These are not for the faint-hearted. They are going to make you sick to your stomach. What is the scariest real-life event that you cant think of? Is that scary enough? Read these stories and find out yourself. The events listed below are all true and equally horrifying to read.

The Story of Jayme Closs

From user/bn1979: The story of Jayme Closs is terrifying. In rural Wisconsin last year, a 13-14ish-year-old girl went missing after her parents were murdered in their home. Police arrived within 4 minutes or so, but she is just gone.

Jayme Closs

Of course, speculation is that she was kidnapped, or that she was in on it, or dead, or whatever. Nobody knows because she has completely vanished.

88 days later, in the dead of a northern Wisconsin winter, she runs out in to the street to a woman walking her dog. She had been held captive about 40 minutes from her home.

All of that is scary enough, but here’s the terrifying part…

She had never had any contact with the guy that murdered her family and abducted her. One day he was driving to a new job (at which he only lasted a day) and saw her get on the school bus. At that moment he decided that he was going to take her.

There was no warning. No grooming. There was absolutely nothing that she or her family could have done to avoid everything. A creepy young man saw her from 100’ away and decided that he would murder her family and take her for himself.


A Victim Managed to Escape Jeffrey Dahmer But…

Jeffery Dahmer and the one victim that managed to escape. The victim was intoxicated from both drinking and some date rape drug Dahmer slipped him. The victim actually managed to run into some cops. Dahmer soon followed behind, convinced the cops that the victim was his boyfriend and the cops let Dahmer take him home. Terrifying.

Jeffrey Dahmer, Scariest Real life Events

Someone Broke Into A House and Left Folded Dollar Bills Everywhere

From user u/dadadawn: I lived alone with my dogs in a brownstone in a gated community in uptown Dallas. I worked a few miles away but came home every day for lunch to let my dogs out. After living there for about a year I started smelling men’s cologne really strong in my entryway and up my stairs. I figured it was my neighbor next door and didn’t think anything of it.

Then one day I found a dollar bill folded lengthwise on top of my purse. I never carry cash nor have I ever folded a dollar bill lengthwise. Thought it was weird. A few weeks later I came home and both my dogs were standing in front of my bedroom door wagging their tails and staring at the door. I figured they wanted to lay on my bed but I was in a hurry and walked them real fast and went back to work. When I came home that day there were 20 or so dollar bills folded lengthwise and placed neatly around various surfaces in my room.

Never in my life have I been so terrified. I grabbed my dogs and noped the fuck out of that place as fast as I could. I called the cops, they came out, my locks were changed, but I could never be there alone again. I moved a month or so later. When I moved, I found dollar bills taped to the back of pictures on my walls, under furniture, and random places. I never figured out who or why or even how. I think the scariest thing of all is knowing that day when I was home, whoever had been going into my house was waiting quietly in my room, folding dollar bills, and my little dogs knew it.


Welcome Friend

From user u/Amancalledcarter: When I was about 13, I was an adventure explorer wannabe. I used to pack a tent and survival gear to go camping up the hill about 4 miles from my house (elevated 1200ft). I set up my tent in this small field almost entirely surrounded by woods. I made my beans, went to sleep. I was woken up at 3am to the sound of what I thought was a wild animal approaching the tent, not unusual. Woke up at sunrise, opened the tent and found a parcel wrapped in white aged cloth, tied in straw string with a note on top ‘welcome friend’. Inside the parcel, get this, a calf leg/hoof.

Never told a soul about it to this day. Scared the soul out of me. Never went camping again, and didn’t stop thinking about it for months.

Suicidal Student Was Building A-Bomb

From user u/PinkShrimpz: My dad’s co-workers came across materials to make a bomb in someone’s luggage at the airport he works at. It turns out there was a suicidal IT student that wasn’t planning on hurting anyone. He just wanted to assemble the bomb when he got to his destination and then try to kill himself. I heard that he’s doing better now, but it’s still pretty scary.

Creepy Project Turns Out To Be Dead Guy

From user u/_cosmicomics_: I was walking in the woods once when I saw a blue tent – or what had once been a tent. It was torn to shreds and the poles were snapped and it was all in a messy pile in the middle of a clearing.

From a distance, it had looked like this clearing was full of cream-coloured flowers, but as I got closer I realised they were pieces of paper. Pages from Stephen King’s The Shining, to be precise. They were charred around the outside as though someone had set light to them, and the fact that they were individual made it look like someone had really wanted to destroy the book.

I shrugged it off. It was a very neat setup for whatever project the film students from the nearby school would be making, I told myself. Very well done, guys, very creepy.

It made the news shortly afterwards that a man from the next town over who had been missing for a long time had finally turned up. Dead. In his blue tent in the woods.

I don’t know if he was still in there when I walked past. I don’t want to know.


When No One Was Looking He Put Mercury In Milkshake

From user, u/Knight_Owls: Former coworker of my brother put Mercury (the metal) into his milkshake when no one was looking to try to kill him. He was caught, but apparently there was no motive other than it was something he wanted to do. No animosity or jealousy towards my brother.

Saved By The Neighbor

From user u/Jaren1196238: I thought I had a dream of riding my bike in Las Vegas when I was 5 or 6. In the dream, an old man walked up to me cut my arm and knocked me off my bike and I woke up at home. I had stitches on my arm and my parents later told me I was riding my bike and crashed but deep down I’m 100% sure that that man really had cut me and thrown off my bike. I wasn’t sure until I was 13-14 when my neighbor asked me if I remembered the time when he found me bleeding next to my bike. Out of curiosity, I asked him if he remembered if anyone was around and he said there was an elderly man walking away from me about 20 yards ahead. To this day I’m still scared of what would have happened if my neighbor hadn’t seen me in the front

Heard Girls Laughing but No One Was In the Room

Had a girl over for a date. We woke up the next morning, and heard a young girl laughing hysterically in my living room. There was no one in that fucking living room, but we both heard it.


Yuba County 5

This happened in 1978, the story of the Yuba County 5. 5 young men go missing, their car is found in working condition high on a mountain road where they had no reason to be. 3 are eventually found dead in the mountains. 1 is found dead in a ranger’s cabin, having starved to death. The 5th has never been found.

Elisa Lam

The Elisa Lam story. A woman goes missing at a hotel, they search the whole hotel… or at least, they think they do. A few days later the hotel guests start complaining of off-color, bad tasting water and low water pressure. Yep, she was decomposing in the water tank.

Elisa Lam

Even A True Crime Fan Can’t Handle it

Well, I’m into true crime so I’ve heard a lot of messed up shit but the most recent story that sticks with me as particularly horrific was a crime where a sadistic mentally ill man killed his girlfriend by spraying sealing foam into her mouth. There was so much of it that they found the foam all the way from her mouth and down into her stomach. She was alive when he did it and choked to death as the foam expanded inside her and blocked her airways completely. Honestly one of the most fucked up crimes I’ve ever heard of.


Set Up Pornhub to Calm Myself Down

From user, u/Bromonster01: After a cross country meets, my team’s bus finally made it back to school pretty late at night. Not quite midnight, but pretty close. As a team we all celebrated our victory together very briefly before heading out with our respective families, however, I was one of the only athletes on that trip who had their own car. So I made the long walk down to the student parking lot with another runner that I promised to drop off on my way home.

We were talking about the meet, how she finally hit her PR, and how she appreciated me driving her home this late up till we got to my car and loaded our school stuff in the trunk. I went ahead and cranked up my car while she finished put her stuff away, when the passenger side door is thrown open and she jumps in screaming. “DRIVE BROMONSTER!” Given her hysteria, I didn’t ask why and I just slammed on the pedal and we sped out of the parking lot.

While we were exiting the parking lot, I saw a flash of what looked like two glowing red eyes like the headlights were reflecting a wild animal’s eyes, and what I assume to be teeth reflecting light similarly to the eyes only white. Naturally, this sent me into what was essentially a pseudo-panic state. My heart was beating so hard I though it would crush my lungs, everything was a blur, and it was like my limbs were on autopilot. I couldn’t feel my hands gripping the steering wheel, but there is still a section on it that is missing the fake leather because of how hard I was gripping it or something.

Luckily it seems that my body wouldn’t allow my passenger to be hurt by my panic. We managed to drive a good ways away and turn onto the highway that runs close by our school and then turned off at an open Gas station to recover. As it turns out, my trunk was still open and we lost most of our school supplies in the mad dash out of the school.

My friend almost wouldn’t talk to me, she was trembling so bad, but I managed to get her side of the account out of her.

Apparently she saw something in the football field the parking lot was adjacent to. At first she thought it was a large buck grazing on the grass, but when I cranked up my car, it stood up and turned to face us. Standing up, her best description she could think of was if Slenderman had deer antlers and was more muscle bound.

After we were both recovered enough, I drove her home and agreed to go back to school that afternoon since it was a weekend to make sure there was actually something there.

I couldn’t sleep barely any that night. I hoarded a variety of weapons close to my bed, and set up Pornhub to calm myself down and distract my mind.

When the next morning came around, the girl and I waited until it was well into the day before I went to pick her up. With a newfound courage that came with the sunlight (and the somewhat illegal possession of 20 gauge shotgun on school property), we arrived at the parking lot to find all of our stuff torn to shreds like a pack of animals were looking for food.

We’ve never had any problems with people disappearing in my area either before or since that day, and no one else had seen anything else like that. So both of us decided to write it off as a trick of tired minds and some wild animals.

We still occasionally contact each other when we have to go out in the dark for some moral support, and as far as I know, we both carry at least a pocket knife.


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