Serial killers like David Parker Ray rarely act entirely alone. Behind many of these depraved murderers are equally disturbed accomplices who enable and participate in the horrific crimes. One such accomplice is Cindy Hendy, the girlfriend of the infamous “Toy Box Killer” David Parker Ray. Her eager participation and shared sadism make Hendy an anomaly among female criminal associates.

From Small-Town Girl to Serial Killer’s Lover

Cynthia Lea Hendy was born in 1954 in the small town of Elephant Butte, New Mexico. Her childhood was marked by trauma, including sexual abuse by her grandfather starting at age five. She claimed this abuse impacted her sexuality later in life.

Cindy Hendy - The Twisted Accomplice of the Toy Box Killer

As a teenager, Hendy was known for her promiscuity and rebellious behaviour. She drank heavily and used drugs. In her early 20s, Hendy worked as an exotic dancer and prostitute. She had a daughter, Angie, in 1978. Angie’s father was absent from the picture, so Hendy raised her alone.

Hendy first met David Parker Ray around 1981 when he installed a stereo system in her car. At the time, Ray was 42 and Hendy was in her late 20s. Despite their age gap, a romantic relationship developed quickly.

Hendy soon moved in with Ray at his trailer near Elephant Butte, located just outside Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. She willingly participated in Ray’s dark desires and violent sexual fantasies early on. But it wasn’t until later that Hendy learned the full extent of Ray’s sadism.

Descent Into Depravity

For over 15 years, Hendy remained Ray’s loyal girlfriend and eager accomplice. She assisted in kidnapping and torturing countless women back at their trailer home between 1985 and 1999.

Ray had built a vicious torture room inside the trailer that became known as his “Toy Box.” Inside awaited a gynaecologist’s chair, bondage equipment, whips, surgical blades, and straps to restrain victims. Both Ray and Hendy used these tools to inflict maximum pain and terror.

Hendy participated in the abduction, rape, torture and possible murder of over 60 women and girls. Many victims were hitchhikers or prostitutes lured into Ray’s deadly web. Once inside the Toy Box, the women were subjected to unspeakable sexual violence for days on end.

Sadistic Acts of Torture

According to survivors and evidence, Hendy actively took part in committing shocking acts of torture:

  • She beat and whipped victims brutally, sometimes until they begged to be killed.
  • Hendy violated women using foreign objects while they were restrained.
  • She laughed at victims’ anguished cries, aroused by their suffering.
  • Hendy assisted Ray in electrically shocking their genitals and other body parts.
  • She drugged women to erase their memories using chemicals provided by Ray.
  • In one case, Hendy even tortured the friend of her own daughter inside the Toy Box.

Hendy’s level of barbarity was unusual for female criminal accomplices. She matched Ray’s appetite for inflicting extreme agony and sexual violence.

inside of David ray Parker's toy box killer

Investigations and Convictions

In March 1999, one of Ray and Hendy’s victims managed to escape the Toy Box after several days of torture. This prompted a police investigation that finally brought their crimes to light.

Investigators uncovered the Toy Box chamber and extensive evidence of kidnappings, torture, and likely murder. However, without bodies, many suspected killings could not be conclusively proven in court.

Both Ray and Hendy were arrested and charged. Hendy made a deal to testify against Ray in exchange for a reduced sentence. She provided extensive, graphic details about the Toy Box victims and crimes. Despite Hendy’s cooperation, prosecutors only had definitive evidence tying Ray to three murders.

Outcomes and Sentencing

  • David Parker Ray pleaded guilty to multiple counts of kidnapping and sexual abuse and received a sentence of 224 years in prison. He died of a heart attack just months later in 2002.
  • Cindy Hendy pleaded guilty to multiple charges of kidnapping, conspiracy, and sexual assault. She received 36 years in prison but was released early after just 16 years.

Hendy’s testimony and cooperation provided authorities with key information that led to charges against Ray’s accomplice Roy Yancy for murder, even though Ray himself wasn’t charged for that specific crime. Hendy’s revelations made the overall case against Ray easier, leading to his conviction for numerous horrific acts.

Profile of a Sadistic Accomplice

What drove Cindy Hendy to participate in such appalling violence and torture? Profilers point to several factors that shaped her into Ray’s perfect criminal counterpart:

  • Childhood Abuse – Hendy’s early sexual trauma likely warped her sexuality and view of boundaries.
  • Low Impulse Control – Hendy engaged in alcoholism, drugs and promiscuity from a young age. She sought sensation and lacked self-restraint.
  • Attachment to Ray – Hendy relied on Ray financially and emotionally, willing to do anything to please her lover.
  • Sadistic Urges – Like Ray, Hendy took innate pleasure in dominating and inflicting pain on helpless victims.

Hendy’s daughter Angie also later got involved in her mother’s crimes, showing the cycle of violence in action. She provided Ray with a potential victim at one point.

While Hendy claims some remorse today, her enthusiastic participation in torturing countless women with Ray remains one of the most shocking cases of female criminal complicity on record.

The Aftermath and Complex Road to Redemption

After being released from prison in 2019, having served only 16 years of her 36-year sentence, Hendy was not required to be on parole. She only has to register as a sex offender going forward.

Hendy Cynthia mugshot

In 2022, it was revealed that Hendy had moved to the small town of Hamilton, Montana. This has frustrated some local residents concerned about a convicted violent criminal now living in their community. However, Hendy has complied with her registration requirements and has been free of any legal issues since relocating there.

Hendy’s life after conviction paints a complex picture of redemption and the challenges of reintegrating into society as a former criminal accomplice. While some see her early release and lack of parole as a failure of justice, others contend she has served her required sentence and has the right to seek a new start. Her story underscores the difficulties facing both victims and perpetrators after years of trauma and violence. True healing and closure remain complicated for all involved.

Conclusion: A Disturbing Case of Criminal Collaboration

The depraved partnership between Cindy Hendy and David Parker Ray stands as a chilling example of the worst of human nature. How two people could commit such horrific acts together against their fellow man is difficult to comprehend.

Yet understanding the roots of their twisted relationship and crimes is the only way to prevent such atrocities in the future. Society must grapple with the complex factors that can lead someone into becoming not only a victim of violence, but also a perpetrator.

If any meaning can be found in their despicable acts, let it serve as a lesson in the need for justice, rehabilitation, compassion and humanity.

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