In 1975, a 17-year-old boy was killed while riding on his moped. He was killed exactly 1 year after his 17-year-old brother was killed while riding the same moped, in the same intersection, by the same taxi, with the same driver, carrying the same passenger. The Twins Erskine and Neville suffered an unbelievable coincidence.

On a daily basis, we come across many such facts but this already seems very strange and hard to believe coincidence or a tragedy.


The Twin Brothers were killed in a road accident at the age of 17 years a year apart(1974 and 1975) while riding the same moped, by the same taxi, with the same driver, carrying the same passenger. The coincidence termed unbelievable story has been online for a while now and no many could believe that this incident really happened. Let’s analyze how far the claim is a fact or is it just a hoax.

Bermuda Twin Tragedy
Bermuda Twin Tragedy

Most of the time if you have read about the story it is surely from every other Instagram or facebook’s conspiracy theory page but the original source is said to be “Phenomena: A Book of Wonders” published in the late 1970s by John Michell and Robert J.M. Rickard.


The story resurfaces when Reader’s Digest reprinted the same story in 2015, one they did in 2011. The article was titled “What are the Odds?”, that was reported on July 21, 1975 issue of Royal Gazette newspaper, in front pages with the headline ‘Incredible coincidence in road crash deaths’. An instance of the article is shown below.

  • Erskine Ebbin and his brother Neville were killed almost exactly a year apart after being involved in a collision with the same taxi, driven by the same driver and carrying the same passenger.
  • Both victims were 17, and both were riding the same auxiliary cycle on the same road.
  • Erksine was killed on the night of July 18, 1973, near the Packwood Hime in Sandys; Neville died on July 30, 1974, on the nearby stretch of Middle Road known as Hog Bay Level.
  • Both were reported to have collided with a taxi driven by Williard Manders.
  • According to their father, John Henry Ebbin, even the passenger in the taxi was the same in both instances.

Reasonable Version

From the newspaper source, it is quite clear that the accidents did not happen exactly a year after neither does it took place on the same intersection, however, as their father said the passenger in the taxi was the same both the times.

What gets confusing is how come they both were twins but died one year apart and still aged 17. Brother Neville and Erskine L. Ebbin weren’t twins. It appears they were born about a year apart.

A more reasonable explanation of the story also circulates online which is shown below:

In July 1975, Erskine Lawrence Ebbin was knocked off his moped and killed by a taxi in Hamilton, Bermuda. It was the same taxi with the same driver, carrying the same passenger, that had killed his brother Neville in July the previous year. Both brothers were 17 when they died, and had been riding the same moped in the same street.


Coincidence or Just an accident?

Bermuda has a limited landmass, and its capital Hamilton is spread over a small area of 70 hectares (about 173 acres), having a living population of less than 2000 in 2010. So if we assumed population 36 years ago that would be a small number. The number of people owning a taxi would be very small and no of people riding a taxi would also be small. For a boy to own a moped his brother owned is not that big a deal. So the probability that two brothers would get hit by the same cab in the same street would not be that small. A tragic accident but an interesting coincidence nonetheless.

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