Sallie house is considered to be one of the most haunted places in America and with the story you are going to read you might rethink all the strange happenings at night. Some consider the force present inside the house to be demonic. Even with no tragedies inside the Sallie house, spirits earned a name for themselves.

Sallie House
Sallie House

It is believed that in human presence demons would allegedly present themselves in the form of a human, the reason behind doing so is they need the energy, need souls to feed and they do so by appearing in form of children, which is why throughout this article you will be reading about a little girl named Sallie.

History of Sallie House

The Sallie House’s history does not reveal any tragic event which might be the reason behind the hauntings.

The house was built by Michael Finney in 1867 and since then 4 deaths have occurred with natural causes. Michael Finney himself died in 1872, Richard Edwin Fenny(1874), Charles James Kathrens (Father of Kate Finney) in 1874, Anges Finney in 1939.

Finney family lived there until 1947 and since then the house is owned and rented by various people.

The Pickman’s Sallie House

It all started in 1992 when Tony and Debra Pickman rented the house, they started noticing small acts of haunting and as the time went on small acts turned into sleepless nights.

Debra wrote a book about it: Sallie House Haunting: A True Story by Debra Pickman. According to the book, at first, the incidents could’ve been eliminated as faulty wirings and pranks, such as lights flickering and would dim themselves and the dog in the house would stand and cry or bark for some minutes outside the bedroom which later turned into a nursery.

The haunting soon started on a larger scale and their newborn baby would wake up every hour. Debra stated this incident as “as if someone was playing with him“.

Their neighbors would ask them why they had lights on for nursery room all night long with the baby sleeping, this came as a shock to Debra who always turned the lights off.

Time passed and the incidents were not slowing down and on July 14, 1993, when Debra, Tony and her sister Karen went to the nursery room, they found all the toy animals lying in a circle in the middle of the room, thinking of it as a prank by one of them they packed the animals back, turned lights off and went downstairs.

Toys stuffed in a circle in Sallie House
Toys stuffed in a circle

When they returned to check on their newborn baby and saw that not only the light was on but one of her toys was back on the ground.

They wasted no time after that, they packed their bags and left the house to stay with Tony’s parents.

As they were leaving Tony felt a sharp sting in his back and when lifted his shirt to look they discovered scratches on his back.

This continued and turned real horrifying when a scratch manifested while on video. This caught the media’s attention, the Sightings crew visited the house and filmed an episode there.

This incident led Pickman to a psychic who felt a presence named Sallie.

The crew set their cameras to check for any paranormal activity, they started interviewing Debra with clear instructions to move the camera on anything unusual.

While Debra was being interviewed, Tony was sitting with his daughter in the chair aside from the cameras, suddenly Tony started screaming and when they went to check on him, they noticed scratches on his arm.

Tony was horrified by the experience and was still unable to do anything about it. When he was being interviewed, he noticed he was being scratched and when removed his shirt to look at it, he had scratches on his chest, and after some time scratches on his forehead.

Their pictures on the wall would turn upside down, the vacuum cleaner would turn on and off again, tv would turn on after they turned it off and toys with music would turn on itself.


How Sallie house was named after Sallie’s sketch

They continued to stay as Debra wanted answers to why this is happening to Tony. After a few months, Tony went to get a glass of orange juice from the kitchen and when he turned around he saw a little girl standing in the early 1900’s clothing standing, he sketched the girl for Debra to tell her what he saw.

Sallie's photo
Sallie’s sketch (SallieHouse)

Although a resident mentioned that his daughter who was 5 at that time had a friend named Sallie and when he would scold her, she used to say “I didn’t do it Sallie did it” or “Sallie told me to do it”.

When the Pickman family moved in 1994, about 11 years later he showed his drawing to his daughter who claimed that she was her childhood friend.

The fire would start on its own in the nursery room, and Tony continuously complained about hearing someone scratching through the wall like an animal digging to get out of the wall.

He mentioned later that there was a time when he couldn’t think of any happy thought while in the house and wanted to slit Debra’s throat.

You might be thinking that why are they still living here, Debra herself told that even her relatives, people watching on television ask why are you staying? Because of the curiosity, and as soon as they get the answer they will move out. Debra replied.

The basement of Sallie House

The basement has to be the weirdest part of the Sallie house, it has a pentagram on the floor which was found by Les Smith the house owner after the Pickman’s moved out. The basement is believed to be the portal for demonic entities. Visitors claim to hear footsteps from the basement while no one is there.


Psychic Peter James visit Sallie House

Peter James was set to visit Sallie house without any knowledge of what is happening inside, before even entering the house he notices a small girl on the window upstairs. Similarly, he told about the deaths and the previous residents, one of them being a doctor.

Peter sensed two locations in the house where the presence was strongly felt, one was a bedroom and the other was a nursery room.

Sallie House stairs.

He felt the presence of Sallie and tried talking to her, but was unable to know the reason why Sallie was haunting Tony Pickman and make her go away. He also believed this house to be a portal for spirits and have more than one spirit residing there.


However, there is no factual evidence to support Peter’s claim of seeing Sallie on stairs.

New residents of Sallie house

When new residents moved to the Sallie House they did not report anything and neither did Tony and Debra after they moved out in 1994, and believed that no such thing happened here.

Who was Sallie?

When researched about the previous residents there used to be women named Sallie living nearby. So what was she doing in that house?

Sallie Isabel Hall Atchison Daily Champion 3-Mar-1905
Sallie Isabel Hall Atchison Daily Champion 3-Mar-1905

Sallie Isabel Hall was, in fact, a 34-year-old back woman who had 14 children delivered at the house which was owned by Dr. Charles C. Finney in 1905. Unfortunately, 10 of her children died at birth, only 3 girls and a boy survived. Dr. Charles C. Finney later moved out to 2 houses apart in the same neighborhood.

Legend has it that she forgave the doctor but kept attacking males inside the house.


Reading the article you might be wondering all the incidents were connected to Tony and no one else, only attacked Tony, why not anyone else? Maybe Tony reminded her of something or was she or something trying to posses Tony. On the other hand, why did no one else saw her? or how sure we can be that Sallie is a little girl, not an evil entity?

Interestingly Tony had a skin disease Dermatoographism, a benign skin condition, in which a person can scratch his body and nothing will show up then but the scars would appear 10- 15 minutes later. But this condition does not include bleeding which was the case with Tony Pickman.

So, Sallie tried to communicate with people in the form of a child? and she is trying to protect the child of the house from adults, such can be seen from Debra’s Christmas photos in which something blurry can be seen near the newborn baby. Tony hasn’t been nice to his child or Sallie had trouble from someone lookalike as Tony or Is it the house that is haunted, similar to Winchester Mystery House.