Nataliia Karia, a former daycare provider convicted of hanging a toddler has been sentenced to probation.

Natalia received 10 years probation for hanging a toddler in her daycare, then running over two men with her minivan, before attempting suicide. Luckily, all of the victims of the incident survived their injuries.

Nataliia said through an interpreter, “I apologize and I don’t know if you will be able to forgive me. I have no excuse for what I did.”


Nataliia Karia, 43 was arrested for putting a 16-month-old in a noose in her basement in November 2016. Luckily another parent who came to pick their child found the child before any major damage was done and the 16-month-old toddler survived. Natalia fled the scene and hit two men with her minivan.

During her sentencing hearing, she spoke through an interpreter and apologized to all the victims.

“Please forgive me for everything that happened to the boy and that terrible day,” Nataliia added, “Unfortunately, you will have to live with those injuries that I caused you.”

Judge Jay Quam said this is one of the hardest cases he’s ever had. Jay said that if it was a normal case and with the amount of damage it caused, he would give the most severe sentence that he could. But this was no way, not a normal case.

“She hung[him] by the neck with a homemade noose in her basement in Minneapolis. This case is about that little boy who very well could have taken his last breath in that basement,” Count Attorney Christina Warren said.


Nataliia pleaded guilty to attempted murder and criminal vehicular operation, her attorney argued that the case was because of the mental illness brought by the abuse.

She explained that she was suicidal and suffering from mental illness when the incident occurred. She blamed that her husband won’t spend any money for emergency care or meditation.

“My husband was only thinking about money, how much money we would lose if we closed the day case, and how much it would cost if he took me to the emergency room,” Nataliia said.

Brockton Hunter, the defense attorney argued that “This offense was aggravated, if not wholly caused by abuse of Nataliia’s husband.” He also provided the judge with a recording they say shows her husband’s anger.

The prosecution even argued that mental illness is not a reason to give Nataliia probation instead of prison. “It’s not mentally ill shouldn’t go to prison, the dept. of correction is incredibly well-equipped to handle the needs of the mentally ill.”

This sentencing was a continuation of proceeding that began in May, at the time the mothers of the toddlers, Claire and Jennifer booth were also present and gave an emotional victim statement in court.


“Based on prior actions and history, I would not feel comfortable with simply probation. Because everybody that has testified today has said they trusted her with their children. Well you’re fine and you’re trustworthy and you’re caring until you’re not,” Claire Booth said on May 23.

Nataliia’s daughter Denys testified that his mother suffered both physical and mental abuse in Ukraine and also in America. She also told that her mother told him that she had suicidal thoughts and a week before the incident she told him that she was worried she might hurt someone else, but her husband would not allow her to seek help.

Joseph Sabir, the man who saved the child from the basement, testified that he could tell she was not acting herself and told him to call the police.


Judge Jay Quam also handed down a 183-month prison sentence, if Nataliia violates probation. She will be on house arrest for a couple of moths until the rest of the probation details are determined.

I’m going to put you on probation for 10 years. If you make it through 10 years, I have absolutely no doubt that all this will be safe and that I will have made the right choice here today.

Jennifer Booth said after the sentencing, “Our family is looking forward to moving on. We have been fortunate to have a supportive, healing community surround us. We hope that Nataliia is able to move forward in her own healing journey and hope she gets the help she needs.”

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