Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, a sex offender who was nothing like a man or even remotely human. Over the course of 13 years, he took the lives of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Rape, dismemberment, cannibalism, and necrophilia were all part of his vicious killings. One of Dahmer’s quote reads —

The only motive that there ever was to completely control a person; a person I found physically attractive. And keep them with me as long as possible, even if it meant just keeping a part of them.

Dahmer during his interrogations
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer’s mugshot.

The killings got Dahmer the name of “Milwaukee Cannibal and Milwaukee Monster”. Dahmer was caught in his Milwaukee apartment in 1991 and sentenced 16 life terms.

Jeffrey Dahmer Childhood

Born in 1960, Jeffrey Dahmer had a normal childhood, at the age of 4, he started growing his fascination with animals, he was fascinated about how they fitted together. Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s dad encouraged it believing that his son was showing interest in chemistry and biology, and with the scientific background, he showed Jeffery how to preserve them.

Jeffrey Dahmer family
Jeffrey Dahmer with his parents and brother.

Dahmer started drinking at an early age, even took classes being drunk in high school sometimes. At the age of 14 Jeffrey realized that he was gay, he used to watch male joggers while hiding in the bushes.

Dahmer planned his first victim as a male jogger, rendering him unconscious with a baseball bat, so he could sexually violate him but the day he decided to act upon his fantasy his target jogger did not show up.

Dahmer’s first victim

Prior to his graduation Dahmer was struggling with his homosexual desires, after being home all day drinking Dahmer went out to get some supplies where he picked up a hitchhiker, who was on his way to a rock concert in Cleveland and was his first victim Steven Hicks.

Both were of the same age so it didn’t raise any suspicion on Jeffrey which convinced him to go to his home for some drinks.

jeffery dahmer's first victim
Steven Hicks

Problems began when Steven called it time and said he should go now, Dahmer didn’t take this nicely and hit him with a dumbbell and then finished him by strangling with the bar of the dumbbell. Dahmer then finished his sexual urges with the corpse and then dissolved the body in acid, and bones which did not dissolve properly he smashed them into pieces with a sledgehammer and threw them in the woods behind his house.

Dahmer’s drinking problems persisted and led to his discharge from the army in 1981, during the period of 2-year services in the army, two soldiers have attested to being raped by Jeffery during his army service. One of the soldiers claimed that Jeffrey drugged him and raped him repeatedly over a 17 month period in Germany.

Jeffery Dahmer was sentenced to one-year probation for indecent exposure in front of two-12-year-old boys, which he initially admitted the charges but later denied with the fact that perhaps he was urinating, and was given instruction to undergo counseling in 1982 and similar activities in 1986.


Jeffrey Dahmer — From a sex offender to Serial Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer's second victim
Dahmer in high school

Jeffrey Dahmer waited 9 years for his second victim. Steven Tuomi became his second victim and was killed in September of 1987. Dahmer picked him up from a bar and they checked in a hotel where Dahmer drugged Steven and as told in his interrogations he had no memory of actually murdering Steven.

It was hard to control his demons after the killing in 1987 Dahmer’s killing spree has taken a leap with two victims in 1988, one in 1989 and four in 1990.

After killing the victims he would bleach their head and genitals, and kept them in preservation with scientific precision and sometimes ate them.

After moving to his new apartment Dahmer lured in a 13-year-old boy back to his flat, the boy was offered 50$ to pose nude for photographs.

Luckily the boy escaped and Jeffrey was arrested the following day for drugging and sexually assaulting a minor, and around 4 months later he was convicted of second-degree sexual assault. Sentencing for this crime was suspended until May and he was forced to move back to his grandmother’s apartment.

Dahmer had a lucky escape in May 1991 when one of his victims almost escaped and ended the reign of Dahmer.

One who could’ve been saved from Dahmer

Dahmer’s next victim Konerak Sinthasomphone who was coincidentally brother of Keison, who became his victim 3 years ago, sadly he didn’t recognize his brother’s killer as they were assured by the police that killer’s punishment would be severe.

Jeffrey dahmer apartment
Dahmer’s apartment where he used to bring his victims ( TARO YAMASAKI / Time life pictures)

On May 27, 1991, neighbor Sandra Smith called 911 to report seeing a bleeding and naked boy run from Dahmer’s apartment, Officer Balcerzak and his partner Joseph Gabrish were dispatched who took the Dahmer’s word that “The boy was his 19-year-old lover and they got drunk and had an argument and started fighting”.

Konerak who was fluent in English was unable to communicate in his drugged and brain-injured state. Dahmer found the boy and convinced the police officers that the boy was his 19-year-old lover.

The police officer said that he had agonized over how he might have prevented the boy’s death.”God as my witness, I just didn’t dump a little boy in the hands of a murderer. That’s not what happened,” the officer, Joseph T. Gabrish as told to The Milwaukee Journal in a story published.

As soon as the police left, Dahmer killed the boy and proceeded with his usual rituals. If the officers had conducted a basic search 5 lives would’ve been saved and they would find the body of his 12th victim, Tony Hughes.

Before getting arrested Dahmer killed 4 more men and his tally stopped at 17, with 16 in West Allis and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and one victim in Ohio — all between 1978 and 1991.

The end of Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer was set to strike again only 2 days after his last killing. This time his victim was a 32-year-old, African American man, Tracy Edwards. Dahmer picked him from a bar and took him to his room where he would perform his routine, but Tracy somehow managed to escape Dahmer’s apartment.

Jeffrey dahmer courtroom
Jeffrey Dahmer during his trials.

The one that got away from Dahmer

Tracy Edwards was able to flag down two police officers and led them to Dahmer, Tracy who still had handcuffs dangling from his wrist, told officers that a “weird dude” had drugged and tried to kill him but somehow he escaped.

When the officers arrived at Dahmer’s apartment they found the knife that Dahmer was trying to kill Tracy with and when the officer went into his bedroom the game was over for Dahmer.

They found piles of polaroid photographs of his victims, purposely posed in hideous positions.


Crime Scene: Jeffrey Dahmer’s refrigerator

After arriving, police officers started searching Dahmer’s apartment, they found Polaroid photographs of his victims positioned hideously, and a fresh severed human head in his refrigerator, this was just the beginning of horrors, 7 preserved skulls some of them painted and some of them bleached

Police removing human body parts(57-gallon blue plastic drum) from Dahmer’s apartment. (murderopedia)

In the refrigerator, investigators collected two human hearts and a portion of the arm muscle, a bag of human organs and flesh stuck at the bottom and an entire torso.

Two skeletons, a pair of severed hands, two severed and preserved genitals and a mummified scale were recovered Dahmer’s apartment.

It’s hard for me to believe that a human being could have done what I’ve done, but I know that I did it.

Jeffrey Dahmer during his interrogation.

The Horror of Jeffrey Dahmer

No one has ever come face to face with as prolific and heinous as Jeffrey Dahmer and nothing could have prepared Patrick Kennedy and Patrick Murphy who interrogated him for what they were about to hear.

Throughout his interrogation, he waived his right to have a lawyer present and told that he would confess it all.

“I created this horror and it only makes sense i do everything to put an end to it”

Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer made complete confessions and he described all the details of his murders including necrophilia and cannibalism.

In an attempt to create sex slaves Dahmer drilled holes into the head of his victims and filled their head with bleach, though the experiment was unsuccessful and both of his victims died.

Dahmer was interviewed for 60 hours and when asked about what compelled him to do such things he replied “It was my way of remembering their appearance, their physical beauty, I also wanted to keep, if I couldn’t keep them with me whole at least I could keep their skeletons “

Dahmer also revealed that most of his victims were unconscious before their murder although some had died as a result of having acid and boiling water injected into their brain

Later he pleaded guilty by virtue of insanity, his defense tried to bring his behavior into factor but nothing can account for the horrible killings he did.

Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 16 life terms in prison in 1991. 3 years later Jeffrey Dahmer was killed along with Jesse Anderson by his fellow prison inmate Christopher Scarver.

Scarver said he found Dahmer disturbing with the crimes he was charged and the fact that Dahmer used to fashion severed limbs from prison food to annoy other inmates.

Lionel Dahmer released a book later “A father’s story”, not about his son Jeffrey, but where he failed as a father.

Jeffrey Dahmer Movie

Over the years Jeffrey Dahmer has been used as a reference for psychopaths and cannibals. My Friend Dahmer was based on the life story of Jeffrey Dahmer.

There have been several references in the movies, such as the scene from Get Out.

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