal trainer – but it takes real efforts to conceal your thoughts from Google.”

“Small cities will populate with sensors all joined together by the Internet of things. Bollards communing invisible with lampposts so there is always a parking space for your electric car”

“A future Alexa will pretend to take orders. But this Alexa will be watching you, clucking her tongue and stamping her foot.

“In future, voice connectivity will be in every room and almost every object: your mattress will monitor your nightmares; your fridge will beep for cheese; your front door will sweep wide the moment you approach like some silent Butler”.


“Are we deemed to a cold and heartless future in which a computer says yes well, computer says no with the grim finality of an emperor in the arena?”

“AI, what will it mean? Helpful robots washing and caring for an aging population? or pink-eyed terminators sent back to the future to cull the human race?”

“What will synthetic biology stands for- restoring our livers and our eyes with miracle regeneration of the tissues, like some fantastic hangover cure? Or will it bring terrifying limbless chickens to out tables?”

“Will nanotechnology help us to beat the disease or would it leave tiny robots to replicate in the services of ourselves it is a trope as old as literature that any scientific advance is punished by the Gods.”

“When Prometheus brought fire to mankind. In a tube of fennel, as you may remember with his brother Epimetheus, Zeus punished him by chaining him to a Tartarean crag while his liver was picked out by an eagle and every time his liver regrew the eagle came back and pecked it again. And this went on forever – a bit like the experience of Brexit in the UK if some of our parliamentarians had their way.”

The speech came within 24 hours since the UK’s Supreme Court ruled Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks as unlawful.

Johnson winded up his speed by inviting assemble leaders to tech summit next year in London, and added a joke “it’s not raining 94 percent of the time.” More than looking into the future, maybe he should evaluate his own political career.

There has been a number of debates about AI and it’s involvement in our lives, and how would it affect us, Would AI cull human? or would it do what it is destined to do?


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